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Katie Laycock Reyna Age, Job, Diego Saul Reyna Wife

Katie Laycock Reyna and Diego Saul Reyna are getting divorced. The news of their parting has shocked their fans and followers. Learn more about Katie here. What does she do for a living? How old is she?

Read all about it as you scroll down this article here.

Meet Katie Laycock Reyna, Diego Saul Reyna Wife

Katie Laycock Reyna is the name of the wife of Diego Saul Reyna. The reports of FamousBirthdays suggest that they got married in 2013.

Ahead of Saul’s birthday in June 2021, Katie posted on his IG, “🎂Tomorrow is Saul’s birthday🎂 … but I bought these flowers for myself 😂 Peonies are my favorite 😍.”

The married couple shared three children and they are named Xalisco, Susan, and Izcalli.

Their older son Xalisco reached 9 years old in May 2023. Susan their younger daughter turned 6 years old in April 2023. Izcalli Elizabeth Reyna, the youngest, was born on 17 June 2022.

Diego is well-known as an influencer for two reasons. The content producer, who was born in Mexico, has gained popularity for his numerous educational videos that teach people how to lawfully come to Canada while avoiding pitfalls and scams. However, his large fan base and followers were also aware of him via his family-related writings. In between his regular posts, he frequently shared images and videos of his wife and their three kids as a loving family.

Their family structure served as an inspiration to many, so when the two of them revealed that they were divorcing, it was shocking to hear. Diego and Katie both disclosed that they were in the process of divorcing at the end of December 2023. Even though the news was announced towards the end of the year, the legal procedure had already begun earlier in September. Since then, the two of them have used social media to share their unique perspectives on the divorce.

Katie Laycock Reyna And Diego Saul Reyna Divorce

On December 24, 2023, Diego Saul Reyna and Katie Laycock Reyna both uploaded videos in which they candidly discussed their divorces from their points of view. He was the one who first declared his intention to divorce Katie, but Katie started the formal procedure, as both takes attest to.

Diego addressed the rumors that had been circulating about his breakup. Although he refuted some of the most salacious claims, he did not give a clear explanation for the divorce.

Diego said that neither health issues nor religious disagreements were the cause of the divorce. His confirmation that he was not divorcing to wed fellow Spanish-speaking influencer Paloma Lascano was particularly forceful. He went on to say that he and Katie are still amicable and are trying their best to co-parent at this trying period. In addition, he stated that he wanted to ensure that his children were in the best possible care throughout the divorce proceedings.

Katie was not done talking. She admitted in a TikTok video that she was the one who advised Diego to hold off on making the divorce public for a bit so she could process the “devastating” news and shield her kids from hurtful remarks at school. She went on to say that she had discovered during the process that “[her] marriage was not what [she] thought it was.”

“Knowing what I know now, [the divorce] is less of a surprise,” Katie admitted.

While Katie and Diego are still co-parenting, she is no longer participating in his content creation and their interactions are limited to business and divorce-related matters. Katie further disclosed that she wants to be strong for her children even if the ongoing process is still hurting her.

“I do not regret the last decade thanks to our three incredible kids,” she stated. “I would gladly through hell for the privilege of being their mother.”

Katie Laycock Reyna Age

In 2023, Katie Laycock Reyna is likely above 35 years of age.

Katie Laycock Reyna Job

Katie Laycock Reyna doesn’t appear to have a LinkedIn profile so it remains unclear what she does for a living. However, she is a social media influencer. On her IG, she has garnered 17.7K followers.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Katie Laycock Reyna From?

Katie Laycock Reyna hailed from Canada. Her maternal grandfather Paul Egon Albers (born in Denmark) passed away on 22 February 2015. Paul had been a junior participant in the Danish Youth Resistance organization in World War II. After that, he immigrated to Canada, where he worked as a dairy farmer and miner, collecting several awards.

Katie’s parents are named Susan and Bruce Laycock.

  • When Is Katie Laycock Reyna Birthday?

Katie Laycock Reyna’s birthday is unavailable at this moment.

  • Is Katie Laycock Reyna On Instagram?

Yes, Katie Reyna is available on Instagram (@reynakatrina).

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