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Katarina Blöm Bio, Age, Husband, Swedish Death Cleaning

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, Peacock’s new reality TV show is about a group of professional “death cleaners” helping real people sort through their junk so as to leave behind as little hassle as possible when one day they die. The series is based on the best-selling lifestyle book of the same name and follows eight different people as they receive guidance from expert death cleaners. Katarina Blöm, whom we are going to talk about in the rest of the writing is one of the cast of this series. Keep reading about her The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning journey and more.

Katarina Blöm On The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Katarina Blöm has been really excited about people seeing her in The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. Since the premiere, therefore, she was seen inviting people to tune into the episodes, for “laughs, crying, and connection”.

On the first day of press, she said she was busy from early morning to evening. The whole process she said felt amazing, to finally talk to everyone about the liberating show that tackled death and pain as well as life and joy.

On 6 April 2023, Katarina was finally about to share some details about her “super secret American adventure”.

Introducing herself on the show, Katarina talks about professionally helping people de-clutter their hearts and heads instead of their homes. She describes herself as a happiness psychologist and boasts about having authored several books on mental well-being. People also must have seen her on several successful TEDx Talks while sharing her methods on how to achieve happiness within one’s self.

Katarina Blöm Career

Katarina Blöm is an internationally acclaimed TEDx speaker, happiness psychologist, and author of books on mental well-being.

Per LinkedIn, she has been the TV Host at Peacock since June 2022. Also here, she briefed about being the full-time owner of Katarina Blom AB in Stockholm from November 2019 until now.

How Much Is Katarina Blöm Net Worth?

Katarina Blöm reportedly had above $600K net worth as of April 2023.

Also so you know, a certain portal on the internet called Salary Explorer has explored that a person working as a psychologist in Sweden typically earns around 78,500 SEK per month, around 40,800 SEK at the lowest, and an estimated 120,000 SEK at the highest.

Before this, she did several jobs as a psychologist, writer, and organizational consultant. And long before all of that, she studied Psychology at Stockholm University.

Katarina Blöm Age

Katarina Blöm was reportedly born in 1990. So, she turned

Katarina Blöm Family

Katarina Blöm is really fond of her parents.

Her mother is Anne Birgitta Blom, who back in the day went to the Gestalt Academy in Scandinavia and Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet, for her education. She now can be found on IG @birgitta.blom and Facebook.

As for Katarina’s father, people have come to her social media posts to comment that he looks so much like his mother.

A couple of times, we have also seen Katarina showing glimpses of her time well spent with her dear look-alike brother.

Who Is Katarina Blöm Husband?

Katarina Blöm’s husband is Per David Jonsson. Per Facebook, he is an ambassador at Sandbox and co-founder at Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden – YEoS. Also, on his social media, David mentioned being a former CEO/co-founder at AstridEveryday School, and Jumpstarter. David, back in the day, also studied Engineering at Linköping Uni.

As of now though, he continued working at Habity in Stockholm, Sweden. About this new job of his, which he has been on since November 2022, he said he joined the team there on a mission to “democratize” real estate.

Katarina is clearly very fond of her husband. She keeps on talking about their love and her feelings for her on social media posts. For instance, this one time, she gushed that he is “the Sun and Rock” of her life. She explained that even his name ‘David’ means Rock. And so she said when they gather around him, it is like gathering around everything that vibrates and lives.

Katarina also has talked about David inspiring her in his fatherhood over and over again. In her words, not only did their children have a chance to get his brilliant mind, his sparkle in their eyes, but they also have a chance to grow up in his presence that flows over all edges.

With her husband, Katarina shares two boys. The eldest was born in 2018. And on 15 August 2022, their youngest Bastian turned one year. Bastian’s mom also happens to call him her “little Stjärnöga”. On the day, Bastian turned one, the family made him taste his first pancake, as part of their family tradition.

Katarina also has vulnerable spoken about “suddenly and finally” having had kids after several miscarriages, emotional pain, and longing for little ones.

We don’t yet know when Katarina married David. But, the latter popped the question and Katarina said yes on 29 January 2017.

Katarina Blöm Height

Beautiful Katarina Blöm stands below 5’9” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Katarina Blöm From?

Katarina Blöm originally hails from Stockholm, Sweden.

  • When Is Katarina Blöm Birthday?

September is probably when Katarina Blöm celebrates her birthday. What day exactly, she was yet to tell us.

  • Is Katarina Blöm On Instagram And Facebook

Yes. Katarina can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 29 April 2023, her IG @katarinablom included 7,172 followers and 252 posts and she also showed glimpses of her life on ‘Katarina Blom’
Facebook regularly.

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