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Kevin Hernandez Bio, Love Never Lies, Age, Gay, Job, IG

Love Never Lies is a brand new series that dropped onto Netflix on 11 November 2021. The show features six couples who are competing for the hefty 100,000 euros. Meanwhile, their aim in the game is to avoid lying at all costs, tell the truth, and prove to their partners that they can be a harmonious couple.

Now in the rest of the writing, meet Kevin Hernandez who alongside partner Katherine Rodriguez made one of the original six couples to appear on the Love Never Lies Season 1.

Meet Kevin Hernandez, The Love Never Lies Star

During the introduction on the show, Kevin Hernandez and his partner Katherine Rodriguez admitted that they had hurt each other in the past by flirting with other people on social media. Viewers also came to know that they had been in a relationship for almost three years and with many comings and goings, the relationship had already survived a good deal of highs and lows.

Now, their reason for joining the show was to see if Katherine could regain Kevin’s trust and build on their relationship together and move forward. As in one of these trips, that happened before Love Never Lies, Katherine had started a relationship with another boy who also failed.

So, both Katherine and Kevin wanted the reality television show to give them the second chance.

But unfortunately, the makers made them leave as they did not seem to be anywhere near to sorting their relationship. Their equation did not seem to be getting any better; which was the only reason they were asked to leave the show. They had decided to split up.

Still, Kevin meant when he said, Love Never Lies was an experience that marks his life.

With that being said, the other couples joining Kevin and Katherine on the journey were — Cristina and Carles from Barcelona, Mar and Aleix also from Barcelona, Adrian and Laura from Cartagena, Paula and Daniel from Granada, and lastly José and Fran from Badajoz.

Is Kevin Hernandez Gay?

Before Kevin Hernandez and his partner Katherine left the show, Katherine loudly declared that she suspected that Kevin only got into a relationship with her to hide the fact that he is gay.

No, there’s nothing to suggest that Kevin from Love Never Lies is gay. He appears on the Netflix show alongside his girlfriend, Katherine.

Katherine further reasoned that because she and Kevin’s sex life was not so great she had it thinking that he could be gay.

Meanwhile, during episode 5 of the series, when Katherine asked the lie detector if Kevin had gotten into a relationship with her to hide his homosexuality, Kevin answered a simple “no”.

Later, Kevin also mentioned that his relationship with Katherine was partially over the moment she asked the lie detector to confirm his sexuality.

Also, the separation seemed to do a lot with Lidia who is one lady with who he developed a relationship with while on the series. Kevin even said that he would like to continue this relationship even when he is out of the show.

“She gets me. I’d like to get to know her outside if she wants to. I hope everything unfolds as I expect it to. If not, well, thanks to her, I opened my eyes.”

Meanwhile, as of the time of this writing, Kevin did not appear to feature on Kevin’s social media.

Kevin Hernandez Age

Reportedly, Kevin Hernandez, with the full name Kevin Hernandez Urbano, turned 26 years old before November 2021.

Kevin Hernandez Job

Admittedly, Kevin Hernandez has come so far in life with the belief — “Do it, and if you are afraid, do it with fear.”

However, what he did so sincerely when it comes to his career, was not understood. Unlike his seeming ex-girlfriend who is paid very generously for working as a primary level school teacher in Spain, it was a mystery how much Kevin Hernandez made from his job.

Still, from the look of it, one could tell he is well-to-do.

Is Kevin Hernandez On IG?

Yes! Kevin Hernandez is on Instagram.

Until 17 November 2021, his Instagram @kevinhernandezurbano had 15 posts and 9,848 followers.

You could also give him a follow on his ‘Kevin Hernandez Urbano’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kevin Hernandez From?

Kevin comes from his hometown of Santa Cruz De Tenerife in Spain.

From the look of his social media people with the names Atanay Soto Urbano, Esther Urbano Meneses, Joel Soto Urbano, and Joanet Hernández Urbano are in some way related to him.

  • How Tall Is Kevin Hernandez?

Kevin with good looks and personality stands above 6 feet tall.

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