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Kim Eun-ji Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Fitness Model, Physical 100

Kim Eun-ji was the first female competitor to enter Physical 100. Proud of herself, the challenger said she stepped into the show to see if there were any women with a body prettier than hers.

Keep reading this Kim Eun-ji Bio to learn more about her.

Kim Eun-ji On Netflix’s Physical 100

Netflix’s Physical 100 premiered on January 24, 2023, and within a week it was sitting at the No. 7 spot on Netflix’s top 10 TV shows list. Created by Jang Ho-gi, Physical 100 followed 100 contestants — including Kim Eun-ji — from various ethnicities, ages, and genders as they competed against each other to prove their physical strength and ultimately for a chance to win the title of “most perfect physique” plus 300 million won (approx USD 243 thousand).

“Fight to the death. Survive to the end.” These were the words that appeared in the show’s trailer. The contestants competed to survive purely with their physical strength.

In the first ep, Kim and other contestants were placed in a massive space where plaster casts of their torsos sat on marble pedestals, arranged in concentric circles around a fountain. They then walked around, admiring each other’s plaster/actual bodies, objectifying and judging each other.

The show also radiated Squid Game vibes as assistants and safety personnel wore gray jumpsuits with most of their faces covered.

So, for the first challenge, the contestants were asked to hang on to a suspended apparatus lifted in the air. Through this, the participants quickly realized that the show was not only a test of brute strength but also endurance and mental strength.

Later, based on how long they lasted, the players were then placed in order from 100 to 1, and in order, they got to choose who they’ll face in the first quest — a  fight over a ball.

Overall, 50 matches took place in the same two arenas, just like The Challenge. Yet Physical 100 stood apart from other gaming shows staging these in much more interesting ways and with a massive cast.

Does Kim Eun-ji Have A Boyfriend?

Kim Eun-ji seemed to be single as of 2023. So, this also means she didn’t make any romantic connections on Physical 100. But even though she wasn’t able to find a boyfriend on the show, the star made a lot of good memories and ever-lasting friendships on Physical 100.

Recalling the good times with her co-star Elaine, Kim took to her IG in Jan 2023, to write, “Same room throughout the memorable filming Good physical sisters, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Please watch Sandfield War.”

To which, Elaine replied, “The three of us had a lot of memories haha ​​I miss you my Sieun.”

Also, on Jan 14, 2023, Kim talked about Physical 100 on IG. “Finally released Thanks to “Hip’s Queen” after 1 year, Netflix appeared on “Physical 100” and was selected as one of the 100 strongest physical people. A year later, there are now 130,000 subscribers. The reason why the channel was created was that it was a space like my own diary because I wanted to contain the images of preparations for the competition. Thank you for your interest in work Netflix,” she wrote.

Kim Eun-ji Age

Kim Eun-ji was 30 years of age when she appeared on Physical 100 in 2023.

However, she was a year younger when she started filming the show.

Kim Eun-ji Career As A Fitness Model

Kim Eun-ji is a self-proclaimed “hips queen” who started her career as a fitness model ever since her teens. However, it wasn’t her victory in Korea GrandPrix 2020 that Kim gained the international spotlight. Stunning her fans even more, Kim also went on to win Korea Grand Prix and finish 2nd in Musicle Mania Las Vegas the next year!

According to the star, it’s all thanks to her fitness coach Sojung Unnie that she’s come this far. “She is the best woman and sister to whom I am so grateful to the extent that she came here far as support, interpreting, supporting, filming, and doing everything together. She really hugged all my emotions, took care of me from one to ten, and I can’t explain in words,” she explained.

Also, Kim believes it’s not only hard work that pays off but “luck is also a skill.”

Besides GrandPrix and Muscle Mania, Kim has also made her mark in Shine 2021. She even was Ms. Bikini America’s finalist alongside Ahlee Gomez and Daphine Wentworth.

Naturally, she’s been featured on magazine covers such as Max-Q (Feb 2022), Complete Woman (May 2022), and many more. Also, she was the star of “” after the 2017 Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.

In 2021, she even received the “Rising Star Award” at the Asia Model Awards and the “Rookie Model Award” at the Korea Entertainment Awards.

Fun Fact: Kim used to be a round girl for Contender Combat Sports back in 2016.

Is Kim Eun-ji On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @hipsqueen_.

Also, here’s her Youtube @user-ht4wy1ui2c.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kim Eun-ji From?

Kim reportedly hails from Seoul, South Korea.

  • When Is Kim Eun-ji Birthday?

She celebrates his birthday on December 19 and is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Kim Eun-ji?

Kim stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Her distinct features include — brown eyes, a triangular face, and a fit body.

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