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Kay Stayner Bio, Still Alive, Age, Steven Stayner Mother

Meet Steven Stayner’s mother, Kay Stayner. You’ll find information about where she is today, what her job is, and her age.

Captive Audience, a Hulu docuseries, tells the terrifying story of Steven Stayner and his family. The documentary follows Steven’s captivity and returns after seven years, as well as his brother Cary Stayner’s murdering three women and his life following his return. The account is based on his children’s testimony, as well as the testimony of others who were involved in the trial and their lives.

Captive Audience’s core materials include taped conversations between I Know My First Name Is Steven scriptwriter JP Miller and network officials. Excerpts from such speeches illustrate the omissions, rearrangements, cliffhangers, massaged facts, and outright lies that storytellers use to maintain the audience’s interest.

Without delving into too much detail, a scene in Captive Audience implies that the Stayner family has a history of mental illness and se**** assault. In the aftermath of his activities, details concerning Carey Stayner’s mental health, alleged abuse at the hands of an uncle, and allegations that his father raped his children emerged.

Keep reading this article to learn more about him.

Meet Kay Stayner, Steven Stayner Mother

On 4 December 1972, Steven Stayner was kidnapped by Kenneth Parnell and his accomplice Ervin Murphy. He was held in captivity for seven years. During that time, he was physically and mentally abused by Kenneth which deeply affected him as a person. During that period, he also met Barbara Mathias, his babysitter, who also abused him physically.

They lived together for nine years and Barbara knew him as Dennis. But in the two years period of looking after Steven, she never once suspected that he was a victim of a kidnapping.

When Steven Stayner went missing in 1972, it left a huge impact on his parents. FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Rinek wrote in his book that his parents “withdrew emotionally” after Steven went missing. They reported about their missing son but had no luck finding him again.

Kay said her own father had told her to view Steven’s kidnapping as a good thing because now she had fewer kids to worry about feeding and clothing. She said her father insisted she never cry or show emotion because it would make her appear “crazy” like her mother and that she had raised her own kids with the lack of emotional warmth her father inculcated in her.

Delbert swung between all-consum­ing efforts to find his missing son and suicidal depression. He was so bereft when Steven was taken that he pushed Cary away, saying his “real son” was gone.

Is Steven Stayner Mother, Kay Stayner, Still Alive?

Yes, Steven Stayner’s mother Kay Stayner is still alive. She told after reuniting with her son, “This is really so phenomenal, for a child to be gone seven years and to be found alive. We expected him to come back. We had hope, faith, and kept busy”. (

She added, “He came back different, very different. And we had a rough time getting used to having him home”.

In 2002, Kay testified during the penalty phase of her son Cary’s trial for a triple murder. She urged the jury not to sentence him to death, adding, “If his dying [death] would bring these people back, I’d say do it. But executing him is not going to bring them back.” She recently appeared on “Captive Audience” besides that she remains entirely anonymous.

Poor Kay lost her beloved son and her husband Delbert.

Kay Stayner Daughters

Kay Stayner and her husband had three daughters: Cindy (husband Dan) Sartell, Jody (husband Allan) Cass, and Cory Stayner. In the book, FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Rinek named In the Name of the Children: An FBI Agent’s Relentless Pursuit of the Nation’s Worst Predators” he had mentioned that her husband Del was accused of molesting his daughter.

According to a psychiatric report, they ordered Delbert to attend therapy for molestation. The Stayner family tree was riven with mental illness and se**** abuse going back five generations.

In addition to her father’s unwelcome approaches, one of Stayner’s sisters said that when she was eleven years old, Steven’s brother Cary began peeping on her and inappropriately touching her. Cary spied on her, his sisters, and a neighbor girl, according to a cousin, lurking under their mattresses and discreetly videotaping them in the toilet and bedroom. Because it had been going on for so many generations, one relative described child se**** abuse as “like a family sickness.”

Kay Stayner Age

As of 2022, Kay Stayner should be above 80 years old.

Is Kay Stayner On Facebook?

No, Kay Stayner is not on Facebook.

Kay Stayner Job Today

Kay Stayner remains entirely anonymous. So, her job today is not known.

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  • Where Does Kay Stayner Reside Now?

Kay Stayner is likely residing in Atwater, California.

  • What Is Kay Stayner Maiden Name?

Kay Stayner revealed her maiden name but it is likely Katharine.

  • Does Kay Stayner Appear On Hulu’s Captive Audience?

Yes, Kay Stayner appears on Hulu’s Captive Audience.

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