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Kayla Richart Bio, Family, Height, Job, Too Hot To Handle

Meet Kayla Richart, the star of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, season 4. While you enjoy her journey while the show premieres, learn more about her family, height, job, and other details surrounding her life.

Tag along and find out more.

Kayla Richart On Too Hot To Handle

When introduced first on Too Hot To Handle’s IG Page, Kayla Richart’s bio read: “Guys think they’re the only ones that are players. But I love to play the game.” According to her bio from Netflix, Kayla is someone everyone would fancy.

It reads further, “Beyond beautiful inside and out, she’s never short of attention and will have no issue treading on toes if she fancies someone. Kayla will feel like a kid in a candy store when she enters the retreat, but Lana will be desperate to show her the error of her ways.”

Her bio reads: “Flirty LA model Kayla says guys tend to “get a little bit obsessed” with her. Kayla, who considers herself a heartbreaker and a player, is never short of attention and has zero issues about treading on toes if she has her sights set on someone.”

I’ve never liked someone as much as I like you, Richart is heard stating in the fourth season promo of “Too Hot To Handle.” Has she actually fallen in love with someone on the program, or is she just stating this for the sake of the game? We will undoubtedly see both her positive and negative sides. The 22-year-old continues, “I want to be bad, so bad,” and then rolls her eyes in a flirty way.”

Kayla Richart Dating Status

Kayla Richart’s current dating life is unclear. However, in the show, Although Nigel Jones first piqued Kayla’s interest and she even went on a date with him, she ultimately became involved with Sebastian “Seb” Melrose.

Nearly every man made the decision to go after Los Angeles-based Kayla as soon as they spotted her at the opulent Carrabean villa in an effort to win her love and attention. Nigel Jones, a native of New Jersey, was her first choice because of his physicality, pure charm, and a general air of confidence, but she made it clear she was keeping her choices open. The anxiety that he was a player, only to be proven correct after their first date as he continued to charm others, was the only thing keeping the 22-year-old from entirely giving in to him.

As a result, Kayla made the decision to sleep in the same bed as British Salvadoran Seb, for whom she admittedly already had a soft spot because he had expressed interest, was unapologetically funny, and was also generally shy. They started dating since neither of them wanted to leave the door open for other people. The 24-year-old racing driver took advantage of the situation by making her feel comfortable. If we’re being completely honest, though, they did struggle with the villa restrictions at every turn, costing everyone tens of thousands of dollars despite their wonderful chats and funny banter.

As a result, Kayla and Seb were given the ultimate control test to demonstrate their compatibility: a romantic evening spent by themselves in the private suite, complete with booze, rose petals, and a two-person bathtub. The pair actually behaved this time, showing that they were committed to the relationship, only for bombshell Flavia, a recent newcomer from Peru, to throw them another curveball. Unaware of his relationship with Kayla, she asked Seb to be her first date. His head almost turned when he realized she was exactly his type, but he thankfully refrained from kissing her despite the free pass.

Fun Fact: Kayla’s ideal first date would involve “creative but romantic” activities. Additionally, she believed that “dressed differently” made her special.

How Old Is Kayla Richart?

While 2000 marked the year Kayla Richart was born, the model is 22 years old.

Kayla Richart Family

One thing that Kayla Richart shared about her family as she hoped that her “parents don’t watch the show.” She hasn’t posted or shared about any of her family members on her socials.

Kayla Richart Height

Kayla Richart reportedly stands tall at 5’6.5”. Her distinct feature is her tattoo that runs from her neck through her spine.

Is Kayla Richart On Instagram?

Of course, Kayla is on Instagram (@kaylarichart), Twitter too (@kayla_richart), and TikTok (@kayla_richart).

Kayla Richart Job

Kayla Richart is a model and social media influencer by profession. Her IG serves as her portfolio and can be seen posing while in lingerie. She is a firm believer in intuitions and said: “My friends say my intuition is never wrong, I think that’s my biggest flex.” She frequently posts images of her modeling projects and street-style outfits on social media channels.

Kayla is also a vegan and wants to show off all the plant-based recipes and dishes she tries. Also, she favored Drake as a musician. She said she loved meditation and was very into crystals. She spends her downtime shopping.

In 2020, Kayla was also featured in a video of ILT (I Love Tattoos) on video titled Super Hot Girls Gets Her Butt Tattooed.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Kayla Richart Ethnicity?

Based on her looks, Kayla appears mixed.

  • Where Is Kayla Richart From?

Kayla is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He is currently residing in New York and Hawaii.

  • When Is Kayla Richart Birthday?

Per her TikTok post, Kayla Richart celebrates her birthday on 11 October.

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