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Kyle Hamilton Parents: Derrek And Jackie Hamilton! Age, Job

With the 14th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, Kyle Hamilton headed to the Baltimore Ravens in April 2022. And as proud as he was for this achievement, ever prouder were his parents, Derrek and Jackie Hamilton.

So, who are they? Find out as this article proceeds. 

Who Are Kyle Hamilton Parents?

Kyle Hamilton’s parents are Derrek and Jackie Hamilton. They are his biggest supporters.

Proud of his son being chosen for the 2022 Draft, Derrek took it to his Twitter on April 19, 2022, to share Kyle’s interview with Chipotle captioned, “#ProudDad @ChipotleTweets.”

Prior to being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, this 6-foot-4, 220 pounds athlete spent his three-year career at Notre Dame. During his time there, Kyle displayed excellent ball skills with over eight career-making interceptions. No wonder, a few even called him the takeaway artist.

In light of his amazing skills, many mock drafts had Kyle pegged as a top-five or top-10 pick. However, he fell out of the top 10, probably because of his 4.56 time in the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day.

Did you know: Kyle’s paternal grandmother Eula Hamilton celebrated her 75th birthday on October 4, 2020. The last we saw her, Eula worked at Scott Paper Company and resided in her hometown Mobile, Alabama.

Meet Kyle Hamilton Father, Derrek Hamilton

Kyle Hamilton inherits his athlete genes from his father Derrek Hamilton. However, Derrek was a famed basketball star. He spent his college career at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he played small forward for the Golden Eagles.

Later, Derrek was then drafted by the New Jersey Nets. But unfortunately, his contract never materialized.

Thus, eventually, Derrek went on to play for several European leagues overseas.

Let more about him below.

  • Derrick Hamilton Age

Derrick Hamilton was born in May 1966. That made him 55 years of age in 2022.

Also, this means Derrick was 34 when he had Kyle.

  • Derrick Hamilton Job

We’ve already talked about Derrick’s basketball career above. But what we haven’t discussed is his job as a basketball coach after retirement.

Derrick founded Pro Purpose Development in Atlanta, GA to serve the “needs of the Metro Atlanta Area and the Southeastern United States.” According to their official page, PPD’s aim was the assist in the branding and organization of athletic organizations and concepts. “Principals of PPD have over 60 years in Business & Professional Athletics Experience,” they added.

As for his education, Derrick went to Benton Cato Rain High School and The University of Southern Mississippi.

  • What Is Derrick Hamilton Ethnicity?

Derrick flaunts African-American ethnicity.

He was there out on the streets to protest on behalf of Black Lives Matter, following the murder of George Floyd

  • Is Derrick Hamilton On Instagram?

No, we couldn’t find him on Instagram.

However, here’s his Facebook @derrek.hamilton.5.

Meet Kyle Hamilton Mother, Jackie Hamilton

Kyle Hamilton might be a football icon to many, but to his mother Jackie Hamilton, he will always be her “Man Baby 2.” Yes, that’s what she calls him.

Get to know her better as you scroll down.

  • Jackie Hamilton Age

Jackie Hamilton was born on December 28, 1967. That made her 54 years of age in 2022.

She is a year younger than Derrick.

  • Jackie Hamilton Job

Jackie Hamilton was the HR manager of Shared Vision Marking. As of 2022, she was working for the marketing and design boutique for over 13 years. Reportedly, her job there was to provide, create and implement HR policies and procedures, programs and materials, benefits, personnel support, and leaves.

Also, she is the owner of Hamilton Decorative Finishes which she opened back in March 2000. Her company was even once featured on HGTV’s Designers Challengeand has graced several popular magazines.

Back from 1992 to 1996, Jackie also worked as a commercial real estate broker for SouthEast Commercial Services.

As for her education, Jackie got her bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University and essentials of HR management degree from Emory University in 2014.

  • What Is Jackie Hamilton Ethnicity?

Jackie Hamilton hails from South Korea and flaunts Korean ethnicity.

  • Is Jackie Hamilton On Instagram?

Yes, find Jackie on Instagram @jackiehamilton5.

Also, here’s her Facebook @jackie.hamilton.5811 and Twitter @jickjack711.

Related FAQs

  • Are Kyle Hamilton Parents Still Married?

Sadly, no! Kyle Hamilton’s parents are no longer married.

  • How Many Kids Do Kyle Hamilton Parents Have?

Kyle Hamilton’s parents share two kids — Kyle and his older brother Tyler Hamilton.

Tyler (born: October 16, 2005) was Jackie’s “Man Baby 1.”  He completed his MBA from William and Mary in May 2021.

Also, it was Tyler who first sparked Kyle’s interest in football.

Reportedly, Kyle discovered his love for football at only 3 years old after his older brother joined a local little league. However, Kyle was too young to join the league with this brother then. So, he was forced to pause his dream until he turned 6.

  • Where Do Kyle Hamilton Parents Reside?

Though Kyle’s parents have long separated they still resided in Atlanta, Georgia as of 2022.

But Kyle’s dad is originally from Mobile, Alabama.

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