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Kenneth Niedermeier Ex-Wife, Married, Triplets, Armando

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 returned in 2021, and so did the fan favorites Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio. The duo first appeared on the show back in 2020, got married, and was going strong even a year later. But lately, there was a rumor going on that Kenneth was already married and had an ex-wife.

Thus, here we are to clear things up. Also, on the way get to know all about Kenneth’s triplets.

Does Kenneth Niedermeier Have An Ex-Wife? Was He Even Married?

No, Kenneth Niedermeier didn’t have an ex-wife. Armando Rubio is his first spouse, whom he married on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on May 22, 2021.

So, what was the rumor all about? In case you don’t know, Kenneth has four children and even two grandchildren. This leads viewers to believe that those kids were Kenneth’s offspring from his previous wife (and some reports even said that it was). Moreover, his age also played a big factor for many to believe that the rumor was true.

But Kenneth never married his baby mother. Kenneth and his rumored “ex-wife” were only just good friends.

Back in the 80s, gay men weren’t allowed to have children. To conceive one, they had to be married! “So, nothing was going to stop me. A friend of mine offered to have a child for me so we had to fake being married and no, I didn’t ‘tap’ that. It was all medical,” he shared.

What Is Kenneth Niedermeier’s Baby Mother’s Name?

Kenneth Niedermeier wanted his baby mother to be anonymous and so did she. Thus, her name perhaps might never come to light. The only information we have about Kenneth’s baby mother is that she was his good friend, and they never were in a relationship.

To recall, “I didn’t ‘tap’ that,” Kenneth remarked.

Who Are Kenneth Niedermeier’s Triplets?

Kenneth Niedermeier has four kids via IVF — a son named Bryson (26), and triplet daughters Taylor, Cassidy, and Madison, all aged 23, as of 2021.

He raised the children all on his own and loved them dearly. “I always wanted to be a father, it was my main goal in life. When I had Bricen, you made my dream come true,” Kenneth wrote.

Here’s a little more information about them

Bryson: He was in a relationship with Crystal Miller, and they were expecting their first baby as of Nov 2021.

Cassidy: She went from being a barista trainer at Starbucks to billing manager at Sea Change Chiropractic to opening her coffee shop named Las Nubes Coffee. As of 2021, she lived in Florida with her husband Serrano Joshua and their kid Julian Joshua.

Madison: She cherished a single life in Saint Petersburg, Florida, as of 2021. 

All of his kids except Madison and grandson Cooper (who was 3 and a half then) had moved out before Kenneth shifted to Mexico to be with his wife.

Did you know: Cassidy was inspired to open the coffee shop on her trip with Kenneth to Mexico.

Kenneth Niedermeier And Armando Rubio’s Relationship

Kenneth Niedermeier first met his future husband Armando on a Facebook support group for gay dads in 2020. Since the duo both carried a tragic past, they immediately clicked. And with a bit of drama but a lot of love over 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2, Kenneth pulled out a ring and asked Armando to marry him in Nov 2020.

The couple went on to tie a knot on May 22, 2021.

As of Nov 2021, they were happily married and lived together in Mexico, with Armando’s daughter, Hanna.

Before marrying Armando, Kenneth has already has had two long-term relationships.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Kenneth Niedermeier?

Kenneth Niedermeier was 59 years of age in 2021.

He celebrates his birthday on June 22 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

  • Who Are Kenneth Niedermeier’s Parents And Siblings?

Kenneth was born to their parents, Norman and Mary Ann Niedermeier. His mother was a strong Catholic and his dad was a head football coach for 40 years. So, you can imagine Kenneth’s anxiety before coming out of the close. Reportedly, he wrote an “eight-page letter” when confessing his preference to his parents.

Unfortunately, Kenneth’s mother passed away on May 22, 2007, at the age of 73.

As for Kenneth’s siblings, he has two sisters named Pam and Kristie, and two brothers named Norman and Ken Niedermeier.

  • What Does Kenneth Niedermeier Do For A Living?

Kenneth didn’t specifically pinpoint his job. All Kenneth shared was that he was in the property management business.

Also, he is a reality star now.

  • How Much Is Kenneth Niedermeier Net Worth?

Kenneth’s estimated net worth was $500 thousand as of 2021.

Find him over Instagram @kenneth_90day, and Facebook @ken.niedermeier.75

  • How Tall Is Kenneth Niedermeier?

The TLC star stands tall at a height of under 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

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