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Juan Pablo Quinonez Bio, Age, Married, Job, History TV’s Alone

Juan Pablo Quinonez is a survival expert, outdoor professional, and wilderness first responder with over ten years of experience in outdoor recreation and survival. No doubt, they picked him as one of the contestants on the History Channel’s adventure reality game show Alone.

Alone has so far delivered eight highly acclaimed seasons with season 9 released on 26 May 2022. And the new series, like old times, follows the self-documented daily struggles of 10 contestants as they survive alone in the wilderness for as long as possible with limited survival equipment. (But, that is of course with the exception of medical check-ins.)

Now, because Juan here is among the participants who are isolated from each other and all other humans, here’s is a tell-all about him.

Juan Pablo Quinonez On History TV’s Alone

Hyping his season of Alone Juan wrote on social media that he is very excited and thankful for this opportunity and the adventure to meet the amazing people involved in the show (participants and production).

Believing that it is important to practice and share the skills and wisdom of hunter-gatherer ancestors, he decided to go on this survival journey to the remote wilderness valley in Labrador, Canada; with only ten items, i.e., Ferro rod, paracord, 2-quart pot, ax, fishing line-and-hooks, saw, bow and arrows, sleeping bag, trapping wire, and multitool. And (of course) with the plan that if he wins Alone, Juan will use the prize money to buy land and begin a homestead community where he can start a family. He seemed excited about the opportunity so as to also test the limits of his body and mind.

Juan Pablo Quinonez Job

On LinkedIn, Juan Pablo introduces himself as a long-term wilderness survival expert.

He then goes on to describe that his outdoor and survival experiences include backpacking the entire Pacific Crest Trail (2650 mi) in 99 days; paddling over 1,500 miles during numerous whitewater and flatwater trips (including the Hayes River to Hudson Bay); among others.

And yes. Juan has also utilized this passion of his to generate money and pay his bills. He wrote a survival book, has been taking survival courses, recommending resources and gear in a blog, and selling his merch in the online shop.

Also so you know, Juan has a Bachelor in Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership degree from Mount Royal University. He studied the course from 2011 through 2015), as a Michael R. Shaw Memorial Scholarship recipient.

Is Juan Pablo Quinonez Married?

Juan Pablo Quinonez was not married as of 2022. However, he did have a partner and he did not mind not keeping her a secret.

Her name is Jennifer Ford and Juan even told History’s people that he once lived for six months in the wild with her as they foraged to compliment their semi-starvation rations. Juan often talks about this adventure he did with Jennifer back in 2016. (And from this we can also tell that Juan and Jennifer have known each other before 2016.)

On 18th May 2016, the two had launched into the unknown with two portage packs, six buckets, and paddling gear inside their canoe. They had paddled into the boreal forest of Manitoba. They had planned the adventure six months prior.

From back in the time when Juan Pablo Quinonez and his partner Jennifer Ford survived six months of living in the wilderness along the Bloodvein River (PIC:

Half a year later when they returned, the CTV News had covered their story. And talking about it, the couple said so many things.

Hunger wasn’t the only challenge the couple endured. Isolated and alone for the entire trip, there were moments when the two got angry at each other. They even spoke about some moments when they fought and were really angry at each other.

As per her LinkedIn, Jennifer worked as a project specialist at CES (Canadian Ecotourism Services). Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, and now based in  Calgary, Alberta (also in Canada), she seemed to have met Juan when she also studied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership at Mount Royal University.

Juan Pablo Quinonez Family

Juan Pablo Quinonez had not shared anything about his family so far. So, among so many other things, this chapter of his story is also for some other time.

Juan Pablo Quinonez Age

Juan Pablo Quinonez was 30 years old when they filmed Alone likely in 2021.

Is Juan Pablo Quinonez On Instagram?

Juan Pablo could be found on Instagram @jp.quinonez, where there were 9 posts and 107 followers as of 29 May 2022. He mostly shared tales of his survival, adventure, and resilience in here and on his ‘Juan Pablo Quiñonez’ business account on Facebook. He also had 6 people subscribed to his ‘Juan Pablo Quiñonez’ YouTube channel.

Juan Pablo Quinonez Height

Juan Pablo Quinonez in his fittest physique stands around 6 feet in height. He loves activities that push him to his maximum potential and tests his own limits and this applies to his fitness regime as well. And other than his workouts, Juan also loves adventure and is passionate about living off the land.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Juan Pablo Quinonez’s Birthday?

Juan Pablo was yet to tell his fans when is it that he celebrates his birthday.

  • Where Is Juan Pablo Quinonez From?

Juan Pablo Quinonez grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he loved going into the forest to trap rattlesnakes, scorpions, and lizards. He was likely also born there. While as of 2022, he worked and lived around Pinawa, Manitoba in Canada.

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