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Kathryne Padgett Parents: James And Stephanie Padgett

Meet Kathryne Padgett Parents — James (father) and Stephanie Padgett (mother).

Below you’ll discover information on their relationship, age, job, and current residence. In addition, we will be covering details of their other children. So, keep scrolling to learn more starting with,

Who Are Kathryne Padgett Parents?

Kathryne Padgett was born to her parents James and Stephanie Padgett.

High school sweethearts, James fell head over heels for Stephanie from day one when they met at Hardin Jefferson. They got married six years into dating each other. In early January 2022, they celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary.

To celebrate the day, James posted on his FB which he captioned, “32 years married. 38 overall. She had me from day 1. I knew from day 1 that I had to have her. She knew it too. It’s quite the story! We’re crazy and both of us are just stubborn enough to make it work!”

James has nothing but admiration for his wife. In July 2021, he wrote a lengthy FB post dedicated to his wife. In one part he stated, “One thing that I admire about her is how she genuinely loves others and puts them before herself. I especially love the way she takes every opportunity to raise others in prayer.”

Meet James Padgett, Kathryne Padgett Father

James Padgett, Kathryne Padgett’s father, is a deeply religious man. He posts a lot on his Facebook about his devotion to God and his devotion to religion. He grew up in Bevil Oaks. In 1982, he moved to Sour Lake.

On Father’s Day 2019, Kathryn featured her father in an IG post. The caption of the post read, “happy father’s day to the one who always treats me like the princess that I am love you sooo muchhh”.

  • James Padgett Age

As of May 2022, James Mark Padgett is 54 years old.

  • James Padgett Job

James completed first attended Beamonts Schools through junior high but graduated from Hardin Jefferson High School in 1985. Then he enrolled at Lamar University and secured his bachelor’s degree in 1989. After college graduation, James moved to Houston where he became a full-time Harris County Sheriff Deputy as well as a part-time law student.

He was attending South Texas College of Law. He graduated from South Texas in 1995 and spent three years working for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor. After that, he indulged himself in private practice and has experience of more than 25 years.

His main area of practice is criminal, education, estate planning, and juvenile law. He also has a professional page on Facebook (@litigatorpadgett).

  • Is James Padgett On Instagram?

Yes, James Padgett is on Instagram (@james_mark_padgett). He is also on Facebook (@james.padgett.526).

Meet Stephanie Padgett, Kathryne Padgett Mother

Kathryne Padgett is also close to her mother Stephanie Leger Padgett. Stephanie recently featured her on her birthday in 2021. She wrote in the post, “happy birthday momma 🤍 you are everything good in this world. Strong, bold, kind, & selfless. I don’t know what we did to deserve you but we are so so blessed to have you 🤍 everyone goes wish Stephy a happy birthday ✨ @stephlpadget !!”

  • Stephanie Padgett Age

Born in October 1968, Stephanie Padgett reached 53 years old in 2021.

  • Stephanie Padgett Job

According to Stephanie Padgett’s LinkedIn, she owned Douget’s Crawfish Farm. Open Corporates reported that she was the manager of L&P Crawfish Farms Mngmt, LLC. The company was incorporated in September 2004 but voluntarily dissolved in June 2014.

In addition, she was also listed as a registered agent for another partnership Leger & Padgett Crawfish Farms, LP. It was incorporated in September 2004. They ran the company until January 2009, according to Open Corporates.

Per Facebook, Stephanie works at Hartmann Building Specialties, Ltd.

Stephanie completed high school at Hardin-Jefferson High School and also attended the University of Houston.

  • Is Stephanie Padgett On Instagram?

Yes, Stephanie Padgett is on Instagram (@stephlpadget). However, her account has been deactivated. Furthermore, she is also on Facebook (@stephanie.padgett.969).

Related FAQs

  • Are Kathryne Padgett Parents Still Married?

Yes, Kathryne Padgett’s parents are still married. They have been married for above 32 years.

  • How Many Kids Do Kathryne Padgett Parents Have?

Kathryne Padgett’s parents have four kids. They have one son Grayson Padgett (@grayson.padgett.5). Born on 13 October 1996, he stood tall at 6-feet-1 and weighed 170 lb. He played baseball for the University of Houston. He attended his parents’ alumnus Hardin-Jefferson High School.

In high school, Grayson earned three varsity letters in baseball, one in football, and one in track. He was a member of the National Honor Society and Student Council. He was also named All-State Second Team as a catcher and to the SETX Super Gold Team in 2015.

Besides Kathryne, they have other two daughters; Raegan (@raeganpadgett) and Logan (@loganpadgett_).

Raegan was a student-athlete at Baylor University. She played for the Women’s Soccer Team and Women’s Track and Field Team from 2016 to 2020. She also coached soccer at Little Bears Soccer Camp from 2018 to 2020.

Raegan graduated from Baylor with a BSc degree in Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences in 2022. She is expected to graduate with Doctor’s Degree in Physical Therapy/Therapist in 2022.

Logan is also a soccer player.

  • Where Do Kathryne Padgett Parents Live?

Kathryne Padgett’s parents live in China, Texas.

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