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Kane Fritzler Bio, Parents, Height, Girlfriend, Survivor 44

Almost every Survivor contestant believes that they are the master of this game. But Kane Fritzler was different. He was on the show as an academic — a student of this game.

Keep reading this Kane Fritzler Bio to learn more about him.

Kane Fritzler On Survivor 44

The 44th season of Survivor premiered on March 1, 2023, and with it came 18 contestants divided into three tribes of six — Ratu, Tika, and Soka. This season was different than others as it had the most diverse cast in its franchise ever. To be concise, there were at least 50 percent BIPOC.

However, our star Kane Fritzler was a straight male with just a lust to be the sole survivor. “I have watched and followed this game for my entire life. I am a student of this game. I am here as an academic. And I am here to try and play this game as hard and as best as I possibly can. I am a gamer through and through,” he explained. (Klonopin)

Like others, Kane also started watching the series when he was young. It used to be him, his grandmother, and his brother who binge-watched the show. But even after they left, he kept continuing and now he’s on the show! “It was something that followed me through my whole life. Now I’m kind of set up I’m sort of indoctrinating other people,” he added.

So, for the game plan, he said that he won’t be taking “advantages” but keeping his “eye out.” Not losing his temper, and keeping it cool, calm, and collected — these were the things he really laser-focused on. Also, he looked for an alliance with someone who was thinking about the game like him because “you don’t get to have as much fun if you play by yourself.”

When asked to state one life experience that prepared him most for the game, he chose his time at law school — always being underestimated because of his young age. “And I think that the longer people underestimate me, the more they regret it,” he explained.

Kane Fritzler Age

Kane Fritzler was 25 years of age when he appeared on Survivor 44 in 2023.

However, he was a year younger when he started filming the show.

Who Are Kane Fritzler Parents?

When Kane Fritzler joined Survivor 44, his parents and brother were way more excited than him. Sadly, his grandmother who’d always watched the Survivor series with him missed the opportunity to see her grandson on the show for now she’s in heaven.

Kane still misses the time when his family would come together to watch the show.

Some members of Kane’s family include Patty Fritzler (Client Advisor at RBC), Aaron Fritzler, Verne Fritzler (a  University of Regina graduate), and  University of Regina (a Master of Health Administration graduate of Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy)

Did you know: Kane’s mother is his biggest inspiration. “She is the strongest person I know and has taught me so much about the importance of family,” he said.

Kane Fritzler Height

Kane Fritzler stands tall at a height of above 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

His distinct features include — brown hair, hazel eyes, and a square face.

Kane Fritzler Job

Kane Fritzler is a lawyer. He received his Juris Doctor with Great Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in 2022.

During his time in Saskatchewan, Kane served as a student editor for the Saskatchewan Law Review and as both the VP of Student Wellness and the VP of Administration for the Law Students’ Association. Also, there, he competed in the 2022 National Family Law Negotiation Competition, where his team placed 2nd overall and he individually placed 1st overall.

He even was a two-time recipient of the College of Law Academic Achievement Scholarship and was awarded the Law Society of Saskatchewan Bronze Medal for his year.

Prior to law school, his undergraduate was spent working toward a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

Does Kane Fritzler Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, in 2023, Kane Fritzler was in a relationship with his girlfriend Kaitlyn Aparicio. It was also thanks to her advice, “Be yourself,” he came this far on the show.

Furthermore, knowing that his girlfriend was watching him from home, he knew he had to give his hundred percent. “I’m kind of the guru that people look to on the couch to explain why there was a bad move or not. So this game has been just something that I followed my entire life,” he explained.

His girlfriend, Kaitlyn seemingly attended the same university as him. So, it could be the two started dating back in college. Besides, their earliest pics on IG date back to 2016, which is around the time Kane enrolled for an undergraduate degree. 

Find Kaitlyn on IG @kat_aparicio and FB @kaitlyn.aparicio. Also, you can often spot her on Kane’s socials always with sweet captions.

The last we checked, Kane and Kaitlyn share a dog and a cat.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kane Fritzler Birthday?

 Kane receives his birthday wishes on January 31 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Where Is Kane Fritzler From?

Kane hails from Moose Jaw, Canada.

But as of 2023, he resided in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

  • Is Kane Fritzler On Instagram And TikTok?

Find him on Instagram @kanefritzler and Facebook @kane.fritzler.

Sadly, we couldn’t find his TikTok.

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