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Kim Min Cheol Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Netflix’s Physical 100

Kim Min Cheol is the star of Netflix’s Physical 100. What does he do for a living? Here we cover his age, girlfriend, and other details.

Tag along with this article and learn more about him as you scroll down.

Kim Min Cheol On Netflix’s Physical 100

One of the 100 participants in a brand-new Netflix series that tries to investigate the ideal figure is Kim Min Cheol. The show puts all of its players in the same situation regardless of their age, color, or gender when they begin participating in tasks in episode 1. Athletes, gymnasts, and bodybuilders battle against one another in the new Netflix series Physical 100 for a sizable cash reward.

Kim Min Cheol stated during his introduction on Physical 100 that he is a member of the Bukhansan Special Mountain Rescue Team. He later clarifies that he is also an ice climber, though. A member of the national ice hockey team, according to SK Pop. The mountaineer was prepared to display his prowess on the Netflix program. During the competition, some of his fellow competitors called him “incredible.”

The contenders had to hang for as long as they could during the first exercise in Physical 100. Kim Min Cheol stated during the first episode of Physical 100: “I participate as an ice climber thus I was certain that I would most likely win.” The fact that the Netflix star won the challenge shows that he “walks the walk” as well as “talks the talk.” In episode 2, he was the victor among those in group two.

Before the show premiered, he announced, “Participated in Physical 100 Ice Climbing National Team & Mountain Rescue Unit First aired on January 24 # Physical100 physical100.”

Kim Min Cheol Age

In January 2023, Kim Min Cheol is above 30 years old.

Is Kim Min Cheol On Instagram?

Yes, Kim Min Cheol is on Instagram (@kmc_1203_).

Kim Min Cheol Job

Kim Min Cheol has been a professional National Park Special Mountain Rescue Team member and Ice Climbing National Team. In March 2017, he competed at Yeongnam Bouldering Festival and got first place in bouldering. He was also associated with National Park Mountaineering School.

Furthermore, in November 2017, Min Cheol announced that he started dry tooling started from March 2017. He finished the competition in 14th place. He added, “I’m so happy that I went up to 3rd place in the preliminaries!! In 2008, when I entered the mountaineering club, I saw two men and women, and I thought that there are such players in our country and that it was really cool, and I wanted to try it too, but after 9 years, I finally started!!! Let’s work hard!! I want to go up to the awards ceremony next year, which will be 10 years old!! #Semifinals #14th.”

In January 2018, Min Cheol added, “2018. 01. 20. I thought I had failed in the preliminaries, so I was packing my things without thinking. And 1st place in the final!! It’s my first win since I started tri-tooling! Thank you, Hyunseok, for lending me the barrel!”

Then, he continued, “Start with the thought of using up your time and not falling! My body moved according to the move I thought, so I touched it until the last hold! In March of last year, I wanted to tool, so I moved the gym and won first place for the first time. However, when I watch the video, I still feel like I’m still slow in moving, I’m awkward in changing hands, and I just thought I should try harder, and as the other men’s general division finals progressed, I’m still sweating, pounding, and falling down… Let’s do better next time!! Aiming to go to the finals at the National Sports Festival and Championships after two weeks.”

Moreover, in May 2018, MinCheol secured 3rd place in Ice X League. He posted, “Uniform No. 3, 3rd place!! Haha, I started last year with 36th place, and I’m finally going up to the awards ceremony!! Today, I was very lucky to have reached the semifinals, but in July, let’s work harder and come up with our skills!!”

In the 2019 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup, Min Cheol placed 8th place. He captioned the post, “Cheongsong World Cup, my first World Cup stage!! The first World Cup was selected as the national team for the first time this year!! My luck was very good this time too!! It was the first time I went out and it was the first final. Because of the mistakes and non-participation of the talented players, I was able to play on the final stage with world players!! As a result, the skills of the 8th-place world players were as expected!! In particular, the climbing movements of Korean athletes are so cool!!.”

Then he continued, “I’m afraid that I’ll become too arrogant after climbing too high from the beginning… And I’m afraid that if I can’t make it to the semi-finals in future competitions, I’m afraid that my anxiety will grow … I climbed all over my body, came to Pyungping, and kept shaking my hands. There are still so many things I have to learn. Still, I was always envious of the finals while watching the broadcast on the Internet, but I am so happy that I appeared on that broadcast!”

Min Cheol concluded the post, “I still can’t believe I’m on the national team. I’m semi-final? am I final? So many strange things have happened in the past few days, to the point where I wonder why they are doing this to me… Everyone who cheered me on, everyone who played with me, worked hard, and thank you #ICECLIMBING.”

He is also passionate about running and has a page (@m_c_run).

Kim Min Cheol Girlfriend

Kim Min Cheol appears single as of 2023. In June 2017 he posted, “Looking for someone to share all the routes of Seoninbong! Until then, I‘ll just have to watch ” However, he hasn’t posted any updates on being in a relationship since then.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kim Min Cheol Birthday?

Kim Min Cheol’s birthday isn’t clear yet.

  • How Tall Is Kim Min Cheol?

Kim Min Cheol’s height measures around 5’11”.

  • Where Does Kim Min Cheol Reside?

Based on Instagram posts, Kim Min Cheol is residing in Seoul, Korea.

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