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Kegan Tyler Emms Bio, Heather Chase, Age, Job, Instagram

The ninth season of Below Deck premiered on 25 October 2021 and the show is returning with almost an entirely new cast. Among the new additions is Heather Chase, the Chief Stewardess. Heather has already been getting a lot of attention after only two episodes. And we are all curious about her boyfriend Kegan Tyler Emms.

The ninth season of Below Deck will also feature My Seanna, the same yacht that was featured in the last season. Only, Chief Stewardess Francesca Rubi is replaced by Heather Chase.

Anyway, who is Kegan Tyler Emms? Find the answer to this question with interesting wikis about his age, job, and Instagram below.

Meet Kegan Tyler Emms, Heather Chase’s Boyfriend

Kegan Tyler Emms and Heather Chase met at sea. Heather was working as a stewardess and Kegan was also a crew member in the same yacht. They have worked together on several sea cruises.

Kegan and Heather had been in a relationship since 2017 (or rather late 2016). They went official with their relation on Facebook on 9 January 2017, when Kegan updated his relationship status to “in a relationship”.

Kegan and Heather both loved yoga and it seemed they loved doing it together. In one of her Instagram posts, Heather wrote, “My two loves; Hot sweaty yoga & Kegan Emms”.

Some part of their relationship was long-distance because of their jobs. Of course, when either of them went on a cruise and the other was not in the crew, they had to spend a long time apart.

The current status of Kegan and Heather’s relationship was a little dubious. First, there have not been any couple posts on Heather’s Instagram since late-2018/early-2019. Second, Kegan’s current relationship status on Facebook says single.

On the other hand, Heather’s Instagram still has the old romantic couple posts. And there has not been any announcement of breaking up.

Whatever their relationship status (they are most likely broken up), Kegan is not with her on My Seanna. And how Heather appears (romance-wise) in Below Deck is to be seen.

Heather was born and raised and Hawaii. And it was the proximity with the sea that first instilled the love of open waters for her. And before Heather was cast in Below Deck, she already had a lot of experience as a yacht crew.

Below Deck alumni like Anastasia Surmava and Alex Radcliffe backed her for the job in My Seanna and lauded her experience and efficiency.

Kegan Tyler Emms Age

Kegan Tyler Emms celebrates his birthday every year on the 21st of April. On 21 April 2013, he celebrated his 19th birthday. That means, as of November 2021, he was 27 years of age. And his zodiac sign is Taurus.

Kegan Tyler Emms Job

Just like Heather, Kegan worked as a crew member in charter yachts and cruises. And that was about all the information we have regarding his job. We do not know what job he had as a crew member. And we do not know if he had had any other jobs, before or after.

His Facebook says that Kegan went to Queen’s College Boys’ High School and then also attended Queen College. He graduated from high school in 2012.

In 2015, Kegan moved to West Palm Beach, Florida from South Africa. He currently lives in West Palm Beach.

Is Kegan Tyler Emms On Instagram?

No, Kegan Tyler Emms does not seem to be on Instagram. He was, however, on Facebook and Twitter. His Twitter bio reads, “Listen, smile, agree. And do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.”

Kegan Tyler Emms Family

Kegan Tyler Emms was a white South African born to parents Colin Emms and Bridget Emms.

His father, Colin, who is also a Ugie native and studied in Queens College and Natal Technikon in Durban, is self-employed and perhaps works as a farmer.

His mother, Bridget, is from Port Elizabeth and studied at Pearson High and the University of the Free State. She works at Longships Lodge and has a farming business called Brione Farming.

Kegan also has a sister called Tara Ashleigh Emms. Tara went to Queenstown Girls’ High School and then to Wits – University of the Witwatersrand. She is a physiotherapist by profession and worked at Maclear Hospital. She lives in Ugie. According to her Facebook, Tara was in a relationship.

According to his Facebook, Kegan has other brothers as well. However, they might be his half-siblings. Kevin Kaba, Khanya Mzy Mzilikazi, and Kirwin Christoffels were listed as his brothers on his Facebook.

Apart from his immediate family, Kegan had a lot of cousins: Chester Garrett, Laurence Luhlaza Garrett, Joshua Earl Kent.

Kegan Tyler Emms Height

Kegan is slightly above 5 ft 9 inches tall.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kegan Tyler Emms From?

Kegan is from a town called Ugie in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  • Is Kegan Tyler Emms Religious?

Well, the rumor around is that Kegan is very religious and “enjoys spirituality with Heather”.

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