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Juelz Morgan Bio, Age, Job, Height, Dating, The Trust

Juelz Morgan from Netflix’s The Trust: Who is he? What does he do for a living? Is he dating?

The cast of Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed is undoubtedly competitive. Similar to The Traitors, the contestants consist of 11 strangers who are handed $250K to divide equally among themselves. However, some of them will steal more than their fair share, while others will donate more than they should.

The catch is that they are presented with the monetary prize right away. In Netflix’s The Trust, competitors have the option to secretly vote one another out, which increases their individual reward pot shares but may also foster more mistrust inside the group. If there’s a tie (or if no one votes at all), everyone gets to continue to enjoy life in a luxurious villa.

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Juelz Morgan On Netflix’s The Trust

Juelz Morgan was immediately noticed by a number of the candidates as soon as he appeared on the Netflix show. But in a game like this, that can frequently result in negative outcomes. The reality TV star made an effort to keep cordial relationships with each participant in the show, but soon after, that ability was taken from him. Juelz and Simone Stewart had to make a difficult decision on the first round of proposals in the vault.

If someone is ousted in the upcoming trust ceremony, Juelz and Simone have the option to either keep their $2,500 apiece or add $5,000 to the total trust while preventing two players from casting ballots. Juelz and Simone decided to add $5,000 since they knew that accepting the second offer would benefit the entire squad. They only chose the two names at the top of the list in the vault, Tolú Ekundare and Bryce Lee, to determine who should be prevented from voting.

Although Bryce appeared to accept Juelz’s explanation, Tolú was not pleased about being barred. Lindsey Anderson and her friends Julie Theis and Winnie Ilesso decided to vote for Juelz’s eviction. Tolú herself indicated her desire to vote for him even though her ballot was invalid. Juelz was thus the first to be eliminated from the competition, which infuriated a lot of the other candidates. Juelz said that this might have been a reflection of his inability to build rapport and trust with the cast members.

Post his eviction, Juelz said, “I’m disappointed. I didn’t vote. Was true to my word.” “I’m scared to see what’s gonna happen after I leave,” the 32-year-old continued. “I felt like I was one of the honest people here that could have helped to keep us together, but I couldn’t even do that. Honestly, I kinda feel like I failed you guys.”

He continued, “Didn’t have to be like this. It really didn’t we all deserve to go home with something. We really do.”

During a confessional, Juelz said, “I mean, If they don’t think I’m honest enough, and that’s the reason why they chose me, then it would have been interesting to see how it would’ve played out if I told everybody I was a cop from the beginning, but my reasoning for not doing so still stands.”

He further added, “As I see it, trust can only be earned, and apparently I didn’t earn anyone’s trust. It’s not fair, but that’s life. Life is not fair and I knew that coming into this. That’s all you get from me.”

Is Juelz Morgan Dating Anyone?

No, Juelz Morgan appears single at the time of the publishment of this article. He is very private when it comes to his dating life and his social media posts are a testament to it.

Juelz Morgan Job

Juelz Morgan has a job in law enforcement working as a police officer. However, there exist no further details regarding the position that he holds and his career in the public domain.

Juelz informed his other competitors that he was a fitness instructor and stripper while he was on the show, hiding his true identity. The police officer made an effort to get to know the other competitors right away.

Juelz loves to travel and has taken trips to Hawaii, Louisiana, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic while he isn’t working. The reality TV personality appears to appreciate cultures that honor nature’s beauty and to be a nature lover.

Juelz Morgan Age

In 2024, Juelz Morgan is 33 years old.

Juelz Morgan Family

Due in large part to her influence on his upbringing, Juelz Morgan is particularly close to his aunt Janice. To give her a nice surprise on her 76th birthday, he told her about his Netflix presence.

“Revealing to my Aunt on her 76th Birthday that I’m gonna be on the @netflix reality TV show #thetrust Catch it on January 10th! @smartmarketingg,” the caption for the post read.

In 2019, Juelz posted about his grandfather as he wrote, “Bud Morgan, Grandpop… He was the strongest man I’ve ever known, a true warrior. Would give you the shirt off his back in a heartbeat and ask for nothing in return.The most likable, yet humble man. A man of honor and integrity. A family man. The most hardworking person I’ve ever met. Miss those days of going to the race track, Manasquan High School football games, and so many more memories. And god, what I’d give for 1 last fishing trip with ya. Thank you for all you’ve done, and all you’ve taught me. You taught me that all things worth having are worked for. The importance and value of family. But most of all you showed me love. Wish you could stay forever, but im happy your no longer hurting. Dont be sad that it’s over, be glad that it happened. Thank you Pop pop, love you! Rest easy Superman.”

Juelz Morgan Height

Juelz Morgan’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Juelz Morgan From?

Juelz Morgan hailed from New Jersey.

  • When Is Juelz Morgan Birthday?

Juelz Morgan celebrates his birthday on 27 March.

  • Is Juelz Morgan On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Juelz Morgan is available on Instagram and Facebook.

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