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Kimberly Smith Bio, Age, Job, Jennifer Robertson Sister

Meet Kimberly Smith, sister of Jennifer Robertson.

Kimberly is one of the individuals who appeared on Netflix’s Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King where she gave a little insight into the life of Jennifer after her husband Gerry Cotten’s death.

Learn more about her in this article. This article covers her age, job, marriage, and her current residence.

Meet Kimberly Smith, Jennifer Robertson Sister

Kimberly Smith is the sister of Jennifer Roberton who viewers of Netflix’s Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King know as the wife of QuadrigaCX’s co-founder Gerald “Gerry” Cotten. As you’ve already known, Gerry married his long-time girlfriend a little over a month before his death.

According to Kimberly, Jennifer and Gerry met each other on Tinder sometime before Christmas in 2014. In fact, Gerry’s profile was the one she had swiped right to. They met each other in person and Jennifer introduced her beau to her family and all of her family members loved him.

Furthermore, Kimberly stated that Gerry came across as a funny and lively guy.

Kimberly Smith On Netflix’s Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

Kimberly Smith appeared on Netflix’s show Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King and provide some insight into the rumor of Gerry faked his death. She shared that Gerry loved his wife Jennifer and there was no way he would do such things to Jennifer. She added that there was no way Gerry would be away from her.

In the show, Kimberly also touched on the subject of Gerry Jennifer and Gerry’s parents’ confrontation. Jennifer held an Irish wake at the time, which included a lot of food and booze, which upset Gerry’s parents. Jennifer then requested that they leave.

While Kimberly didn’t think Gerry could be a criminal mastermind at first, she was astounded by the findings of the inquiry. Before his untimely death, he had effectively gambled away more than $180 million in customer funds. Kimberly expressed her displeasure with the news, claiming that her family had gone to great lengths to defend him. In the end, she believed it presented them as liars, adding that Jennifer, like the rest of the audience, was fooled.

Jennifer’s sister Kimberly further shared that after Gerry’s death, Jennifer received unfair treatment. She received many death threats, according to Kimberly, and she had to be placed in a safe house for a period at an undisclosed location for her own safety. Jennifer currently appears to be doing considerably better, according to recent interviews.

Kimberly Smith Age

As of 2022, Kimberly Smith should be at least 49 years old.

Is Kimberly Smith Married?

There is no information on Kimberly Smith’s marriage. So, it is hard to confirm whether she is married or not. But, she had shared about having a child, at least one.

Kimberly Smith Job

According to Kimberly Smith’s LinkedIn, she started her career at the Government of Nova Scotia in Public Enquiries in October 2008. She worked in that role till January 2010. For four months in 2012, she worked in Business Registration Unit in Halifax, Canada.

As for her current position, she has been working in Vital Statistics starting from January 2010. She also wrote, “I have been the Administrative Assistant to the Director since March 2021.”

Kimberly graduated with a BA degree from Saint Mary’s University in Religious Studies, Business, and HR.

Back in 2013, Kimberly was featured in Times Colonist in February 2013 in an article titled Program teaches smokers to run away from addiction to cigarettes.

It was the first-ever 5K race she ran for three months and had gone 148 days without a cigarette. She told the outlet, “I come around the corner to see 3K and I thought, ‘Oh man. Two more to go and I think I’m gonna die’. But when I came around the next turn, there was my mom, my mom’s boyfriend, Tom, and my little nephew. They were all there cheering me on and Tom yelled, ‘What are you running for?'”

It was an achievement she didn’t think was possible before joining the Lung Association of Nova Scotia’s Learn to Run for Smokers program a few months before.

The eight-week training program, launched in 2009 and believed to be the first of its kind in Canada, teaches current and former smokers to kick the habit for good and pound the pavement. It is offered throughout Nova Scotia and was introduced in Alberta last year.

Kimberly was 13 years old when she had her first cigarette. She tried countless times to quit, but only succeeded while she was pregnant. Soon she was back to smoking two or three packs a week and struggling to get rid of post-baby pounds. In April 2011, she was diagnosed with asthma.

Is Kimberly Smith On Instagram?

No, Kimberly Smith doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or any other social media platforms. Or, she is using a different social media handle which makes her impossible to discover just by typing her name.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Kimberly Smith Live Today?

Kimberly Smith lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Was Kimberly Smith Employed At QuadrigaCX?

No, Kimberly Smith wasn’t employed at QuadrigaCX.

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