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Kenneth Detweiler Bio, Age, Height, Family, Return To Amish

Meet Kenneth Detweiler, one of the new cast members from Return To Amish. This article unravels details about his age, height, family, and his job. So, learn more about Kenneth in this article below.

This bio covers it all.

Kenneth Detweiler On Return To Amish

Return To Amish is back for season 7 with a few familiar faces and others who are new ones. One of the new faces on the show is Kenneth Detweiler. Kenneth is from the Old Order Amish, and wants to be a basketball player.

On the program, Kenneth explains why Amish people aren’t usually permitted to participate in the game.

“Basketball is not allowed in my community, but I want to be the first Amish college basketball player,” Kenneth says in the teaser. “That’s why I’m excited to try the English world.”

He’s curious about what playing and learning about the sport will be like for him in the outside world. He is not alone because he is pals with the other new guys this season.

The Breaking Amish spin-off series Return to Amish debuted in 2014. TLC viewers still want to learn more about the Amish way of life more than ten years after the initial show debuted. Fans will also meet some new cast members this season, including Fanny Schmucker and Daniel Miller.

Fanny, 20, is also Old Order Amish. She seems to be chafing against her community’s rules. “Now that I’ve got caught with my cellphone, they’re going to shun me and condemn me to hell,” she confesses in the teaser. Daniel, 22, is Old Order Amish. Though he’s the son of a bishop, he’s not sure he’s “meant to be Amish.” “I’m very curious about the English world,” he says. “But mostly the girls.”

Two of the original franchise stars, Abe and Rebecca Schmucker, were present when Return to Amish made its debut as a spinoff of the TLC original series Breaking Amish, but they left after Season 4.

They are also missing from the seventh season. But fear not, there will always be people prepared to take a chance on secular television as long as there are curious Amish people in rural Pennsylvania. (Valium)

In Season 6, viewers first encountered Maureen and Daniel, also known as Danny. Ada’s granddaughter Maureen acts as the cast members’ equivalent of an Amish house mother. Since neither of them was quite ready to formally leave the Amish community, Maureen and Daniel explored their love in Season 6, and they eventually got engaged. They are also preparing for their wedding in Season 7.

For Season 7 of Return to Amish, Ada is also present. When the party travels to Florida and lives in a predominantly Amish community that has electricity and indoor plumbing, she still wears Amish clothing and she appears to adhere to most traditions. She continues to break the rules, but she is also present to control Jeremiah.

One of the few original cast members of Breaking Amish who is still associated with the series is Jeremiah. In the previous two seasons of Return to Amish, his marriage to Carmela was a major source of contention for him. Now that they are together in the seventh season, Jeremiah is having trouble figuring out how to connect with his birth family.

In Return to Amish Season 7, Sabrina is expecting (again), and she and Jethro are having issues (again) this season. As she is ready to give birth to her third kid in three years, she wants to be close to her friends in Florida, but her relationship is still in limbo.

Along with her best friend Rosanna, Maureen traveled to the English-speaking world in Season 6, and now Rosanna is also returned. Rosanna initially wore a bikini in Season 6, and she even made some English pals. At the start of Season 7, she is still dressed in her Amish attire, but she is hesitant to fully commit to her Amish community until she is certain she wants to leave the English-speaking world behind.

Kenneth Detweiler Job

The only thing that we know is that Kenneth Detweiler is he is a basketball player. In October 2021, he played with Harlem globetrotter Chris Handles Fraklin in Edgemont Community Park.

Kenneth might be working at Detweiler’s Amish Furniture. There was also an opening for Kalee’s Coffee that he promoted on his FB.

Is Kenneth Detweiler Dating Anyone?

According to Kenneth Detweiler is currently single. Though he is on social, he hasn’t shared much about his dating life.

Kenneth Detweiler Age

At the time of filming the show, Kenneth Detweiler is 20 years old.

Kenneth Detweiler Family

Details about Kenneth Detweiler are not available. However, a few of his family members and relatives of Kenneth are Marty Detweiler, Lester Detweiler, Johnny Detweiler, Carolyn Detweiler, Sara Detweiler, and Martin Detweiler.

How Tall Is Kenneth Detweiler?

Kenneth Detweiler stands tall above the height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kenneth Detweiler Birthday?

Kenneth Detweiler’s birthday is not available currently.

  • Where Is Kenneth Detweiler From?

Kenneth Detweiler hailed from Munfordville, Kentucky. He is currently residing in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

  • Is Kenneth Detweiler On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Kenneth Detweiler is on IG and FB.

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