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Koa Johnson Bio, Jen Shah Designer, Age, Partner, IG

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah was arrested in March 2021, charged with plotting to commit wire fraud and money laundering. And even though Jen pleaded not guilty to the accusation, the scandal to rock the “Real Housewives” franchise until even late in November (2021). Just weeks before the arrest, video and audio clips of Jen verbally attacking her employees, including fashion designer Koa Johnson, surfaced on social media.

Now, let us tell you who Koa Johnson is and what is his drama with Jen Shah.

What Did Koa Johnson Say About Jen Shah?

It is said, Jen Shah’s ongoing legal battle will be examined in ABC News Studios’ Housewife and the Shah Shocker that premiered on Hulu on 29 November 2021.

So, the very first episode of this documentary saw Jen’s former clothing designer Koa Johnson claim that Jen threw dinnerware at him during a violent outburst in November 2020.

Referencing video footage and audio of the incident that leaked on social media in March, Koa swore Jen “threw a chili bowl” at him. According to him, the incident transpired after Jen got upset for not feeling prepared to film the RHOSLC Season 1 reunion.

Koa, who was hired by Jen to create a series of custom looks that she wore on the reality show, also alleged that Jen stopped paying him well before he quit. “The last paid compensation I got from her was in September 2020. But I worked for her up to January”. He said the same happened to his other co-workers.

During his 10-month tenure with Jen, Koa designed around 12 looks for her, including her Biden-Harris dress, her cast photo dress, and reunion dress. He said those were like the most traumatizing months of his life. But still, Koa is he’s happy that someone recorded and later leaked it.

Meanwhile, Jen exchanged a different story. In Season 2 of RHOSLC, she accused how her designer did not meet her demands despite the ample resources she provided him. “He took my kindness and repaid me by making it look like I mistreated him, which was not the case at all” was what she told on camera.

Where Is Koa Johnson Now?

Following Jen’s outburst, Koa Johnson stopped working for her as he believed the incident crossed a line and a boundary for him. So, he decided to get a one-way ticket to Hawaii and left.

Since then, Jen has been arrested while Koa seemed to be enjoying a break from all the drama moving back to his home state of Hawaii. He had not posted on his Instagram grid since August 2021. But following the documentary’s release, he threw more shade at Jen in his Instagram Stories.

Koa Johnson Age

Koa Johnson, height above 5′ 9″, was reportedly born in the year 1990. That means he would reach the 31 sometime in 2021.

Does Koa Johnson Have A Partner?

On Facebook, Koa Johnson noted his relationship status to being ‘single’ as he also noted his gender as ‘male’.

Back in 2016, the Maui fashion designer mentioned, “Hottie Wifey” who turned out to be his friend from his hometown. Her name is Chelsie Machado.

Is Koa Johnson On IG?

Yes. Koa Johnson is on Instagram.

Until 30 November 2021, Koa had 979 posts and 7,600 followers on his Instagram @designerkojo.

Koa, with the nickname Kojo, could be also seen sharing from time to time on his ‘Koa Johnson’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Does Koa Johnson Have A LinkedIn?

Koa Johnson did not seem to have a LinkedIn. Still, let us give you a brief map of his career.

Koa first caught attention in 2014 as he created a sculptural gown for Imua Family Services’ Fantasia Ball. At the year’s MAMo Wearable Art show on Maui, which highlighted works of native Hawaiian fashion designers, Koa proved his one of the more imaginative talents — also crafting a form-fitting gown of ti leaves.

Johnson acquired an associate degree from the University of Hawai‘i-Maui College’s Fashion Technology program in 2011. The next year, he joined the faculty.

Mentor Leona Rocha Wilson, who spent decades in New York’s fashion industry, said Koa’s designs are extraordinary.

  • What Is Koa Johnson Ethnicity?

Talking about the Jen Shah drama, Koa revealed they are both of Polynesian descent. He said, in the Polynesian culture, they argue, yes, and scream at each other. But, that, it comes from a very loving place, unlike the way Jen did it. Based on this very exchange, we mean to tell you that Koa is Polynesian. And Polynesians are a subset of Austronesian peoples. Koa said he felt like Jen was a sister and he was her brother kind of situation. “We came from the same blood, the same race.”

Meanwhile, some also addressed him as Asian.

Speaking of his family, his father Harry Johnson is his biggest fan and his mother Lala is his biggest supporter.

In the family, Koa also has five siblings — one brother and four sisters. Four of them have names: Kai Johnson, Kulea Johnson, Kiana Johnson, and Keahi Johnson.

  • Where Was Koa Johnson Born?

Koa Johnson was likely born and bred in his hometown of Wailuku, Hawaii in the United States. As of November 2021, he was permanently based in Brooklyn, New York. But still, from time to time, he would find himself again in Hawaii, away from the mundane life of New York.

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