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Kat Shelton Bio, Height, Family, Age, Job, Alex, The Ultimatum

The newest season of The Ultimatum titled “The Ultimatum Marry Or Move On” premiered on 23 August 2023 and from its trailer alone one could see it is drama-packed. As the reality show started, one person in every five different couples had been issued an ultimatum in their relationship. Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman were one of these couples.

In the rest of the writing, we shall explore what happened to them and discuss all about Kat Shelton.

The Ultimatum Season 2: Are Kat Shelton And Alex Chapman Still Together?

According to what we can gather, Kat and Alex have undoubtedly resolved the most of their problems, allowing them to not only remain together but also become engaged and make plans for their future together.

As of 2023, it is not understood if Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman are still together. However, on social media, Kat Shelton looked quite happy about her journey on the show.

The stark differences in Kat and Alex’s personalities, nevertheless, eventually started to cause issues because they didn’t fit with how they really intended their lives to be in a few years. Although they both enjoy spontaneity and being outside, the rational second thought they needed more time, while the conflict-avoidant first made it plain she wanted to move to the next stage. He even went so far as to say that he needed someone to confront him rather than just give him the reins, not realizing that would make her become obstinate and give him an ultimatum.

“[Alex] never gives me a real answer…,” Kat candidly expressed in the series at one point before adding, “I don’t want to go three or four years and still be like, what’s going on? I’d rather know now.” He then essentially proved her point by stating, “We are this fun, adventure-loving couple who is skiing, surfing, traveling all over the place. I haven’t been able to propose because, seriously, we’ve been busy.”

However, it turns out that he is not afraid of marriage in general, especially after helping Roxanne Kaise, his trial wife, realize the advantages of marriage the way he has always viewed them owing to his parents.

The only concerns Alex had were whether or not he was personally ready for forever and whether or not he thought she was the one after recognizing Kat did challenge him in her own quiet manner once they reconnected. She further demonstrated that she was prepared by making it clear that Alex must express or demonstrate his love for her, giving him a decision to choose. She had finally learnt to speak her thoughts during her trial marriage to Antonio Mattei.

“Once you make [this final decision], you’re in. You have to be all-in; you have to stay all-in. It is make or break,” Alex later said, indicating he was still unsure of what he’d really do.

Prior to the show’s release, she took to the internet to gush “First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes “The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On 2”. “Guess who got caught up in the ultimate adventure? 🤯🌟 I’m just as shocked as you are, but hey, life’s all about surprises, right?”, after writing this, she asked people to tune in to see if she gets engaged or moves on.

Kat and Alex were among the show’s dating app-turned-long-term-relationship instances. It was made known that they met on the app called Hinge! It was Kat who issued the ultimatum. To the viewers, she says, she is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

There were still lots of pictures of them on Kat’s social media. One of these, posted on 22 October 2021, was about Kat telling everyone the day marked their one-year anniversary. Sharing their first picture together, she gushed about having come a really long way.

Anyway, on this reality show that Kat went on, one person in all couples has been issued an ultimatum in their relationship. After that, the couples were seen coming together to enter “trial marriages” with other members of ultimatum-struck couples, and for eight weeks they were to see if they were ready to marry their OG partner or move on to something new. This time the season included all kinds of pairs, from high school sweethearts to dating app love dovies like Kat and Alex.

Kat Shelton Age

Kat, full name Kathryn E Shelton, was born in 1994. So, in 2022, she turned 28 years old.

Kat Shelton Family

Kat grew up alongside two brothers Tucker (on IG @tuckershelton72) and Leeroy (@laxinlee) and her parents Karla Austin Shelton and Steve Shelton.

Sadly, Tucker Joseph Shelton is no more. He passed away on 1 August 2020 after being born on 20 December 2000. He was predeceased by his maternal grandparents, Linda and Larry Austin, and his paternal grandfather, Oscar Shelton. While others surviving in his family are his grandmother, Elizabeth Shelton of Albemarle, North Carolina, an uncle, Phillip Austin of Oakboro, North Carolina, another uncle, Stan Shelton (Amy) of Albemarle, North Carolina, and cousins, Sophia Austin, Nicholas Austin, Camille Shelton, Grayson Shelton, and Reese Shelton.

Before Tucker died untimely, he was just beginning his first year as a transfer student at the University of South Carolina and planned to finish college and begin a career in sales. He graduated from Blythewood High School in 2019. He was always participating in some kind of sport. Late Tucker played all of it including football, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse.

Speaking of Kat’s parents, she can be occasionally seen featuring them on her social media posts. One such instance was when she conveyed a “shout out” to them for letting her be their third wheel for the day and drink their beer.

Kat’s dad Stephen turned 58 in July 2023 and her mom Karla turned 56 in February of that year. Both were married and living together in Blythewood, South Carolina as of 2023. On February 20th, Karla’s birthday, Kat once raved about her being the best mom a girl could ask for.

Kat Shelton Height

Kat Shelton stands below 5’3” in height.

Kat Shelton Job

On The Ultimatum show, they introduced Kat Shelton as a travel nurse. Audiences were also told that when Kat decided to take her nursing career on the road, she was joined by Alex. After that, the couple is believed to have traveled around the country together.

Elsewhere, we also discovered that she studied at the University of South Carolina.

Hint on her salary: As per, the average salary for a travel nurse was $1,941 per week in South Carolina, as of August 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Is Kat Shelton On Instagram?

Yes. Kat Shelton was on Instagram as of 23 August 2023. Her IG @kathrynshelton included 202 posts and 1,505 followers. Based on her activities here, she appears as someone who loves to spend some time outdoors.

Kat has been showing glimpses of her life on ‘Kat Shelton’ Facebook and on TikTok @Kat Shelton as well.

  • When Is Kat Shelton’s Birthday?

Kat Shelton’s birthday is on November 11th and that makes her a Scorpio.

  • Where Is Kat Shelton From?

Kat Shelton originally hails from Blythewood, South Carolina. At the time of this writing though, she had been calling Columbia, South Carolina her home.

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