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Karen McWatters Wiki, Today, Age, Boston Marathon Victim

Remember the Boston Marathon Bombing that transpired during the annual Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013?

Fast forward to today, Netflix has brought to us not just the archival footage and chilling reenactments from that time but also exclusive interviews with those close to the matter to really shine a light upon the event, which many have found to be a thorough but difficult watch. In the rest of the writing, we shall talk about Karen McWatters, who is one of the many who helped move the narrative of this Netflix documentary called American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing. In what way Karen is connected to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, and more about her, let us tell you in the rest of the writing.

Meet Karen McWatters, One Of The Boston Marathon Victims

Three people were killed as a direct result of the Boston Marathon bombing and more than 100 were left seriously injured. Karen McWatters here sat had managed to find a spot right near the finish line with Krystle Marie Campbell, a 29-year-old restaurant manager from Medford, Massachusetts, who was killed by the first bomb.

Karen was there attending the Boston Marathon alongside a group of friends to see her partner, Kevin McWatters run.

So, to the cameras on Netflix, Karen shared that once the bombing happened, she was blown to the ground and was rained on by BB, debris, and shrapnel. She said she remembers waking up on the sidewalk and sensing that “horrendous” smell, while her ears also rung so badly. Karen shared that she actually could not hear a thing. She also recalled Krystal laying like a rag doll right beside her, their phones/identities getting exchanged.

Karen had been at Massachusetts General Hospital this entire time, yet the shrapnel had caused such damage to her left leg that it had to be amputated from below the knee to give her mobility. As for Krystal, the strong, young woman had unfortunately passed away at the scene, something her friend knew in her heart the moment she regained consciousness because of what she’d seen. Kevin was the one to break this news upon being asked, but it wasn’t before he took the opportunity as the sole person to be around when she awoke to reiterate he loves her and everything would be okay.

Shrapnel caused such damage to Karen’s left leg that it had to be amputated from below the knee. Later, at the hospital, she was confused for Krystle. Her family could not find her and at that point, everyone thought she was Krystle.

In the year that followed Karen took the stand. She testified for the prosecution as Krystal’s friend.

Karen and Krystal after meeting while working at the Summer Shack restaurant had quickly become best friends.

Where Is Karen McWatters Today?

After more than two months of losing her left leg and a good friend in the blast, Karen McWatters picked up her new artificial leg.

Known as Karen Rand then, she has kind of kept herself away from the spotlight while trying to gain inspiration from others like her.

The loss of a body part is something Karen continues to still struggle with from time to time. Nevertheless, she has also been determined to focus on the positives.

Since partaking in the Beach to Beacon race in 2015 to support Melissa Estefania Salinas back in 2015, she has never stopped doing something like this.

Are Karen McWatters And Kevin McWatters Still Married?

A year after March 27th, Karen got married to her longtime beau, Kevin McWatters, and even changed her last name. Fast forward to April of 2023 and they still remained married and together.

It took Karen months to heal, relearn how to walk, and function in everyday life. With her loved ones’ unwavering support, she managed to do it all just fine. Kevin in particular never left her side.

Karen McWatters Age

Karen McWatters was born in 1960. So, she turned 62 years old in 2022.

Karen McWatters Job

Sometime after the tragedy, Karen McWatters was still continuing her job as administrative assistant to chef Jasper White and his partner, the owner of Summer Shack restaurants in Massachusetts, where Karen had been living for a whole decade before 2013. Krystal also worked here with her.

After the bombing, Karen was still determined to get back to work and reclaim her life. All of the hardships aside, she was also thrilled to discover that she could still swim and do laps in her brother’s Scarborough pool.

Who Are Karen McWatters’s Parents?

Karen’s father Richard L. Engelhardt is no more. He lost his life at the age of 77 following a long illness. The son of the late Nora and Frederick Engelhardt, he was raised in South Portland where he graduated from South Portland High School in 1955. On 5 July 1958, he and Linda Charron, Karen’s mother, got married. After that, the folks moved to Westbrook where together they raised their six children, including Karen.

So, until the time of her dad’s passing, Karen’s parents were married for 55 years.

Karen grew up alongside two brothers and three sisters. Her brothers are Daniel Engelhardt, who is married to his wife Cheryl of Scarborough, and Roy Engelhardt of Port Charlotte married to Kathryne. As for sisters, they are Laurie Perham (married to Dan of Naples), Sherry Rainsford of Raymond, Florida, and Susan Richard who is no more.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Karen McWatters Birthday?

Karen McWatters’s birthday is in October.

  • Where Is Karen McWatters From?

Karen McWatters hails from Westbrook City in Cumberland County, Maine.

Since losing her left limb to the bombing, she tried to keep a low profile. Yet, she found herself returning to Maine regularly during her recovery. Back in 2013, when she for the first time agreed to be interviewed about her ordeal, she said she opened up that she is a Maine girl and all her family are there.

  • Is Karen McWatters On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Karen McWatters could be found on Instagram and Facebook as of 15 April 2023.

Her IG @karenmcwatters only included 3 posts and 162 followers. So, comparatively, she seemed to be more actively showing glimpses of her life on ‘Karen F McWatters’ Facebook.


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