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Kathryn Schroeder Bio, Today, Son, Age, Ex-Waco Resident

Netflix dropped Waco: American Apocalypse, a tale about the infamous 51-day siege pitting the FBI against a self-proclaimed messiah, right around the time of the massacre’s 30th anniversary. The three-part docuseries in detail covers the events that unfolded then through the eyes of also several Branch Davidian survivors, including Kathryn Schroeder.

So, in the rest of the writing, we shall discuss who Katherine is and what she has been up to since.

Meet Kathryn Schroeder, Ex-Waco Resident & Branch Davidian Survivor

So, this is how Kathryn Schroeder tells her perception of the American Apocalypse on the Netflix series. AKA Kathy, she explains that she moved to Waco with her three children from a previous marriage, and her husband Michael. Kathy reveals that she and Michael then followed Koresh’s teachings because they believed him to be a prophet of God and they were devoting their lives to God.

In the program, she also shared her perspective on why she followed Koresh’s teachings and her reasons for exiting the compound before it burned down.

Michael was killed in the siege, and in the days that followed Kathy’s three kids were let out of the compound by Koresh and into police custody. But, Kathy still remained at Mount Carmel. She left the compound on 12 March 1993 and was charged with first-degree murder for “knowingly, willfully, and unlawfully, conspiring and agreeing” to attempt to kill with spite aforethought several special agents of the Bureau of ATF.

Ultimately, the FBI negotiator was able to compel Kathy into leaving the compound because she felt her youngest son needed her. She cooperated with the police and so was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. She was given a reduced sentence because she agreed to testify under oath against other Branch Davidians.

Where Is Kathryn Schroeder Today?

As of March 2023, it was unclear what Kathryn Schroeder has been up to. Yet, we know that she has kept up with her belief in God. In fact, she even considers that had the haunting siege never happened three decades prior in 1993, she would still be an active part of Mt. Carmel Center as a Branch Davidian.

From what we can tell, Kathryn was released around the expected time, following which she returned to her home state of Florida for good. She has since been based in Brandon, it seems.

The ex-Waco resident originally hails from Zephyrhills city of Pasco County in Florida.

Kathryn Schroeder’s Son Bryan

Kathryn’s son, 3-year-old Bryan, allegedly died alongside Michael “Mike” Schroeder on the first day of the shootout, on February 28, during the infamous massacre. Kathryn also said Bryan then went to Zephyrhills with Connizzo and her husband, Bill.

Yet as of now, there are also documents suggesting that Bryan who was born in 1990 did not die.

How Many Children Does Kathryn Schroeder Have?

Kathryn Schhroeder’s three elder kids, other than Bryan, were under the care of their father in South Dakota by the time the siege happened. The patriarch, Air Force Sgt. William Mabb had at that point managed to gain rights. Before that and he already had shared guardianship. But, once these children came of age, most of them returned to Kathryn.

Kathryn had welcomed her fifth child into this world with a “then-incredible” boyfriend back in 1999. Maybe that was Kendall Morgado or even Jennie Elizabeth.

From what we collected the names of her two oldest sons are Scott and Jake, who back in the day got to ride mini-bikes with Cyrus Koresh and Joseph Martinez. Also, there is a daughter named Chrissy and she too was homeschooled like everyone. Their ages: Jacob turned 39 in December 2022, Scott 41 in September 2022, and Chrissy the youngest became 37 in that year. Among them, Scott is the one who formerly served as an airman in the United States Air Force.

What Is Kathryn Schroeder’s Relationship Status?

Kathryn Schroeder’s relationship status was unclear as of march 2023. There was no way one could find out about it thus far, not even on her social media.

Kathryn Schroeder Age

Because Kathryn Schroeder was born in 1962, she turned 60 years old in 2022.

Kathryn Schroeder Job

As of 2 September 2020 until present, Kathryn has been working as a commissions analyst at ByDesign Technologies, i.e. according to her Facebook. Here she also mentioned studying at Miami Dade Community College back in the day.

Also before, when she was in her early 40s, she was “too busy” trying to make ends meet and raising her children while being still known as a convicted felon. Among other jobs, she also did ones like waitressing.

You should also know that way before that and even the siege, Kathryn also served for three years in the Air Force.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kathryn Schroeder’s Birthday?

Kathryn Schroeder’s birthday is in August.

  • What Is Kathryn Schroeder Maiden Name?

Kathryn Schroeder’s maiden name is Williams. So, before she went around as Kathryn Williams.

  • Who Are Kathryn Schroeder’s Parents?

Kathryn Schroeder only mentioned the name of her father, which is Robert Williams. The rest about him and her mother was not known so far.

On her Facebook though, Kathryn also briefly named her sisters Sam Bayles, Victoria Williams-Nardi, Karen Ramirez, and Sandra Lee Williams, and cousins Ken Covert, Michael Bush, and Heather Rountree, nephew Christopher James Schroeder, and grandchildren Joseph Mabb, Joshua Serna Jr., and Madeline Elizabeth Mabb.

  • Is Kathryn Schroeder On Facebook?

Yes. Kathryn Schroeder could be found on Facebook as of March 2022. In fact, she also seemed quite active on the site sharing about regular now and then glimpses from her life.

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