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Karina Manta Bio, Girlfriend, Partner, Net Worth, Parents

Meet Karina Manta, who despite Ana Karina Manta being her full name, has always gone by my middle name.

So, Karina, here, is an American former competitive ice dancer who is among a new batch of celebrities making their debut on Dancing On Ice on 16 January 2022.

For more, keep reading this ‘Karina Manta Bio’.

Who Is Karina Manta Girlfriend?

During Karina Manta’s video where she came out as bisexual (in November 2018), she also revealed that she has a girlfriend. She named her Aleena Gomez and they were dating for over a year before she came out. (This made her the very first female figure skater competing on behalf of Team USA to come out.)

In the clip, Karina gushed about Aleena for supporting her and for waiting through every conversation that she referred to her as her best friend. “Not because you aren’t my best friend, but because I’ve had to swallow the words ‘my love, my love, my love’ each time instead.”

Karina had said this promising that, from now on, she would walk into every room smiling, parting the crowd, making her way through, and making sure everyone knew she is with Aleena of Honolulu, Hawaii (originally from Miami, Florida).

Then, on their second anniversary on 13 August 2019, Karina took to her social media to write “If sunshine was a human, it would be her. It’s been such a bright two years (Happy Anniversary, love)”.

“Your favorite gays are here for the holidays” from back in December 2019 (PIC: Instagram)

With that being said, it’s been a while since they have shared glimpses of them on Instagram. Also as of the time of this writing, they were not friends on Facebook anymore.

Karina Manta Partner On Dancing On Ice 2022

Karina Manta only joined Dancing on Ice in 2021. Before this, she and skating partner Joe Johnson competed in huge national competitions including Skate America, The US International Classic, and US National Championships.

Karina and Joe had been a duo since 2013. But lately, for some reason, Karina ended her competitive skating career.

Anyway, Karina joined Dancing On Ice as Graham Bell’s temporary skating partner after Yebin Mok’s terrible accident during rehearsals.

In 2022, Karina is paired with Paul Gascoigne’s youngest son Regan Gascoigne who following his debut on the show paid his touching tribute to his partner Karina Manta after they wowed the judges and viewers at home with their sensational performance on 6 February 2022.

They scored 33 out of 40 for their ‘Week one’. Both Ashley Banjo and Christopher Dean told Regan that he had given the “best week one skate ever” as he and Karina made it safely through on the public vote.

Also so you know, when Karina is not dancing on the ice she is a writer; putting the English she studied at the University of Colorado to test.

She even managed to write a whole book that, she says, is full of intimate stories about her teenage years. This book with the title: ON TOP OF GLASS is set to release on 19 October 2022.

Karina Manta Net Worth

Based on online sources, Karina Manta owns above $400K in net worth.

She spent most of her childhood and adolescence as a competitive figure skater. From what she pens on her BIO, she and Joe were collectively known for making the sport of ice dance a little bit “gayer.” “On the ice, you want to be seen as an athlete. But it’s also super important to us that we are visible queer athletes”, Karina had said back in those times when she and Joe worked hard to create a free dance that better captured their personalities.

These days, Karina says has a complicated relationship to the world of competitive skating. Other than watching it in the Olympics with a lot of enthusiasm, she was not doing it professionally.

Who Are Karina Manta Parents?

Luis and Karin Manta are Karina Manta’s parents,

Her dad, Luis Manta is an IT technician. And he started working as a full-time principal group engineering manager at Microsoft in January 2021.

Her mom, Karin Manta, used to teach first-grade students at Tarwater Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona back in 2017. At the time and before that, she was recognized as an A+ Teacher for what she had done and continued to do. In a 12 News story covered on her, they reported that all these qualities of her were the fundamentals she learned from her parents. (Karina’s maternal grandparents worked in India when her mom was still young.)

As for siblings, Karina has two brothers: Marques Manta and Luis Manta (Sito).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Karina Manta?

Every year the 20th of March marked Karina Manta’s birthday making her a Pisces. So, on this day in 2021, she turned 25-year-old.

She was born in Olympia, Washington, but grew up in the sunshine of Chandler, Arizona.

  • How Tall Is Karina Manta?

Karina Manta stands 5 feet 2 inches tall.

  • Is Karina Manta On Instagram And Twitter?

Yes. Karina could be found on Instagram. And as of 7 February 2022, the account @karinamanta included 214 posts and some 9,793 followers.

Karina kept her fans posted also on her Twitter @KarinaMantras and ‘Karina Manta’ Facebook.

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