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Katrina Pierson Family: Father, Mother, Siblings, Husband

Meet Katrina Pierson’s family in this article. Here we are going to talk about her father, mother, siblings, and her husband. Katrina has been a long-time supporter of Donald Trump and recently made the headline after Jan. 6 committee revealed excerpts of explosive messages between her and Brad Parscale, one of former President Donald Trump’s prior campaign managers.

She reportedly helped plan Jan. 6 rally at the Ellipse, in the hours immediately following the attack.

Who Are Katrina Pierson Family Members?

Katrina Pierson was raised in poverty by a teen mother and got involved in politics in her 30s. She is the unconventional leading voice of an unconventional campaign, a self-described outsider with a story. Today, she is making more than $10,000 a month to take on the Republican nominee’s critics, one TV appearance at a time.

In addition, Katrina has also earned a reputation for her sharp-elbowed style, snarky rhetoric, and occasional high-profile misstatements. “She never appears flustered, and she is consistent and loyal to Trump’s ever-changing messages,” said Jason Johnson, politics editor at “But the problem is that if you can’t come up with good explanations for Trump’s actions, and you’re the punchline of a Daily Show monologue almost as often as you’re on CNN, you aren’t doing a great job as a campaign spokesperson”.

Katrina and her supporters claim that a disproportionate amount of criticism has been leveled at her for a few errors. The firebrand, like her boss, has made it a central pillar of her campaign to denounce what she sees as media bias. “I’ve given over 600 interviews under extremely intense and hostile environments. The media blows two clips out of proportion as if I have lied to Congress under oath, compromised national security, and had a United States ambassador killed on my watch,” Pierson told The Dallas Morning News in an email. “I think I’m doing just fine.”

But Pierson was known as Trina Shaddix before she was chosen as Trump’s most visible critic. She lived on the wrong side of Forney, Kaufman County, Texas.

Katrina Pierson Father

Katrina Pierson was born to her African-American father in 1976. At the time, he was 19 years old.

Katrina Pierson’s Biological Father (Pic: IG)

Back in November 2020, Katrina posted a picture of her father on veteran’s day and wrote, “Happy Veteran’s Day to my father, and to all of men and women who choose to defend and protect our freedoms. 🇺🇸”.

Life was tough for her and her family because her father was absent in her life. She didn’t know her biological father until she was in her 20s.

Katrina Pierson Mother

Whereas, Katrina Pierson’s mother is likely the daughter of Sherrie Shaddix. A resident of Garland, Texas, Sherri is currently 61 years old, being born in October 1960. Furthermore, Sherrie was 15 years old when she gave birth to Katrina.

Sherri is guarded about her family details but she once shared that her mother contemplated giving up for adoption. However, she raised Katrina in Forney in a difficult financial situation. Forney has now evolved into a Dallas Suburb. Despite the financial struggle, mother Sherrie was fighting her own battle, with drugs.

Katrina Pierson’s Alleged Mother Sherrie Shaddix (Pic: IG)

Katrina told The Dallas Morning News that her mother survived on drugs and government assistance. Her mother later married a man who was a part of her life. Sherrie went on to have three children with that man.

Her yearbook photo revealed that she was involved in many extracurriculars. She managed to excel despite all the chaos at home. She played volleyball, Highsteppers in the drill team, Spanish club, and Business Professionals of America. Her classmates shared that Katrina’s rise in politics came as a surprise. They remembered her as the one who would not cause any drama in the classroom.

In 1997, she was caught shoplifting and Katrina revealed that she stole the cloth for going to a job interview.

“A turbulent life can make you or break you, and at some point, you have to choose which,” she said. “…When you are forced to live in the world and experience life through trial and error you tend to grow up quickly. My philosophy became, ‘Never make the same mistake twice”.

Does Katrina Pierson Have Siblings?

Yes, Katrina Pierson had three half-siblings from her mother’s marriage. However, not much is known about them.

Katrina Pierson Husband

After Forney High School, Katrina Pierson attended Kilgore College. There she had a son in 1996 with her then-boyfriend Christopher B Pierson. And she married the father of her child in 1997. The marriage lasted for only three months but they never revealed the cause of their split.

Pierson, who gained her surname from the marriage, said that was part of a rocky period in which she made a “series of bad decisions” after her grandmother’s abrupt death. “I got pregnant trying to reconnect to family. I married the absolute wrong person, and acted out,” she said of that time. “Eventually, I wised up after I turned 21 and decided to take control of my life. Life has a way of getting your attention”.

Katrina also struggled through a lengthy court case with her ex-husband regarding the custody of their son. Moreover, she reportedly accused the judge in her custody case of having a political bias against her.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Katrina Pierson Family Members Reside?

Katrina Pierson’s family is still residing in different parts of Texas.

  • Does Katrina Pierson Family Support Donald Trump?

There is no information on if Katrina Pierson’s family supports Donald Trump or not.

  • Are Katrina Pierson Family Members On Facebook?

No, Katrina Pierson’s family doesn’t seem to be on Facebook.

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