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Kris Thykier Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Job, Young

For those linked with the entertainment industry, they might know Kris Thykier as the producer of Fate: The Winx Saga and Riviera, but for those who aren’t he was simply the husband of Strictly Come Dancing host, Claudia Winkleman.

This Kris Thykier Wikipedia explores all his details.

Meet Kris Thykier, Claudia Winkleman Husband

Claudia Winkleman introduced her husband as the one who made her “head shoot off her shoulders” during sex when they first started dating. She described him to be of impeccable manners and someone who knew how to make her laugh.

“What did it for me was how he behaved in restaurants, bars, and planes – indeed, simply around people,” Claudia explained on how she fell in love with him.

Also, Claudia went on to add that Kris “always asks the cab driver how his day was,” and that was the reason why she married him. “I love the fact he’ll never take a seat on the tube; I’m happy he believes in big tips and not making a mess,” she added.

Their relationship is the perfect example of how things work out when both parties truly inverted in one another. For instance, whoever comes home first normally makes dinner.

To make their marriage more exciting, Claudia confessed that she put “too much pressure on herself” to get intimate with her husband every 48 hours. “I haven’t had sex with my husband for two days, let’s do it on the stairs,” she joked.

Speaking more about her sex life, Claudia shared that things will spice up in the bedroom after their eldest son Jake flies the nest.

Kris and Claudia’s oldest son Jake was 18 in 2021. As for their other two, their daughter Matilda Martha was 15, and son Arthur was 10.

Details About Kris Thykier And Claudia Winkleman Wedding

Kris Thykier and Claudia Winkleman held their wedding in 2000. They tied the knot in a small inmate nuptial with just their closest family and friends in attendance.

As of 2021, the duo was married for over 2 decades and going stronger than ever. What’s their secret? Well, if you ask us, we’d say it’s probably their work division and love of course.

According to Claudia, their kids woke up at 7 am and they would be all up making breakfast. Then, the duo took turns dropping off the kids to school, and they’d get back to bed. She said, “My husband is very good at the school run, he’s quite into it – so we share it. So this morning, he took my daughter and I took my youngest son.”

Also, the husband-wife would be involved together in any hobbies they have. “Me and my husband will learn how to make stew and we’ll read lots of books and we’ll do tickling – that’s code in case anyone is wondering,” Claudia explained.

Furthermore, Claudia revealed that Kris understood her busy schedule and was always the one to buy presents for the family. “We’ve been together for 22 years and he’s never once said to me, ‘What’s for dinner?’ It’s always been, ‘What shall we have for dinner?’” Claudia shared her delight.

But like every other couple, Kris and Claudia’s marriage has been through rough patches. Though they didn’t talk much about it, they admitted they have been through ups and downs.

Kris Thykier Age

Kris Thykier was born in 1972, making him 46 years of age in 2021.

He is just 2 days younger than his wife Claudia. Yes, talk about birthday celebrations.

Kris Thykier Job

Kris is a film and TV producer.

He is known for his work on movies and TV shows like The State (2017) Woman in Gold (2015), Kick-Ass (2010), and many more.

How Much Is Kris Thykier Net Worth?

Kris Thykier flaunted a net worth of under $15 million by 2021. Likewise, his wife Claudia by then had a stunning $12 million net worth.

For as long as he can remember, Kris always wanted to be a movie producer. His passion was so intense that his headmaster at Westminster School called his mother and suggested he didn’t come back to school because he was a “bad influence on everybody.”

Later, he then went on to do his A-Levels at a crammer, and soon after he was introduced to the line producer of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves who gave him a PR job.

As of 2021, Kris has been the wonder of PeaPie Flims for over 12 years and is one of the successful producers in the country.

Kris Thykier Young

Kris Thykier didn’t look any different than he does now when he was young (maybe a little slimmer though). He rocked the same hairstyle, and always preferred to wear suits.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Kris Thykier Celebrate His Birthday?

Kris celebrates his birthday on January 13 and is of the Capricorn zodiac.

  • Is Kris Thykier Danish?

Yes, Kris is half-Danish. He was born to a  Danish father and a Swedish mother in Marylebone, London.

  • How Tall Is Kris Thykier?

Kris stands tall at a height of 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm).

He is exactly a foot taller than Claudia.

We believe that this was his IG account @kristhykier.

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