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Julius Cowdrey Mum: Who Is Christel Cowdrey? Age, Job

Julius Cowdrey might enjoy good humor but he will take a stand when someone makes fun of him. No wonder, besides Sam Prince, the Made In Chelsea star even accused Inga Valentiner of being a bad friend for partaking in Sam’s piss-taking.

Well, this courage and conscience Julius inherits comes all from his loving mum Christel Cowdrey. But who is she? Keep reading to find out.

Meet Christel Cowdrey, MIC Star Julius Cowdrey Mum

Christel Cowdrey is Julius Cowdrey’s mum whom he “couldn’t love more.” In fact, she’s not just his mother but also someone who fulfilled the role of his dad. So, don’t be surprised if Christel wishes her on father’s day as well.

For instance, on June 20, 2022, Christel took to his IG to share pictures of them captioned, “I know it’s Fathers’ Day, but here’s a photo of me and Mum out in Mallorca this week,”

Talking more about his mom, Julius said that Christel was the most amazing person he knew. She sacrificed a lot for him, and for this he thanks her each day. In his words, “Thank you for everything you have done for me, the sacrifice, the support, the long nights, keeping me fed, I could go on and on.”

Also, it was Christel who nursed Julius back to health when he got COVID in early 2020.

Is Christel Cowdrey Still Married To Julius Cowdrey Dad?

No, Christel Cowdrey has separated from Julius Cowdrey’s dad, Christopher Stuart Cowdrey. The two divorced in early 2013, after 24 years of marriage.

“It’s very sad, but, yes, the marriage is over,” Christopher said at the time.

Christel’s parents were married back on New Year’s Day, 1989. They then welcomed twin sons, Julius and Fabian, 5 years later. Today, Julius is a reality star while Fabian went on to follow in his father’s shoes and became a cricketer. In fact, Fabian has now retired from the sport and started working as a Cricket Broadcaster and a coach.

For those who don’t know, Julius’ dad Christopher is a former English cricketer who played for Kent, Glamorgan, and England. He is the oldest son of the late cricketer, Colin Cowdrey —  the former Kent and England batsman. After retirement, Christopher then produced a volume of autobiography, appropriately titled Good Enough, taken from his usual response to comments that he was not as good as his father.

Likewise, Christel also wrote a book but it was about her divorce. The book mentioned that the author was expected to fall into a ditch and become more than a fulsome, grizzly member of the lemon-lipped “divorced women’s club” after the separation. Instead, she stayed safe for the sake of her children uttering nothing negative about anyone and pushing herself forward.

Besides her children, another thing that helped Christel keep going was the memory of her parent’s failed marriage. She wasn’t going to embody any bitterness or repeat the mistakes she had witnessed as a teenager. And she’s done a great job coming this far.

Today, harmony reigns — she knows her mission is fulfilled. A triumph indeed.

Christel Cowdrey Age

Christel Cowdrey was 65 years of age in 2022.

Coincidentally, she’s the same age as her ex-husband Chris. The duo even shares the same birth month.

What Is Christel Cowdrey Maiden Name?

Christel Cowdrey’s maiden name is “Holste-sande.”

Sadly, we don’t know much about their parents except that they were discovered when Christel was just a teenager.

Christel Cowdrey Job

Christel Cowdrey is a Writer, Screenwriter, Speaker, Voiceover Artist, and the owner of the Noblesse group.

Her company, Noblesse which started with a book, now has expanded its branches to different fields some of which include Noblesse Weddings & Retreats Ltd, and Noblesse Interiors & Lifestyle.

According to her, Noblesse Interiors fixed and lifted homes while Noblesse Weddings was like having a magic wand, “granting your wishes and making your dreams come true.” As for Noblesse Retreats, one can spend days there listening, expressing, learning, and understanding another, whose experience and knowledge may move you or shift your paradigms, but mostly uplift and encourage in the company of the Specialist.

So, how did a writer turn to a life of interior design? Well, Christel has always been “popular”’ with friends over dinner advising that they have the wrong rug for the room and that it would look best elsewhere in the house. Guess, you can just say it was a long-held passion of hers.

Besides this, Christel has also held jobs as a mediator at ADR Systems and has been freelancing as a creative writer for TV or Radio ever since 2010. Now, with over 26 years of professionalism, she also provides her service as “Delegate/Mediator/Online Coaching” at Champion Academy Ltd.

As for her education, Christel received her degree as an Accredited Mediator from the Regent’s University London. Also, she’s trained in screenwriting at the Metropolitan Film School and Robert McKee Seminars.

For 4 years, she also studied Business and Social Skills at ProctorGallagher Institute.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Christel Cowdrey Birthday?

Christel receives her birthday wishes on October 28 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • Is Christel Cowdrey On Instagram?

We cound’t find Christel on Instgram.

However, here’s her Twitter @kitte777.

  • Where Is Christel Cowdrey From?

Christel hails from Sweden.

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