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Kye Whyte Parents: Nigel Whyte (Dad) And Tracey Hill (Mom)

The fourteenth season of Dancing on Ice began airing on ITV on 16 January 2022. Twelve celebrities were taken on the challenge of a new sport on skates and ice on the series that premiered on the 16th of January 2022. Kye Whyte, whom we are about to talk about in the rest of this writing, is one of them.

The writing below is more about his parents!

And before we move on to this story let us tell you the Kye we are talking about is the same one who won the silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Who Are Kye Whyte Parents?

Kye Whyte’s parents are Tracey Hill and Nigel Whyte.

The Whyte family was known to the world last year in June when Kye was named Great Britain’s first-ever BMX medalist in the Olympics. The whole family was over the moon to see Kye standing on the podium with his medal.

Meet Kye Whyte Dad, Nigel Whyte

Other than Kye Whyte, even Tracey (his mom) believes that Nigel Whyte is a great dad. “He is not just the father of my kids but also a big rock to me. Thank you for being there and just being a great dad to our kids”, Tracey wrote on her Facebook during Father’s Day.

Talking to Mirror, Kye shared it’s his dad who is responsible for his sporty success today. Kye said, had it not been for him, he would have been drawn into London’s underworld, just as some of his friends.

Under the guidance of his dad, Kye started cycling at the age of three and went on to join the Peckham BMX Club that his dad owned.

“When I was younger, he was super-strict. First, he was my coach. Second, my dad has done every single sport under the sun. So if it wasn’t a bike, he would’ve got me into another sport”, Kye recalled.

  • Nigel Whyte Age

In 2021, Nigel Whyte reportedly turned 51 years old.

  • Nigel Whyte Job

Nigel Whyte was the co-founder of the Peckham BMX Club London which began in 2004 also with Dj and Tv Presenter and entrepreneur Ck Flash. It started with just 4 kids and grew to become the Number 1 Club in the UK in 2008.

Nigel has also been on the British cycling program since he was running the training for the British Cycling talent team in London in 2006.

  • Is Nigel Whyte On Instagram?

Yes. Nigel Whyte could be found on Instagram @daddy_whyte_51. However, the account was kept private as of 21 February 2022.

Meet Kye Whyte Mom, Tracey Hill

During Dancing on Ice 2022, Kye Whyte’s mom Tracey Hill can be seen in the audience supporting her Kye.

Sadly, in September 2021, Kye revealed that his mum is battling leukemia and that she started her chemotherapy around that time. He had requested everyone to pray and have her in their hearts.

If you also need to know, her dad passed away at the age of 86 back in December.

  • Tracey Hill Age

Born on the 13th of March before 1975, Tracey Hills should have turned at least 46 in 2021.

  • Tracey Hill Job

Kye Whyte’s mom has been a healthcare assistant/support worker at The Safe House Harold Wood, London as of June 2019. All the while Tracey also kept her job of post room operative (since 2016) at MS Amlin. As per her Facebook, she also formerly worked as a sales assistant at Cash Converters.

  • Is Tracey Hill On Instagram?

Yes. Tracey Hill was on Instagram @tracey498 as of the time of this writing.

Related FAQs

  • Are Kye Whyte Parents Still Married?

Married for a long time, Kye’s parents are still together and appear to have had a wonderful companionship so far.

  • Where Do Kye Whyte Parents Live?

Kye Whyte’s parents are natives of London, United Kingdom. So, they continued to call it their home even today.

  • How Many Kids Do Kye Whyte Parents Have?

Kye Whyte’s parents seem to have four kids together that is including him (of course). There is Kye, his two sisters, and a brother.

But then when talking about his siblings with Mirror, he said “all my siblings have done a sport. My two sisters do gymnastics, one of my other sisters has done BMX as well, my brothers ride.” Yes. He mentioned brothers.

One of Kye’s sisters, Lasharn Whyte, turned 20 on the 13th of May 2021. She is on Instagram as @sharnnn.x.

Sister Kazia passed away when still an infant in1998. Had she been alive she would have been 24 today. The family continues to miss her to date.

Let us also tell you that Kye’s brother Tre Whyte (born. 1993) was named on the Great Britain Cycling Team BMX Senior Squad back in 2017. He joined the British Cycling’s BMX Academy Programme in 2011. A couple of years later and he found himself on the world championships podium in 2014.

All of these Whyte siblings except for late Kazia were brought up in Peckham, South London.

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