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Kate Rorke-Bassich Daughter: Amy Rorke Age, Job, Father

Amy Rorke is the daughter of Life Below Zero star Kate Rorke-Bassich. When she was on the show, her daughter visited her and fans were very happy to meet them. So, does Kate share her daughter with her ex-husband Andy Bassich? If not, who is Amy’s father?

Along with the answer to that question, we also bring you details about her age, job, and social media reach.

Meet Amy Rorke, Life Below Zero Star Kate Rorke-Bassich Daughter

Before Kate Rorke-Bassich met her ex-husband Andy Bassich she already had one daughter named Amy Rorke. The Life Below Zero is very close to her daughter and has posted about her on her Facebook several times.

In April 2017, Kate documented a mother-daughter trip to Maui and posted on her Facebook, “The most wonderful Mother & Daughter vacation in Maui. Thanks for the memories, Amy.”

On Amy’s birthday in January 2018, she wished her daughter, “For my Baby Girl, Amy. Then and Now. My daughter and best friend. Happy Birthday my lovely.”

On Amy’s 44th birthday, Kate wished her daughter, “My beautiful baby girl turns 44 today. Looking back it feels like yesterday.”

Likewise, on Mother’s Day 2018, Amy also wished her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!!.”

Kate Rorke-Bassich joined the castaways for Life Below Zero in 2013 but left the show after 43 episodes in 2015. During Season 10 Kate ended her marriage with her husband Andy Bassich, and also made her last appearance on National Geographic’s popular show on the episode “Out of Control.”

Although Kate herself didn’t clarify why she left the show, it is believed that her marriage with Andy has everything to do with her departure from the show. In August 2017, Kate posted a throwback and posted about her ex-husband writing, “Little did I know that a few days after this photo was taken I would meet a sociopath who would change my life ….not for the good.”

Kate was married to Andy Bassich who is not originally from Alaska. In the year 2003, she met Andy Bassich. As part of a group of visitors, Kate was traveling to Dawson City. In the same group, she met Andy. They had several dates, fell in love, lived in the same city, and eventually got married.

Andy and Kate made their separation official in 2015. The divorce was finalized and Kate moved out a year later, which put an end to her appearances on the Nat Geo series. Kate Rorke-Bassich is now residing in Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and is living her life.

Who Is Amy Rorke Father?

It is not clear who Amy Rorke’s father but we have some idea who he might be. In December 2005, Amy lost her paternal grandmother Mabel Rorke who was 75 years old at the time of her death.

Mabel had four sons with her late husband John. Their boys are named John, St. John’s, Gene, Lower Sackville, NS, Ted, Toronto, ON, and Neil, her faithful and constant caregiver, with whom she resided, Carbonear. One of the four mentioned above is Amy Rorke’s father.

Moreover, as it turns out, Amy isn’t the only daughter of Kate Rorke. Kate has another daughter named Jacquie Rorke who viewers of the show have met on the show.

But, Jacquie too hasn’t shared anything about her father on her FB or IG.

As for her job, Jacquie was one of the sales associates at the Western Truck Farm.

Amy Rorke Age

Amy Rorke was reportedly born in 1977. Hence, in 2023, she is 46 years old.

Amy Rorke Job

Amy Rorke, based on her FB posts, is a very talented bakery chef. She has flaunted her talents on her FB as she has posted pictures of different cakes that she has prepared. It is likely that she has made a career out of her passion for baking.

Amy has yet to reveal if she works independently and runs her own business or works for an organization.

Is Amy Rorke Married?

No, Amy Rorke is not married. In fact, she has never opened up about her dating life on her socials. The fact that she still goes by her family’s “last name” suggests that she hasn’t tied the knot yet.

Is Amy Rorke On Instagram?

No, Amy Rorke is not on Instagram although she has been featured on her sister’s IG a few times. Instead, she updates her Facebook occasionally.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Amy Rorke Reside?

Amy once lived in Ottawa, Ontario. But, it is not where she lives now.

  • How Tall Is Amy Rorke?

Amy Rorke’s height measures around 5 feet 4 inches.

  • When Is Amy Rorke Birthday?

Amy Rorke’s birthday is on 11 January.

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