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Julian B Lin Bio, Debbie Aguero Son, Age, Job, Married

Meet Julian B Lin AKA Julian Aguero, the son of 90 Day Fiance star Debbie Aguero. After their recent interaction on season 4 The Other Way Tell-All, where Debbie tried to set him up with fellow cast member Jen, the fans are eager to learn about his relationship status.

We’ve done some digging up for you. This article is about his age, job, girlfriend, and more.

Meet Julian B Lin, 90 Day Fiance Star Debbie Aguero Son

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 4 saw Debbie Aguero trying hard to work her relationship with her much younger boyfriend Oussama (43 years gap). Debbie’s son Julian B Lin or AKA Julian Aguero has also appeared on the show expressing his take on his mother’s relationship and we understand that he clearly cares for his mother’s wellbeing.

Before Debbie left, Julian revealed his concerns about the pair’s connection and acknowledged that they were solely motivated by love since he did not want Debbie to be taken advantage of. In addition, Julian showed he was there for his mother by accompanying Debbie to her lawyer’s appointment and dropping her off at the airport.

Julian is exceedingly compassionate and also has a sound head on his shoulders. When Debbie arrived in Morocco, Oussama surprised her with a number of shocking revelations, proving Julian was correct about him.

Oussama admitted he wasn’t yet prepared to get married and even mentioned that he thought Debbie will visit the US in a few months. Julian had good reason to be skeptical of Oussama because he didn’t approach Debbie directly as Julian had expected.

Before traveling to Morocco to be with her considerably younger lover, Oussama, Julian insisted that his mother should consult a lawyer. Julian felt certain that this man was more than simply a poet and an artist. He advised his mother to obtain a prenup to protect her possessions since he thought she was being taken advantage of.

Julian was prepared to fly to Morocco and make things right after finding that Oussama had treated Debbie improperly. Julian has been vocal about his opposition to his mother’s relationship with the decades-younger Oussama since the beginning. He has poked fun at Oussama both in front of the camera and on social media, even threatening to take matters into his own hands.

In November 2022, Julian jokingly posted on his Facebook, “My mom beat me when I was little, it payback time, I am dropping her off at a retirement community she can never leave she thinks she’s going vacation!! It’s one of those retirement communities where you can check in but you can’t leave the property jokes on her .”

Julian B Lin Age 

Born in 1981, Julian B Lin is 41 years old. His birth month is July.

Julian B Lin Job

Julian Aguero is a police officer working at Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. He is currently working as a sergeant. Back in November 2021, Julian responded to a call involving an armed man who shot a kid in the face after killing two people and fired at two officers who were first on the scene.

When Julian arrived at the location on Jervis Ct in Ellenwood, he met with county police supervisors and asked them what they needed him to do. He provided updates to dispatchers and to Sheriff Levon Allen who was the field commander at that time of what was taking place. Julian and team members made contact with an unknown person who they thought was the suspect when they heard gunshots coming from another location. Julian and PD Officers headed to the location of the shots.

Officer Laxson and Chandler from CCPD were about 15 to 20 feet away from Julian on his right when the suspect ran out a door and began shooting at them. Debbie’s son returned fire striking the suspect several times After the suspect was no longer a threat, Julian advised dispatchers they had an officer down and another officer shot and began to administer first aid. He drove the surviving Officer Chandler to the hospital while an ambulance rushed Officer Laxson to the hospital who unfortunately did not survive his wounds.
Because of the bravery and extreme valor displayed by Julian, Sheriff Levon Allen presented him with an award to recognize Clayton County Sheriff’s Office’s unsung hero.
In February 2023, Debbie proudly shared a snap of her son’s award and captioned it, “My Son, THE HERO, THE GOOD GUY WHO RISKED HIS LIFE FOR OTHERS.”

How Much Is Julian B Lin Net Worth?

In 2023, Julian B Lin’s estimated net worth is above $350 thousand.

Is Julian B Lin Married Or Dating?

Julian B Lin is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Lexeigh Henry, according to his Facebook. The couple even share a kid together who is under 2 years old. 

Jen Boecher, Debbie and Oussama’s co-star from Season 4, frequently commended Julian for the remarks he made while criticizing his mother’s previous flame during their on-stage exchange. Jen gushed that she “loved” Julian when Julian requested a TV remote to “turn off” Ousamma’s video chat screen.

Debbie and Oussama’s performance on stage in Part 1 of the Tell All was followed by a backstage conversation with Julian. Debbie told her son that Jen gave off the impression that she might have a crush on Julian.

“Guess what, Julian?” Debbie asked Julian backstage. “This is between you and me and the fence post. Didn’t you think Jen was kind of cute and nice? Do you think she kind of was like, batting her eyes at you a little bit?”  With a smile, Julian said that Jen was a “cool person” and humorously questioned why Debbie was putting him under pressure.

“Well, you got my number. You can give it to her, okay?” Julian added.

Is Debbie playing a matchmaker for her son? There are various hints that would suggest she was right all along. After the Tell All, viewers of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way took to Twitter to voice their opinions. George Mossey, a podcaster and YouTuber posted one such tweet.

The podcaster tweeted, “Not Debbie trying to hook Julian up with a Jen.” Julian was one of the Twitter users and one of George’s followers that responded to the tweet. “See I was being all serious and [she] totally comes out of nowhere with that!! 😂😂” Julian replied to the tweet.

Then, on Sunday night, Julian posted a picture to his Instagram feed, further stoking the romance speculations. Julian posed with Jen and Jen’s friend Myra for the picture. “Look who I ran into, two famous people!!” the caption to Julian’s IG post read.

Additionally, Julian also responded to a few of the commentators. When one Instagram user gushed about how much they adored Debbie “slid into the conversation,” Julian replied, “I was talking about the matter on hand. Then boom mom comes out of nowhere with that.”

Another supporter of Julian made the facetious suggestion that Rishi Singh, Jen’s fiancé, may have been replaced by Julian. “Bye, Rishi lol.” Julian then replied, “😂😂 I like Rishi a lot don’t want to upset him 🙌.”

Julian B Lin Height

A  muscular and very dashing guy, Julian B Lin stands tall at the height of under 5 feet 11 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Julian B Lin On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Julian B Lin is on Instagram (@brandon.lin.921) and Facebook (@brandon.lin.921).

  • When Is Julian B Lin Birthday?

Julian B Lin celebrates his birthday on 1 July.

  • Where Is Julian B Lin From?

For Julian B Lin, Atlanta, Georgia is his hometown.

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