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Kyle And Anika Age, Job, 90 Day Fiance, Still Together?

Kyle and Anika are one of the new cast members of 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise, in season 4 of the show. The show premiered on 22 April, 2024 on TLC. Learn more about the couple here.

In this short piece, we bring you details related to their age, job, and social media.

Kyle And Anika On TLC’s 90 Day Fiance

The tale of Kyle and Anika is undoubtedly not the typical meet-cute. After years of sperm donation, Kyle has “fathered” 71 children and has nine more on the way. Anika, a single mother, scheduled a meeting after seeing Kyle’s donor details online in hopes of using his sperm for a future kid. However, they clicked when they first spoke on a consultation call, and now Kyle is going to Matla to see her in person.

Anika claims that because Kyle enjoys donating his sperm, she has fallen in love with a “weirdo.”

“I love Ani, but I love sperm donation,” Kyle admits. Later in the trailer, Anika compares Kyle’s love of donating sperm to a “drug addiction.”

For Kyle, Anika’s lack of support for his pastime might potentially be a deal-breaker. He asserts, “This relationship won’t last if she can’t accept that.”

Are Kyle And Anika Still Together?

It is not clear if Kyle and Anika are still together. For that viewers have to tune into the show on TLC. But his Facebook states that he is single at the time of this article.

Kyle And Anika Age

According to the bio on TLC, Kyle is 32 years of age. Whereas, Anika is currently 39 years of age.

Kyle And Anika Last Name

The last name of Anika is Philipp. The last name of Kyle is Gordy so his full name is Kyle Gordy.

Kyle And Anika Job

90-Day Fiance star Kyle reportedly works as an accountant. On LinkedIn states that he is an account manager.

He likes to hail himself as a world traveler who has been to 24 countries. He is also into health and wellness and is a foodie.

Kyle also operates a website called BePregnantNow. According to his bio on the blog, he helps “singles and couples have children without going through a sperm bank. I live in Los Angeles and I have been donating for a few years and have had multiple pregnancies. I have helped create many happy families. My fertility has increased since I started donating. This large increase in fertility has allowed me to help get many women pregnant; my years of being a sperm donor attribute to this success. I live a very strict lifestyle and avoid any factors that may harm my fertility. Due to this lifestyle I have had my sperm count tested and was very high. I give fertility advice to people struggling to conceive as well, which has helped multiple parties thus far.”

He created the website so that he could advice people on that matter. He writes, “Most information on this matter is from doctors and medical professionals whom do not have personal experience in getting someone pregnant. Therefore, much of their advice will be inaccurate. My website takes a different approach to this topic. This is because most of the information I used is from my personal experience. I also have helpful information from my recipients I have donated to. I want to help others by giving my advice and knowledge so that getting pregnant will be easier.”

Kyle studied Accounting and Finance at California State University, Los Angeles.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Kyle And Anika From?

Kyle hailed from Los Angeles, California which he calls his hometown and current residence. Whereas, Anika is from Malta.

  • Are Kyle And Anika On Instagram?

Kyle is on Instagram (@kylegordy1234), YouTube (kylegordy123), X (kylegordy11), and TikTok (kylegordy123). But, we couldn’t find Anika’s socials.

  • How Tall Are Kyle And Anika?

Kyle and Anika’s height measures under 6 feet.

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