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Justin Governale Bio, Naked & Afraid, Age, Wife, Height

Justin Governale is now stepping out of the ring and into the wilderness. Braving the brutal caiman-infested jungle of Rupunini, Guyana for 21 days, the MMA fighter is confident about pushing himself to his limits in Discovery’s Naked & Afraid: Solo.

Keep reading this Justin Governale Bio to learn more.

Justin Governale On Discovery’s Naked & Afraid: Solo

Justin Governale and his partner Kami Elsisie first appeared in Naked & Afraid: Solo season 15 ep 2 and within a few minutes the duo encounters caimans. “That thing probably won’t kill me but there’s an indicator there’s more,” Justin says before Kami follows, “Not enough to kill you but enough to take a foot or a finger.”

It seems even for an MMA fighter/former marine, the wilderness was “challenging.” Labeling the adventure as one of his biggest challenges, Justin shared that he was very excited for the public and his family to see how he fared. “I got to be careful with what I say, but I have to admit that it was very real,” he added.

There were also times when, Justin asked himself, “What in the f**k am I doing?” when stood in the middle of nowhere with just one tool. But the MMA fighter’s not a quitter. “I will literally die before I f***king quit,” he remarked.

Now, Justin’s promoting the show on his IG. “He’s a 10 but doesn’t fu*kin’ shower. Watch Party this Sunday, details on bio,” he wrote in a post featuring himself in Naked & Afraid.

He even hosted a watch party on Feb 25 at the Dog Bar.

So, how did he get into Naked & Afraid? Well, it was all thanks to the recommendation of a friend of his who was involved in the show just a season ago. Thus, after submitting his application, Justin was later contacted for interviews until ultimately being chosen.

Once he was cast, Justin then signed an NDA contract, and when he could finally share the news, he first went to his mother.

Justin Governale Job

Justin Governale is a veteran, former MMA fighter, and comic. But at the time of writing this article, he was working in the tech industry.

Looking back, Justin enlisted in the Marine Corps the summer after graduating and entered boot camp in September 2004. “When they thrash you in the Marine Corps, you just have to smile and take it,” he recalled his time in the camp. A year later, he was then deployed to Haditha, Iraq with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment in September 2005, and just on his first patrol, his team was attacked. “I’m unconscious; I can smell, a unique smell, like sulfur. The first thing you do when you wake up is pat your body and pat your balls,” he recalled.

For his injuries, Justin was then awarded the Purple Heart, the oldest military award still awarded to U.S. service members.

Later during the tour, Justin was blown up twice more. But Justin was never demoralized. Instead, thanks to his ability to maintain his cool around his fellow Marines, he earned the nickname “The Comedian.”

In 2006, Justin then left Green’s platoon to become a Marine Scout Sniper. In the following 2 years, he then saw “some real dark sh*t” he didn’t want to discuss.

To channel his cobbled-up energy elsewhere, Justin then also started mixed martial arts and resigned from the Marine Corps in 2008 as a corporal and moved to southern California. There, he began pursuing  MMA professionally and chose the moniker “The Therapist.”

The last we checked, he had a record of 7 wins and 9 losses.

Talking about his transition from marine to an MMA fighter, Justin said that it was a perfect place for him to continue the warrior lifestyle. “It’s soothing I think, even if you get beat up because you continue to strive as a warrior,” he added.

But now, Justin’s more of a comedian than a fighter. Recently, on Valentine’s day 2023, he performed his first sold-out show at the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club in San Antonio, Texas,

Also, he’s started a travel series called Chasing the Dragon.

As for his education, Justin graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2017.

Fun Fact: Justin has already traveled to over 38 countries.

Justin Governale Rescuing Dogs

A few years ago, Justin Governale rescued a pit bull who looked like she was “angry at the world.” Fostering her for about six months, he finally found her a home, and the dog changed his life forever. It began a world of caring for animals and showed he could still have a survival instinct while being a bit more sentimental.

“I realized that it broke me, and also that I was crying for a lot more than just that moment. So she helped me open up because when I cried, I felt like I cried for the previous 10 years everything I had been through,” he explained

The comedian has been rescuing dogs ever since.

How Old Is Justin Governale?

Justin Governale was 30 years old when he first appeared on  Naked & Afraid: Solo in 2023.

Who Are Justin Governale Parents?

Justin Governale was raised by his single mother Patricia C Lerke. His parents divorced when he was just a kid. So, the family was always struggling economically. Infact, Justin didn’t get his bed until he was 11 years old. For this, he’s still bitter about sleeping on floors all his childhood.

Talking more about his mother, Patricia grew up in a Mexican family with 11 kids. Her parents’ logic was “let’s just have more kids so we can work them in the strawberry fields and we can make more money.” But she wanted more from life. So, she got her American citizenship, persevered, and raised her kids to have a better life.

Patricia @patricia.lerke turned 60 in July 2022.

“My mother is always worried sick about me with everything little thing that I do. And when my mom knew, she was very, very excited and also very nervous,” Governale once said about joining the show.

Trivia: When Justin was a contractor in Afghanistan, he had an interesting conversation with his dad. It seems his dad always wanted to move to Nashville to write music. But now then he’s already over 55, all he’s left with is a mortgage.

Justin Governale Wife

Justin Governale didn’t seem to have a wife in 2023. Also, he didn’t seem to have a partner then. Guess, ever since his girlfriend broke up with him via Satellite Phone while he was in Iraq, Justin’s struggling with trust issues.

He even once joked about turning gay. “Serving in the Marines made me gay because Marines are the gayest bunch out there,” he said.

Justin Governale Height

Justin Governale stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and weighs 64 kg (141 lbs).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Justin Governale Birthday?

Justin receives his birthday wishes on March 6 and is of the Pisces zodiac.

  • Where Is Justin Governale From?

Justin was born in El Paso, Texas, and he moved to Laredo when he was 3. So, he is American. But since his mother is from Mexico, as a byproduct, he can get his dual citizenship.

  • Is Justin Governale On Instagram?

Find Justin on Instagram @justingovernale.

Also, here’s his Facebook @justin.governale.7.

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