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Klarissa Munz Age, Occupation, Freddie Highmore Wife

Freddie Highmore is a married man and his wife is named Klarissa Munz. Although the actor is private about his married life, he has shared a few details and has been spotted along with his wife a few times. Here is what we know about Klarissa.

Read about her age, occupation, and more.

Meet Klarissa Munz, Freddie Highmore Wife

The Good Doctor star Freddie Highmore is married to his wife Klarissa Munz. According to reports, the two crossed paths while he was a student at the University of Cambridge and they were both appearing on A&E’s Bates Motel. Klarissa studied Theology and Religious Studies, while Freddie pursued a degree in Spanish and Arabic, in which he received a double first, according to While filming those first two seasons, he also took a year abroad and worked at a law firm in Madrid.

Freddie reportedly met Munz “when he was starring on A&E’s Bates Motel (via Parade).” However, this likely refers to the fact that they met between 2012 and 2013 while they were both at university, rather than on set.

Freddie Highmore and Klarissa were periodically photographed together on various occasions while they were dating from the time they were first spotted together at the 2018 Golden Globes until 2021. Munz frequently accompanied Highmore to the Critics’ Choice Awards and paid visits to him and his co-stars on the set of Bates Motel.

Karlissa also traveled to Italy to see Freddie, where he was filming the upcoming 2021 television series Leonardo. When Munz was spotted at the time in Rome with a diamond ring, several people assumed that she was engaged to Freddie.

The actor revealed the news of his marriage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in September 2021.

Freddie said, “It’s funny, ever since I’ve been wearing this ring people have been asking me if I’m married, so I figured, I should clarify it. I’m not gonna jump up and down on the couch on the talk show and express my excitement that way. I know that you do that in America. But I am as happy as a Brit can be and I married a very wonderful woman now. So yes, I feel very happy.”

The actor was urged by Jimmy Kimmel to talk about marriage; while the actor avoided mentioning Munz or going into great detail, he did admit that he’s not yet at ease using conventional wedding terms. “I just still can’t get over the terminology and the vocab—like, a ‘married man’ just sounds very old, and ‘my wife’ sounds very possessive,” he explained to Jimmy Kimmel. “We don’t really use that yet, but we just point to the rings and be like, ‘Here, look, make or draw your own conclusions.’”

People had many inquiries and theories regarding Freddie’s past relationships before he married his wife. When they both attended the same audition for the film The Spiderwick Chronicles, Sarah Bolger and Freddie got to know one another as actors. They started spending a lot of time together behind the scenes after co-starring in the film.

Because of how close-knit their acquaintance had grown, in October 2006, suspicions about a potential connection between them began to spread. They were photographed kissing at about the same time, but none of them ever talked about how serious their relationship was. In the end, they dated for just over three years before calling it quits in June 2009.

Freddie was seen dining out with Dakota Fanning that same year, but nothing more developed from their brief encounter.

However, it turns out that they were never more than friends. In 2011, there were reports that Freddie and Emma Roberts were dating. He and Abigail Breslin were the subject of more rumors, but nothing ever came of them either. Before he married his unidentified wife, Freddie’s love life was the subject of persistent rumors.

Klarissa Munz Age

Klarissa Munz was reportedly born in 1993. This means she is 30 years old in 2023.

Klarissa Munz Occupation

Klarissa Munz’s occupation is in the field of tech events. She has a varied background in web development, research, and branding, with an emphasis throughout her career on female-focussed projects. She is excited to work alongside a community of women who are passionate about technology.

Klarissa feels particularly strongly about the Mentorship Programme, which will seek to partner those new to the industry with experienced mentors who can guide and advise.

Her professional resume also boasts, working for Flamingo as International Research Executive, General Assembly as Web Development Immersive Student, and Radical Departures as Contract Frontend Junior Developer.

Klarissa is skilled in HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Cascading Style Sheets, and SASS. She graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2014.

Outside of work, Klarissa loves comedy and cooking with friends and family.

Is Klarissa Munz On Instagram?

No, Klarissa Munz doesn’t seem to be available on Instagram. Whereas, Freddie’s IG account is (@freddiehighmore). Instead, she has a fan page (@freddiehighmoresgirl).

Klarissa Munz Height

Klarissa Munz, per her pictures, stands tall above the height of 5’8”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Klarissa Munz From?

Per one public profile of Klarissa Munz, she is currently based in London, England, UK.

  • When Is Klarissa Munz Birthday?

No, Klarissa Munz’s birthday is not available at this moment.

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