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Kris Fade Wife: Briana Ramirez Bio, Age, Nationality, Job

Dubai Bling star, Kris Fade draws in more than one million listeners every day. His cheerfulness, humor, and positivity are contagious. And it’s all thanks to his lovely wife Briana Ramirez, who greets him off to work every day with a smile.

So, who is Kris’s wife? Keep reading this Briana Ramirez Bio to learn all about her.

Meet Briana Ramirez, Dubai Bling Star Kris Fade Wife

Briana Ramirez always liked Kris Fade. So, she followed him on IG. But it turns out, she mistakenly unfollowed him one day, and immediately followed him back again. This caught the Dubai Bling star’s attention and he slid into Briana’s DMs to check if she did that on purpose to catch his attention.

Their conversation kicked off front here, and they soon exchanged numbers.

One day, in late 2014, Kris then asked her to come to a show where Lady Gaga was performing and kept the fact that he was going to be hosting the stage show, a secret! And as if the prank wasn’t enough, he pretended not to know her, as she went to greet him.

Thereafter, the two started dating officially, and fast forward to the summer of 2019,  Kris popped the question to Brianna in Jordan. The couple was in the Middle East premiere of Aladdin at the time.

Three years later, Briana and Kris finally tied the knot on March 22, 2022, at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai at JBR. The ceremony and reception were held outdoors on the property’s lawn space, with a view of a beach and the iconic Ain Dubai Ferris.

Their wedding was attended by some of Dubai’s most recognizable faces, including Farhana Bodi, Mona Kattan, Caroline Stanbury, Sergio Carrallo, Vineet Bhatia, and more.

Prior to Briana, Kris was married to Marianne Argy, and together, they share two daughters, Zahra and Ariani (12 and 10 years old, respectively, as of 2022) who share a joint IG account @noushieandkikki.

So, this makes, Briana a stepmom to her two daughters she loves to the moon.

The family of four is now based in Dubai and they frequently visit their families in Sydney and Los Angeles and travel to exotic destinations across the globe.

Briana Ramirez Age

Briana Ramirez was above 28 years of age in 2022. She is much younger than her husband Kris.

Did you know: For her wedding, Briana decided to accept wedding gifts as donations on behalf of Dubai Cares Foundation. So, by the end of it, a total of $70 thousand was raised which helped children around the world get the education they deserve.

What Is Briana Ramirez Nationality?

Briana Ramirez flaunts American nationality. She was born in Los Angeles, California.

Infact, Briana’s Mexican-American. And Kris’s a Lebanese from Australia.

No wonder, they incorporated traditional music into their reception entrance after the wedding. The bride made her way to the dance floor accompanied by a Mariachi Band playing a traditional Mexican song, soon followed by the loud drums of a Zaffe band that announced the groom’s entrance.

Briana Ramirez Job

Briana Ramirez is a brand manager. In 2022, she was employed at Fade Fit for over 4 ½ years.

Prior to this, Briana took on the job as a talent manager at Curveball Events from 2016 to April 2018.

The company, Curveball Events specialized in launch activations and promotions. they provided full event production needs, creative solutions, staff, and hostessing for events and promotions.

On the other hand, Briana’s s husband Kris’s a number-one radio host and an entrepreneur. The star arrived in the UAE in late 2000 with just $3500 in his pocket and today, his one of Dubai Bling’s “self-made millionaires”.

A Sydney, Australia native, Kris studied business and marketing at Christian Brothers High School in Lewisham. After graduation, he went on to work as a promotional driver at Sydney’s Edge 96.1 radio station, before scoring a hosting gig. Ironically, his boss who told him he’d never make it on-air got fried, and Kris replaced him.

In 2008, he then launched Virgin Radio Dubai’s breakfast radio show, The Kris Fade Show. And though at the time, he only intended to stay in the city for just two years, his success kept him from ever leaving.

Besides hosting a radio show, Kris also is the co-founder of Fade Fit — a lifestyle brand focused on healthy snacks and vitamins — alongside Briana (the company’s brand manager). The company also launched a tennis academy in January 2021, and an apparel line was in the works.

Briana Ramirez Height

Briana Ramirez stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm). She is shorter than Kris.

Mentioning her distinct features, Briana has an oval face, brown eyes, and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Briana Ramirez Birthday?

Briana received her birthday wishes on July 18 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

Surprisingly, for her birthday in 2020, Briana revied a hilarious shout-out from Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue.

  • How Much Is Briana Ramirez Net Worth?

Briana flaunted a net worth of $600 thousand in 2022. While her husband Kris’s net worth was estimated to be a stunning $2 million then.

  • Is Briana Ramirez On Instagram?

As of October 2022, find Briana on Instagram @briannafade with 44.2K followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook @BriannaRamirez17.

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