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Kate Couture-Moncure Bio, Age, Job, Husband, Raquell Leviss

Vanderpump Rules is never without drama. In every season (or every episode) there is someone who is there to stir something and cause drama. In the current season, that person appears to be Kate Couture-Moncure, who is the sister of the series regular Raquell Leviss.

If you want to get to know more about Kate Couture-Moncure, keep reading. Find out every information publicly available about Kate today.

Meet Kate Couture-Moncure, Raquel Leviss Sister On Vanderpump Rules

The ninth season of Vanderpump is currently on air. It premiered in September 2021 and is likely to continue airing until January 2022. Raquel Leviss, who has been a part of the show since the fifth season in 2016, has finally become one of the main focuses of the show in the current season.

Thanks to that, Raquel’s sister, Kate Couture-Moncure, has also come to the fore of Vanderpump storylines. And she is stirring some drama. During one episode, Kate was showing some displeasure about Raquel’s choices during her relationship with James Kennedy.

Kate did not like Raquel getting involved in one of James’ conflicts. She was heard saying “I just don’t want to see you in a situation where you have to fix his problems”. And Raquel defended by saying that she was helping out her fiance. Raquel and James got engaged in May 2021.

Kate was not always close to Raquel but she has started to become closer to Raquel in recent years. She is only stepping into the “big sister” role and doing it a little more aggressively perhaps.

The reason that Raquel and Kate were not close even though they are biological sisters was that Raquel was given to adoption right after her birth. After Kate was born, their mother Susan got accidentally pregnant with Raquel.

Susan did not want to have a child. But luckily, Raquel’s aunt Laura agreed to adopt Susan’s child. Laura was trying to conceive but was not able to. Raquel was adopted and raised by Laura. Kate entered into Raquel’s life intimately much later.

Kate Couture-Moncure Age

Reportedly, Kate Couture-Moncure was born in the year 1980. And she celebrates her birthday every year on the 24th of March. Thus, as of the time of writing this article, i.e. December 2021, she was 41 years of age.

Her zodiac sign was Aries.

Kate Couture-Moncure Job

Kate Couture-Moncure is a realtor based in Los Angeles, California. According to her Facebook, she is a real estate agent and salesperson at Sync Brokerage. The properties she sells for Sync range from $ 2,750 to a whopping $4,300,000. Recently, she sold a property in Woodland Hills, California for a price of $2,170,000.

Reportedly, a real estate agent in California earns about $104 thousand on average. But Kate is a very high-end realtor and has a history of dealing with over million-dollar properties. So, she must earn more than just $104 thousand in a year.

Kate was not always a high-end realtor. She started as a store manager for several small businesses. She also worked for businesses like M.A.C Cosmetics, L’Oreal, Stila Cosmetics, Luxottica Retail, Bare Escentuals, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics North America, Nordstorm. SEPHORA.

She also had her shop called Couture Faces which she started in 1998 and worked in for over 22 years. It closed recently in October 2020.

Kate started her real estate career after her cosmetics shop was closed. She joined TheAGENCY as a real estate assistant in November 2020. And after working that job for about 5 months, she joined Sync Brokerage.

You can find Kate’s website here.

Who Is Kate Couture-Moncure Husband?

Kate Couture-Moncure’s husband’s name is Gregory Moncure. Gregory is a California native and works alongside Kate in Sync Brokerage as a real estate agent. Gregory celebrates his birthday on the 11th of August every year.

We do not know where and when and how they first met. They have not shared the story of their meeting on social media. Kate did mention on her Instagram that they got engaged on 24 December 2012. They married about a year and a half later in May 2014.

After the wedding, Kate started using both her own and her husband’s surname.

Now in the seventh year of their marriage, Kate and Gregory look still very much in love. They appear on each other’s social media quite a lot. Kate even calls her husband her MCM.

Is Kate Couture-Moncure On Instagram?

Yes, Kate is on Instagram as @katecourturemoncure. She was also on Facebook with her name. And she had an eponymous Youtube channel with two videos and a single subscriber.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kate Couture-Moncure From?

Kate is originally from Arizona. Her hometown is Tucson, Arizona.

  • How Tall Is Kate Couture-Moncure?

Kate is about 5 ft 6 inches tall.

  • How Much Is Kate Couture-Moncure Net Worth?

As of December 2021, Kate Couture-Moncure has acquired a net worth of almost $1 million. She is almost a millionaire.

  • Where Did Kate Couture-Moncure Recieve Her Education?

According to her Linkedin, Kate received her high school education from St. Gregory High School in Tucson. Later, she attended the University of California, Los Angeles to study sociology. She graduated from UCLA with a BA degree in sociology in 2007.

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