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Kim Brewer Allen Bio, Age, Job, Seeking Brother Husband

Meet Kim Brewer Allen from TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband. The new show explores a polyamorous relationship where the female is looking for a husband to add to their marriage. Read all about her age, job, parents, and more in this article below.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more about her.

Kim Brewer Allen On TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband

Kim Brewer Allen is one of the cast members of TLC’s new unconventional reality show named Seeking Brother Husband. If you’ve watched Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wives, then the new franchise explores a similar theme but the only difference is this show is about polyandry.

Kim, Dustin, and Vinson are one of the four non-monogamy couples this season. Kim is determined to involve Vinson in her romance with Dustin. Their 11-year marriage has undergone a significant transformation as a result of this.

Kim and Dustin made the decision to extend their partnership after 11 years of marriage. In 2022, Kim and her husband asked Vinson, whom they had met through mutual connections, whether he would want to become a part of their family. The small children of the North Carolina throuple are about the same age and frequently play together, and Dustin and Vinson get along great. Kim and both men share a sexual relationship that is polyamorous.

Kim and Dustin recently sat down with Insider, where they talked about the challenges of inviting a new partner into their marriage. “If you would’ve told me early on in our relationship that we would be here, I would have a hard time believing it,” Kim said.

The mother of one, however, claimed that their circumstance really boosted their marriage. “Feeling safe expressing our sensuality in whatever ways we want helps us be even more sensual with each other,” Kim and her husband’s s*x life since adding Vinson into the mix.

The instant the Seeking Brother Husband star set eyes on Vinson, sparks began to fly. Her Evangelical Religious upbringing, however, gave rise to a strong sense of shame over her emotions. Yet as Vinson and Dustin began to bond through their shared love of Kim, the atmosphere grew more relaxed.

Kim stated that she started dating Vinson in 2022 during her and Dustin’s interview with Insider on March 27. The reality star and her husband live in a house where they are raising their seven-year-old boy, while Vinson, who has been divorced twice and has six children from his prior marriage, lives alone.

Kim, Dustin, and Vinson seem to still be together as of right now, so it would seem. The reality stars are maintaining modest profiles on social media, nevertheless, in order to avoid criticism and remarks about their non-monogamy relationship.

Kim breaks down in tears in the most recent trailer for TLC’s upcoming show as she attempts to care for both of her husbands. In the trailer, Dustin said that Vinson was the first guy he allowed Kim to date.

In the confession, Dustin said, “I was watching my partner fall for another man right before my eyes.” Meanwhile, when he was asked, “Are you OK with her sleeping with other men?” Dustin replied, “Most of the time.” Kim tried hard to work things out with her partner Vinson. At one moment, Kim breaks down into tears and told Vinson, “I wish I could be everything that you need. But I can’t.”

Kim Brewer Allen Job

Kim Brewer Allen is “a Truth Seeker, a Soul Speaker, and a Lightworker”. She runs a blog titled Soliloquy of the Soul which is a place “for people who are just trying to figure it all out – how to live, how to love, how to be happy.  How to ferret out the deeper meanings of life and truly fulfill our purpose for existing.” Kim has always been a writer and helper. She traded the old lock-key journal for a blog back in college, and she has been documenting my life on the regular ever since.

Kim was raised a Christian. It was when the church started telling her that these things were “wrong” and urged her to do things that my inner being was not comfortable with that she really started to question all that she said she believed.

Kim has always been interested in childcare or education. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. She has studied religions and philosophies, astrology and divination, and health and wellness.

How Much Is Kim Brewer Allen Net Worth?

Kim Brewer Allen’s net worth is above $250 thousand.

Kim Brewer Allen Age

1985 is the birth year of Kim Brewer Allen. As of March 2023, she is 37 years old.

Who Are Kim Brewer Allen Parents?

Kim Brewer Allen is the daughter of David Brewer and Debbie Pullen Brewer. Her parents have been married since 1975.

On their 41st anniversary in June 2016, Debbie posted on her FB with a caption, “41 years ago today!! WOW, what a journey it’s been!! We’ve had our ups and downs but have been blessed and become a better couple because of them. Now here we are with 5 wonderful children, 2 great sons-in-love, a great daughter-in-love, and 12 beautiful grandbabies!! We are blessed!! I loved you on this day 41 years ago and each day through the years that love has grown more and more. I’m so grateful God chose us to do life together!! Happy Anniversary Baby!!”

David worked at the State of Indiana. His wife was Secretary at Sullivan First Christian Church. The married couple is residing in Sullivan, Indiana.

Among the four siblings; Kim has a brother named Dusty Brewer who was a former Jailer at Carter County Detention Center. Before that, he was a former 13 Bravo Cannon Crewmember at US Army. He is married to Linda Brewer since 2007.

Another sibling of Kim is Stacey Hooker a Client Experience Strategist, HoneyBook Pro, & Speaker/Educator at Stacey – Systems Strategist & HoneyBook Pro. She is married to her husband Kyle Hooker. Besides Dusty, her other brother is named Michael Brewer, a Property Claims Adjuster at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

And last but not least, Kim has a brother named Randy Brewer.

Kim Brewer Allen Height

Kim Brewer Allen’s height is above 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kim Brewer Allen From?

Kim Brewer Allen hailed from Sullivan, Indiana. She is currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Is Kim Brewer Allen On Instagram?

Yes, Kim Brewer is available on IG, Twitter, and FB.

  • When Is Kim Brewer Allen Birthday?

Kim Brewer Allen celebrates her birthday in August.

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