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Kathy Crispino Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, sMothered

Kathy Crispino appeared on TLC’s sMothered with her daughter Cristina Bertolli. The couple has been a staple since the first season of the show. The show unfolds some of the bizarre things a mother-daughter duo does to prove the closeness of their relationship. They have been hailed as “the sanity of the show” by viewers.

The pair act, who identify as “trashy Italians,” on the other hand, behave more like best friends than family and tend to act in ways most people wouldn’t, such as spending all of their free time together. Learn more about sMothered‘s Cristina Bertolli and more about her life which includes information on her age, husband, and father.

Kathy Crispino On sMothered

“I’m her first call of the day. I’m her last call of the night,” Kathy Crispino opened up to Chicago Tribune about her relationship with her daughter that viewers will see on sMothered. “I see her every morning. We decide what we’re going to do for the day. We either meet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — or all of them.”

At one point, Kathy even acknowledged that she had hired a private investigator for her daughter because “I have a right to know where you’re at.” She didn’t think anything was off about her love for Cristina, adding, “I don’t like the perception that there’s something wrong with this. There’s nothing wrong with this. There’s nothing weird about this. This is how we live. We’re just very close.”

Meanwhile, Cristina also spoke after filming the show with Chicago Tribune and opened up about her time filming the show. She revealed that her photographer friend got the casting call and forwarded it to Cristina. The person believed that Cristina and Kathy would be perfect for the show.

Cristina said, “I wrote in and told the casting director about my mom and me. My mom and I did a FaceTime interview with him, but we didn’t think we would get picked! Then we got a call a few months later that we had gotten picked for the show. We had just done the interview process for fun, and did not expect anything”.

They started filming the show in January 2019. She said, “A camera crew would come to my house and (give us microphones). Then, we just had to be natural and go about our day”. Talking about what viewers could expect to see, Cristina shared, “My mom and I love to have fun and we like to tease each other. It’s all done in Italian love! Viewers can expect a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. The final episode is my son’s Communion party”.

She added, “There is, unfortunately, an incident with one of my husband’s family members. It wasn’t the best situation, but viewers can look forward to some drama but a lot of laughs”.

In the first two seasons of the show, Cristina and Kathy — who live on the same street — had lots of leisure time to eat meals together, lounge by Kathy’s pool, go on shopping trips, plan out home-improvement projects, and meddle in Cristina’s sister Carly’s dating life.

But since Cristina opened the Chicago Pizzaboy Pizzeria with her husband Carlo in February of this year, Cristina and Kathy’s mother-daughter relationship has been disrupted. “It used to be eight-to-10-hours a day that we were together,” said Kathy. “Now I’m lucky if it’s four [hours].”

Many sMothered lovers have been visiting their new restaurant from far-flung locations, including Texas and Hawaii, which has assisted with the challenge of launching a new restaurant amid a pandemic, they told New York Post. “Because of the show, there’s an influx of people that are coming here,” said Kathy. “Every night there are people saying, ‘Oh my God, we came here because of the TV show! Can we get a picture?’ It’s really been something else.”

Kathy Crispino Husband

Kathy Bertolli was married to her husband Joseph Michael Crispino.

Joseph was born to his late parents Charles and Lena Crispino. He was born on 3 March 1943. Sadly, he passed away on 8 September 2019 at the age of 76.

Besides Cristina, Joseph also has a daughter named Carly Crispino and a son named Paul Vossel. He was also survived by one brother Teri Crispino. Carly has appeared on the show, meanwhile, Paul graduated from the police academy in 2015.

In March 2021, Cristina posted a video of her parents singing karaoke on her Facebook. She captioned it, “One of the best videos of my parents I’m sure my dad won’t like I’m posting it but it’s adorable and hilarious… Happy Heavenly 78th Birthday dad I miss you more today than yesterday I love you and wish I could celebrate with you”.

After her husband’s death, Kathy took to Instagram and wrote, “This is the way I met you and the way I will always remember you. Young Strong and handsome. You gave me a wonderful life and wonderful children I will be forever grateful and you will always be in my heart. Thank you Joe for everything! Until we meet again !”.

How Old Is Kathy Crispino?

Born in October 1958, Kathy Crispino is 63 years old in 2022.

Kathy Crispino Job

Kathy Crispino never delved into details regarding her personal and professional life beyond what meets the eye on the TV show. But, Cristina had once revealed that her mother was a former dance instructor at Turning Point Dance Studio and studied business administration at Dominican University.

According to New York Post, Kathy now helps his daughter and son-in-law at their restaurant on Fridays and Saturdays.

“He never really has had to work with me before,” said Kathy about Carlo’s reaction. “So I walk in on Friday nights and he’s like, ‘Oh no, she’s here!’”

“My mom has a certain way of doing things,” Cristina told the news outlet. “For example, one day she walked in and got mad that we were serving a certain type of pizza slice on a certain type of plate. It was like a big uproar in the kitchen. Here we are arguing in front of all the employees over plates! She’s never going to stop, and I don’t care because I think she has the right idea. And [Carlo] gets aggravated. But he deals with it well, I have to say.”

Kathy Crispino Net Worth

Kathy Crispino’s net worth is above $1 million. The community of Harwood Heights in Cook County is where Kathy’s home is. The 5,197 square foot house was initially constructed in 2007 and has five bedrooms and four and a half baths. The home has a 10,400-square-foot lot, and according to the real estate website, it is worth slightly under $1 million., on the other hand, places the projected price substantially lower, at about $848,000.

Kathy’s house has been the setting for many of her moments with Cristina since Season 1 of sMothered. She has mostly used her walk-in closet, sparkly living room, decorated garage, and all-black kitchen throughout her time on the show. Kathy urged her daughter to draw inspiration from her own home when Cristina opted to redecorate her home in Season 2. Carlo, Cristina’s husband, disagreed with the idea.

Is Kathy Crispino On Instagram?

Yes, Kathy Crispino is on Instagram (@divakc13).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kathy Crispino From?

Kathy Crispino is originally from River Forest, Illinois. But, she is currently living in Norridge, Illinois.

  • When Is Kathy Crispino Birthday?

Kathy Crispino celebrates her birthday on 12 October.

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