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Justin From Moldova Bio, Job, Height, Nikki, 90 Day Fiance

Get to know Justin from Moldova who is appearing on 90 Day Fiance with his “million dollar fiance” Nikki Exotica. What does he do for a living? How tall is he?

Read all about him here.

90 Day Fiance: Are Justin From Moldova And Nikki Still Together?

When Nikki Exotika tweeted a lengthy caption to announce her and Justin’s participation on the reality show, she seemed to be saying that they are still going strong.

“I’m so excited to finally share my love story with all of you in real-time, and not just what you’ve seen in my photos & videos on my social media,” Nikki wrote via Instagram on September 27. “As I said before, relationships are sometimes complicated and A LOT of work, especially coming from two different worlds, cultures, language barriers, and many other obstacles, like in my situation dating a heterosexual man from a small country like Moldova as a Trans person is beyond complicated [sic].”

She continued further, “Communication, respect, trust, love, and commitment are the biggest components in a DISTANCED RELATIONSHIP. But when two people LOVE each other, anything is possible you fight for it, and you BOTH do your BEST to make it work.”

Nikki and Justin fell in love almost twenty years ago in 2007. She reconnected after 15 years to give their relationship a second chance. “Justin and I kept in touch throughout the years,” she concluded. “He had to go through things on his own and I had to go through things on my own.”

They are telling their love story on 90 Day Fiancé season 10. Prior to becoming engaged, the couple overcame numerous challenges, and they will probably endure more before saying “I do.”

Before they appeared on reality TV, Justin and Nikki first connected in Moldova through a dating website. Although they clicked right away, they broke up because Justin couldn’t accept her transgender identity. But after their breakup, they missed one another and finally got back together after Justin came to terms with Nikki’s gender identification.

When they met up again while on vacation in Mexico, Justin proposed to her and told her that she was the love of his life. She then made an application for a K-1 visa so they could cohabitate.

“I traumatized him,” Nikki recalled. “And he went home and he was depressed for a really long time. And I felt bad about that.”

Although Nikki and Justin’s breakup lasted for 15 years, they are now back together and preparing for the future.

“Justin and I kept in touch throughout the years,” she explained about their reconciliation. “He had to go through things on his own and I had to go through things on my own.”

Following their engagement, the native of Moldova hopes to emigrate to America to wed Nikki.

On her Facebook, in April 2022, Nikki shared, “Till we meet again my love. I wanted to share my love story to the world that true love does exist, some things I do keep private at my boyfriend’s request, Justin does have a personal IG page but that is just for friends and family, we are building a new page for him for his fans to follow, please be patient #nikkiexotika  #love  #lovestory  #truelove #kiss #casting #couplegoals barbieandken #nicoleandjustin #90dayfiance #moldova.”

Three months before that, Nikki posted, “15 years ago in 2007 I almost married this man “Justin” under a K-1visa from Moldova, I truly loved him and he loved me but due to a series of unfortunate events, that were going on in my life, I got stressed out and ended everything, sent him back home and broke his heart throughout the years we kept in contact, remained friends, dated other people, but after talking things out we both decided to give our Love a Second Chance at this point we are dating online and soon he will come visit me! I can’t wait. We have some Big Projects in the works! I can’t reveal anything but you gonna know more about our True Love story as it all plays out …. Xoxo #MillionDollarBarbie #barbieandken #nikkiexotika #translove #lovestory #truelove #secondchance.”

For those who accused Justin of trying to get a visa, Nikki defended, “If Justin wanted to use me for a green card, don’t ya think he had a very long time to find another American when we weren’t together all those years???.. if that was his motive???. I don’t like reading some of the stupid comments, understand our story first before casting judgment.”

Justin From Moldova Age

Per his bio, Justin from Moldova was 36 years old when the filming of season 10 of 90 Day Fiance began.

What Is Justin From Moldova Last Name?

The last name of Justin is currently unavailable. A follower has been addressing her as “Igorek” on his socials.

Justin From Moldova Job

90 Day Fiance’s Justin from Moldova is a personal trainer. Additionally, he also seems to have competed in Judo for the country’s national team.

Justin From Moldova Height

Justin From Moldova’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Justin From Moldova Reside?

90 Day Fiance star Justin hailed from Moldova.

  • When Is Justin From Moldova Birthday?

Justin from 90 Day Fiance fame celebrates his birthday on 22 September.

  • Is Justin From Moldova On Instagram?

Yes, Justin from Moldova on Instagram (@justinmoldova).

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