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Justin Assad Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Age, Surviving Paradise

Surviving Paradise on Netflix cast was quite sure they were having some lavish villa getaway. Instead, after having had their phones and jewelry removed, they were told that they had been appointed as the cast members of this show which is a crossbreed of Survivor and Big Brother again blended with Love Island. It is called Surviving Paradise on Netflix and it stars Justin Assad among others.

Justin Assad On Netflix’s Surviving Paradise

According to Justin Assad, Surviving Paradise was filmed in May 2022. He said it is “wild” how long ago the series was filmed, as so many things were brought up in the trailer that had previously slipped his mind.

As he sat with Reality Titbit to spill the juicy gossip from the show, he also spoke about the show’s diet. He shared that he lost 25lb after living on rice and beans for weeks. Also, in his words, the show was one of the most strenuous things he has ever done. Originally, like everyone, he also had thought that there would not be much to it.

While on this game, Justin also was worried about the noises coming from the woods. He had to constantly think of the kind of wildlife that existed in the wilderness, where he and his mates laid their mats.

About him, his co-star Shea Foster has said “Sheshhhhh let me tell you my guy Justin is a different breed!.”. Another called Aaron also added that this whole experience would not have been the same without him.

So, during filming, Justin became friends with just about everyone. He particularly recommended people to expect a “crazy” bromance between him and Erin.

Justin Assad Girlfriend

As of October 2023, it was not understood if Justin Assad had a girlfriend. But, it is no secret that inside the Surviving Paradise, he had a romantic interest in Sarah Kate, so much so he even gushed about holding her dear to his heart.

In addition to admitting Kate as his “love interest,” he also revealed that they had fun together. Be that as it may, clearly things did not work out for the two eventually as on 17 August 2023, Sarah surprised her people on IG with her surprise proposal video. That day, she got engaged to the Bachelorette Season 17 contestant Landon Goesling.

As for Justin, is most probably ended up being single again.

Justin Assad Job

Justin Assada opened up to his TV viewers that he quit his 9 to 5 job after he was approached for Surviving Paradise.  He has said things have been good for him since then, after making his “special” TV show debut.

Lately, it is also rumored that Justin stars in Perfect Match season 2, but of course, he has not confirmed or denied it.

Besides as of now, he may have also continued doing what he is used to doing as a model and influencer. Previously, he has worked with the likes of Banana Republic.

On LinkedIn, one can expect to see Justin describe himself as a business-oriented “southpaw”, a member of Assumption College’s 2020 graduating class majoring in Business Administration with Art and English Minors, and  former NCAA Division II Football player for the Assumption Greyhounds.

Justin Assad Age

Justin Assad was reportedly born in 1996. So, if that should be true, he would have turned 26 years old in 2022.

Justin Assad Family

Justin Assad’s father is Mark L Assad who turned 63 years old in April 2023. AKA Lieutenant Mark L Assad professionally, the patriarch has been a Boston Police officer for 33 years. He is known to be the 57th highest earner in 2020 among Boston Police Department employees.

Then, there is Mary Fitzpatrick, Justin’s mom who reached the age of 64 in June 2023.

Also here are a few things we learned about Justin’s siblings. One of them is his sister Cassidy Assad (on IG @cassidyassad). Another sister is Gabby Assad (on IG @gabbyassad). About Gabby, it is also known that she is a 2021 graduate of Syracuse University (B.S. degree in Information Management and Technology). As of now, she worked as a systems engineer at Alloy in New York, New York. And lastly, there is a brother named Mark Assad. Bristol, Rhode Island-based, he worked as an assistant district attorney at Norfolk County MA.

Other people known are Justin’s grandparents. His maternal grandmother Margaret A. “Margie” (Connolly) Fitzpatrick of Charlestown passed away at the age of 89 on 3 March 2023. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband William J. “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick. Also known are Justin’s late paternal grandparents Louis C. Assad of Quincy and Norma A. “Tina” (Triglia).

Justin Assad Height

Justin Assad stands around 6 feet and 4 inches in height, and probably weighs around 225 lbs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Justin Assad From?

Justin originally hails from Melrose, which is a city located in the Greater Boston metropolitan area in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, in the United States.

  • When Is Justin Assad’s Birthday?

Justin Assad’s birthday is in December. On what day exactly was not understood though.

  • Is Justin Assad On Instagram?

Yes. Justin Assad can be found on Instagram @justinassada, which at the time included 18 posts and 4,973 followers. By the look at his sharing here, one can tell about him that he loves hanging out with friends. He also seemed very much passionate about music. There are glimpses of him playing guitar, attending gigs, and wearing plenty of Metallica t-shirts.

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