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Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy Bio, Height, Wife, Age, Net Worth

Entering Tough As Nails season 3 with pride, contestant Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy brought his Tough As Nails champion belt with him. Guess the season 1 victor was aiming to add yet another champion belt to his collection.

Delve into this Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy Bio to learn more about him.

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy On Tough As Nails

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy is the first-ever winner of the summer hit CBS series, Tough as Nails. He was the oldest among the final competitors, who won the stunning $200,000 grand prize, a new Ford pickup, and the title, “Tough as Nails.”

But that wasn’t all Kelly got. After the victory, he revealed that it has led him to get invitations to help out with veterans’ projects and to speak with different groups of people. He was even approached by Universal Studios to serve as a military adviser on their upcoming movie, and a clothing company about participating in an advertising campaign.

In Sept 2020, Kelly even made his way to the Missouri state capitol to meet Missouri Governor Mike Parson.

As for his time on Tough as Nails season 3, Kelly was accompanied by co-stars like Christine, Kelsy, Lia, Jerome, and Mike.

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy Family

Kelly Murphy hails from Paragon, Indiana. Though not much was know about his family, we guess that they are of Irish descendent.

As of 2021, Kelly resided in Warrensburg, Missouri. His average day was spent talking to veterans and ensuring they have “everything they need to be successful at the university.”

Trivia: Three words Kelly chose to describe himself are — “Quiet, determined, and dedicated.”

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy Net Worth

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy garnered a net worth of above $500 thousand by 2021.

This “Tough” man’s journey started when he left home for U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Training, at just 18. Then he went on to serve the military for 22 long years until his retirement in June 2012. Reportedly, on his final year of service, Kelly (who was a Senior Marine) was deployed with 210 other Marines who safely returned home after completing a mission overseas.

After his return, Kelly started working as human resources and training manager for Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Also, in July 2019, he joined the University of Central Missouri as a director of Military and Veteran Services.

Though Kelly might be a retired veteran, his love for the military was often reflected in his IG posts. On June 30, 2017, Kelly reminisced his time from 5 years ago when he wore his uniform was for the last time. “Miss it every day, but thankful for what I have today,” he captioned.

Aside from being a tough man, Kelly is also a handsome one. No wonder, he was working as a model for Ariat International as well.

In light of his education, Kelly completed his BSc, Aeronautics, and MSc from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy Wife

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy is a married man who liked to keep things close to his vest. However, Kelly did talk a little about his wife and mentioned that they were married on December 14, 1991.

The Tough As Nails season 1 winner and his wife shares three kids — a son and two daughters. His oldest, Shelby Murphy @_murphy_lynn_shelby_, who turned 19 in 2021, in his footsteps by joining the Navy. Reportedly, she enrolled in the military in July 2020, two years after graduating college.

According to Shelby, her dad is her inspiration. In fact, she has been interested in the military ever since Kelly took her to his military ceremonies, while she was little.

A proud dad, Kelly posted an IG pic of on Shelby Oct 2020 captioned, “She’s officially a United States Navy Sailor! Congratulations Shelby! I’m proud of you!”

As for Kelly’s son Garrett, he was a junior at Warrensburg High School. The last we saw him was with Kelly during his visit to the Missouri state capitol in September 2020.

Related FAQs

  • Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy Age: How Old Is He?

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy was born on June 20, 1973. That made him 48 years of age when he appeared for the second time in Tough as Nails in 2021.

Corresponding to his birthday, Kelly is of the Gemini zodiac.

  • Is Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy On Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, as of October 2021, Kelly was on Instagram @kwmurph72 with 7.8K followers.

Find him over Facebook @kelly.murphy.5015.

  • Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy Height: How Tall Is He?

Kelly ‘Murph’ Murphy stands tall at a height above 6 feet (182 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Kelly has a chiseled body, amazing hair and beard, and tattoo-covered arms. Also, he’s got a tattoo over his back as well.

His workout routine included: 10 sets of — Run 400m, 10 GHD’s, 5 Hang Cleans, 5 Shoulder to overhead, 5 40# Slamball over pull-up.

Kelly is even sponsored by the fitness company SavageBarBell.

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