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Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin Married, Height, The Devil’s Plan

Meet Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin from Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan. Is he married or dating someone? Besides being a successful YouTube career he is also a TV personality and has appeared on several shows.

Get to know him more via this article here.

Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin On Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan

The Devil’s Plan is a new show on Netflix and one of the cast members is Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin. The Devil’s Plan pits 12 intelligent players against one another in mentally challenging games of wit and strategy to see who is the smartest of the bunch. They are all stranded together without access to phones and must be crafty, form alliances, and possibly even commit backstabbing.

Imagine Survivor, but with chess being played in a home where the bedrooms serve as jail cells. Oh, and the show is hosted by an unidentified masked man with a spooky pixelated visage.

Twelve competitors compete against one another while living in a huge rectangle constructed within a staging for one week. At first glance, their accommodations appear hip, yet these walls are hiding something. Participants engage in twice-daily intellectual competitions over the course of seven days, with the winner taking home the whole prize pool after the final round. They don’t need to use violence or steal in order to win this game; they can do anything they want.

Participants are allocated “pieces” at the start of the week, which are used as currency and can be gained or lost at the conclusion of each round of the game. In the games, as well as in talks between competitors, pieces are used to acquire objects. Only two competitors—those with the most pieces—make it to the final round, while those who lose all of their pieces are eliminated. The winner of that decisive round will be declared.

Every day, there is a “main” match and a “prize” match to eliminate competitors before the final. The two losers of the main event are imprisoned, barred from competing in the prize match and confined to their cell until morning. Participants in the prize match must cooperate to complete the same task. The prize money for the final round, which is initially set to zero, is decided through these matches. Participants can win up to 500,000,000 ($374,348) if they play their cards well.

Is Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin Married?

No, Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin is not married yet. In fact, it is unclear if he is dating someone.

Travel creator Kwaktube (Kwak Jun-bin) revealed the girlfriend he met in Mexico. In August 2023, he posted a photo on his social networking service (SNS) with the caption ‘Travel with girlfriend.’ Kwaktube posed with a large statue. The sight of Kwak Tube shyly holding hands made people laugh.

Because his work life doesn’t provide any stability for him to maintain a relationship. Additionally, he has shared that he gets approached a lot of time but only because he is a popular YouTuber. He shared about his dating complications with FM Korea.

Hence, he is likely single.

Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin Height

Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin’s height measures 1.70 meters (5’7.5”).

How Much Is Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin Net Worth?

Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin’s successful career as a YouTuber has amassed him a net worth of more than $2 million.

His channel Kwak Tube has amassed 1.69 million subscribers. He has currently uploaded 314 videos.

Besides YouTube, he has also appeared on TV shows such as Busan Boys: Sydney Bound, Earth Marble World Tour, Saturday Night Live Korea Season 12,Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 4, Meenoi’s Yorizori Season 3, Turkids on the Block Season 1, and Radio Star.

He is also the star of the new show Kwak Joon-bin’s Diner Tour Around The World which was announced in July 2023 and premiered the same month. “I personally don’t like just visiting landmarks and going to tourist-filled places, especially as I’ve already traveled to over 30 countries now,” Kwak told the press in Mapo District, western Seoul, on Monday. “I am always looking to find something new, and I think I was able to visit some very unusual, authentic, and local places that viewers of the upcoming EBS television show will be able to enjoy.”

“It felt just like filming for my YouTube channel, except there were better cameras, and I had to watch my language a little more,” Kwak said.

Song Jun-seob, the show’s producer, stated that he was drawn to Kwak because of his kind demeanor with locals, which was evident in Kwak’s YouTube videos.

“He is funny but doesn’t cross the line to be funny,” he said. “I especially found his interactions with taxi drivers very amusing and wanted to bring that to the show.”

Kwak not only receives recommendations from taxi drivers but also eats with them and visits places rarely visited by tourists, like a fortune teller’s office or a nursing home.

Moreover, Kwak is relatively fluent in English and Russian after majoring in Russian language and trade at Busan University of Foreign Studies. He also briefly worked at the Embassy of Azerbaijan before becoming a YouTuber in 2020. He was also discharged as a sergeant from the Army’s 11th Mechanized Infantry Division.

Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin Age

Kawk Kwaktube Jun-bin is 31 as of 2023. His birth year is 1992.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin From?

Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin was born in Busan City Munhyeon- dong, Nam-gu. He is now residing in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

  • Is Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin On Instagram?

Kwak Kwaktube Jun-bin has two Instagram (@jbkwak & @_kbak_).

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