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Kristen Panarella Bio, Double Shot At Love, Job, Age

Meet Kristen Panarella from “Double Shot At Love.” She entered the show with Jilian Pantaleo, who got eliminated in episode 9 of the show. Here, we cover her job, her age, and information on her family members.

So, scroll down this Kristen Panarella Bio to learn more about her.

Kristen Panarella On Double Shot At Love

Kristen Panarella joined the show with the fellow cast member, Jillian Pantaleo. Not much was shared about them, but the MTV bio stated she was raised in a big Italian family on Staten Island. The bio stated Sunday dinner with Kristen’s family is like Judgment Day. This is why she never brought anyone home to meet the family.

Kristen knows that once she brings her boyfriend home, she will be scrutinized. Because of her two jobs, she barely has time to find someone. But, Kristen also knows that she doesn’t want to be the wild single aunt forever and joined Double Shot At Love in her quest to find love.

Fighting for Vinny’s love, Kristen even made it to the top five in the show. She competed against Emily “Peachy” Piccinonno, Danielle Hopson, Erika DeVito, and Akielia Rucker. Peyton Freestone was the contestant who was eliminated from the show in episode 10.

In October 2021, Kristen wrote on her Twitter, “we’re dating now. @VINNYGUADAGNINO  #doubleshotatlove” Since the show was already filmed by then, she might’ve won the show. So, what fate has in store for her? Everything will unfold in the MTV show.

Is Kristen Panarella On Instagram?

Kristen is on Instagram and her handle is (@kpannz). The profile earned her 7,716 followers (as of Nov 2021). She is also on Twitter and her handle is (@kpannz) where she gathered 3,597 followers.

Kristen Panarella Age

As of 2021, Kristen Panarella was 29 years old.

Kristen Panarella Job

First off, Kristen Panarella doesn’t seem to have a LinkedIn, but MTV’s profile stated that she worked as a hairstylist and Emergency Medical Service Technician. Although, there is one profile with the same name but stated that the job of that person is Salon Assistant at The Secret Garden Spa that she joined in March 2012.

Moreover, she also worked as a sales associate for Delias.

In June 2020, New York Rangers cited her as one of the 19 New Yorkers who set the example for the country by stepping up for their communities. Kristen as an Emergency Service Technician along with other people on the list from different backgrounds put others first in the time of need during COVID-19.

According to, EST makes an average of $54,940 per year as an annual income.

Who Are Kristen Panarella Family Members?

Kristen Panarella was born to her father Robert Panarella Sr. and her mother Maria Diniso Panarella. Like Kristen, her father is also a lifelong fan of the New York Rangers and based on some of her tweets he worked for them. Together Robert and Maria share at least 4 children. Kristen has a sister named Caitlin Panarella and an elder brother named Robert Panarella Jr who worked as a firefighter. Robert celebrated his birthday recently on 9 September.

She also has an anonymous older brother.

In 2015, Kristen wished her father his birthday with a post. She wrote”Happy Birthday to the man who taught me everything there is to know about NYR hockey, beer, and cursing like a sailor, my Daddy. Papa Pannz 😚 ❤️ #Daddyslittlegirl  #myTwin  #inbarsbeforeicouldwalk  #sweetoutfit

Other family members and relatives of Kristen include; Jonathan Panarella, Nick Panarella, Jessica Panarella, Alexa Panarella, John Panarella, and a few others.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Kristen Panarella Celebrate Her Birthday?

Kristen celebrates her birthday on 23 March.

  • Where Is Kristen Panarella From?

Kristen hailes from Staten Island, New York.

  • How Tall Is Kristen Panarella?

Kristen stands tall to the height of 5 feet 7.5 inches.

Fun Fact: Kristen has a scar on her left eyebrow. She wrote on her Twitter, “I hid my scar with makeup up until my early 20s n then 1 day I said to myself why spend 20+ min trying to hide a scar every day when I can just embrace it? it is wild to me how many strangers judge me every week for a tiny scar”

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