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Jung Dae Jin Bio, Height, Age, Married, Physical: 100

Introducing Jung Dae Jin, a competitor on Netflix’s second season of Physical: 100. Sung Oh is a member of the IT Body, the third group. Is he using Instagram? Is there a wife for him? What does he do for a living?

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Jung Dae Jin On Netflix’s Physical: 100

Season 2 of Netflix’s Physical: 100 is back and one of the contestants this season is Jung Dae Jin. Physical: 100 is back for another exciting challenge that pushes the boundaries of 100 fitness enthusiasts both mentally and physically.

The popular reality Netflix Korean series debuted last year and attracted a devoted following (guilty), thanks to its intense challenges (one-on-one wrestling matches, team competitions to pull a 4,000-pound ship, etc.) and the endearing camaraderie and sportsmanship among the season 1 contestants.

With more challenging rounds and an even more remarkable ensemble, Netflix promised that season 2 raised the standard, and thus far, the new episodes are starting an incredible season of Korean entertainment.

Olympic gold medalists, pro bodybuilders, top influencers, and famous athletes are among the national and international celebrities who make up the cast of Physical: 100 season 2. Similar to season 1, several competitors are bringing obscure sports and careers to a worldwide audience.

Since there were only 50 participants left after eliminations, not all of the winners are featured in Physical 100 Season 2. The first team challenge, the third mission, pitted two teams against one another to determine who would stay in the series and who would go. The first winners thus far are Lee Won-hee’s and Kim Dong-Hyun’s teams.

Sung Oh was a member of Kim Dong-hyun’s team which also included Wi Sung Oh, Ko Jong-hun, and Lee Ho-yeon.

Jung Dae Jin Career

Jung Dae Jin, sometimes known as “Superbody Jin,” is a bodybuilder and sports model. He has won multiple tournaments, including the largest fitness competition in the nation, NABBA Korea, where he scored three goals at the Pro level. In recent months, a number of the other Physical: 100 season 2 contestants have made cameos on his fitness-focused YouTube channel.

Among Dae Jin’s several accolades to date are “Asian Fitness Awards 20, 22, 23 Athlete of the Year Award 23. NABBA KOREA Sports Model PRO 1st place 22. NABBA KOREA Sports Model PRO 1st place 20. NABBA KOREA Sports Model PRO 1st place MUSCLE MANIA Sports Model Grand Prix 1st place 🏆 Multiple prize winners in competitions / No. 1 in weight class x 24 times, Grand Prix x 16 times.”

His other records also boasts, “2018년 GPF SPORTS MODEL PRO 3rd, 2019년 GPF SPORTS MODEL PRO 2nd, 2019년 GPF SPORTS MODEL PRO 2nd, and 2020, 2022년 GPF SPORTS MODEL PRO 1st.”

According to Dae Jin is a model at Born to Win exclusive He was also a model at NS exclusive model@nskorea_official.

Furthermore, Dae Jin is serving as the CEO of Super Body Gym.

Jung Dae Jin Age

In March 2024, Jund Dae Jin is above 45 years of age.

Is Jung Dae Jin Married?

Ys, Jung Dae Jin is married to his wife Yeong-hye. The couple got married on 14 May 2023 at the Elliena Hotel. “I will live happily as much as you have blessed me. Please
be careful when you come to those who have made a precious step. I will live by giving to each and every one of you. Thank you 🙇‍♀️,” Dae Jin shared a few days before.

On Yeong-hye’s birthday in September 2023, Dae-Jin took to his IG and wrote, “Today is my beloved Yeong-hye’s birthday. Since it’s her birthday on the day of the competition, we can’t have a good time and are spending the day together in tension.”

He added, “She prepares a packed lunch every day, and the only meal she eats at home is the last meal, so she deliberately made the rice container small so that she can have new rice. He bought it and prepared vegetables for me, who came home after midnight every day, even while I was sleeping. He cooked a new meal and told me not to eat half-cooked rice, so he ordered me the best rice and the best egg protein to take care of it. My muscles are as if they were built by Kong. 😭”

“I just boasted that I could live happily with a woman like this🙈 Honey, you worked so hard, thank you again and happy birthday. ❤️ Let’s go see and eat a lot of good things in good places, I love you❤️ @daldal_cong,” Dae Jin concluded the post.

Back in April 2023, he told his girlfriend, “I love you❤️.” Yeong-hye also wrote, “My good husband, who understands once I say it, is still keeping his promises🥰 I am so happy because of my husband who listens well and puts into practice #About 5 years in the making.”

Jung Dae Jin Height

Jung Dae Jin stands tall above 6 feet 2 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jung Dae Jin On Instagram?

On Instagram, Dae Jin is available as (@superbody__jin).

  • Where Is Jung Dae Jin From?

According to his Facebook, Dae Jin hailed from Seoul, South Korea.

  • When Is Jung Dae Jin Birthday?

Dae Jin’s birthday is on 26 June.


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