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Kylie Strickland Husband: Who Is Travis Ross Strickland?

Let us introduce you to Travis Ross Strickland, the ex-husband of Kylie Strickland.

TikTok star Kylie Strickland made headlines again, but for a terrible reason. She was arrested by Troup County Sheriff’s Office after warrants were issued by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office for her arrest. He faced accusations of purposefully flashing her breasts to two minors while streaming live on social media.

Pike County Sheriff’s Office investigators reported that many complaints were filed before of similar nature against Kylie. After the controversy escalated, Kylie in another video that they were not her kids and had already had shots when she arrived. She tried justifying herself adding that they were not her kids and she doesn’t hold any responsibility for what they do.

Users on TikTok were enraged by her response. One user wrote, “If a male did this to young girls he’d already be arrested. Disgusting”. All of this dragged attention to her own four children.

While the controversy is brewing people are interested to learn about her dating life and marriage. This article is about her ex-husband Travis Ross Strickland. Below you’ll get enlightened about Travis’s age, job & career, and his relationship status now. Keep scrolling down to read more.

Meet Travis Ross Strickland, Kylie Strickland Husband (Ex)

TikTok star Kylie Strickland was previously married to her ex-husband Travis Ross Strickland. They were married for an unstated period of time and together at least since 2014. (Ambien)

Travis has mentioned his ex-wife on multiple occasions on his Facebook. In the early summer of 2014, Travis posted on his Facebook, “Kylie and I r ok thanks for the support we r on our way home.” Likewise, in 2019 he shared how much he loved his wife while writing a FB post.

In May 2019, he wrote, “Boy I thought I loved her then. doesn’t even compare to the love today Kylie Strickland”.

However, they started having marital disputes. Travis and Kylie couldn’t save their marriage and the relationship hit the dead end. According to Georgia Georgia Unified Peachcourt, they got divorced before August 2020.

After him, Kylie started dating her boyfriend Cody Weems and became a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her now ex-boyfriend. Within two months of dating, Cody reportedly started abusing Kylie. She revealed that their fights often escalated and he used to get physical many times.

 Along with repeating physical abuse, he used to threaten to kill her, according to Kylie. Not only Kylie, but he also used to threaten people close to her and her dogs. Back in 2021, Cody gave her a fractured nose, a broken tailbone, and many bruises blaming her for causing a miscarriage.

He often blamed the overuse of alcohol for his aggressive behavior.

Kylie shared her abuse story on TikTok. But, she faced differing opinions on the platform from her followers. Her account was banned. She shared her stories to inspire others to fight back who are in a similar situation.

As for the recent flashing incident, Travis hasn’t made any comments about his ex-wife’s behavior.

How Many Kids Do Travis Ross Strickland And Kylie Strickland Have?

Travis Ross Strickland’s ex-wife Kylie Strickland is a mother of four children. While speaking to, Kylie shared with the media that she kept her children away from her boyfriend Cody Weems once she started noticing his abusive behavior.

Kylie added further that she avoided going home after the latest incident to protect her children from seeing her in a vulnerable state.

Among those four children, Travis is likely a father of at least one kid.

Where Is Travis Ross Strickland Now?

In late-June 2022, Travis Ross Strickland is now in a new relationship. He is dating Bailey Argroves. Bailey is a resident of Alvaton, Georgia. According to a Facebook post, they have been in a relationship since April 2021.

Bailey seems to have at least two children from her previous relationship. On Mother’s Day 2021, Travis wished her, “Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful and wonderful mother. You are an amazing influence on our kids We are so very grateful to have you in our life. You work hard all day long to make sure we have everything we need. I hope you know how much we love you and appreciate you for being so good to us. Hope you feel special every day because you are to us”.

On 29 January 2022, Travis wished his girlfriend her birthday via a Facebook post. He posted two pictures of her and wished her, “Happy Birthday to this gorgeous sweet loving woman of mine! She loves with all she has and is the best mother to our kids. I can’t thank you enough for all you do. I hope you have the best day honey I love you”.

Travis Ross Strickland Age

Travis Ross was born in the year 1990. He turned 31 years old when he celebrated his birthday on 15 September 2021.

Travis Ross Strickland Job

Travis Ross Strickland formerly had a job as a sales consultant at LaGrange Toyota. Starting in 2011, he has been working at Mitchell Marine as a technician in LaGrange, Georgia.

Travis graduated from Flint River Academy in 2009. In addition, he attended college at Marine Mechanics Institute and graduated in 2010.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Travis Ross Strickland From?

Travis Ross Strickland is currently living in West Point, Georgia. He hailed from his hometown of Pine Mountain, Georgia. His parents are Terry Strickland and Lee Cannon McDaniel Strickland. Terry and Lee shared their wedding vows on 4 March 2006. Terry was previously married to his ex-wife Kylie.

Travis’s father Terry attended Harris County High School. He completed his college education at Columbus State University. He is currently working at Pine Mountain Family Dentistry.

In his family, Travis has a brother named Tyler Strick, Nathan, and Matthew Strickland. He also has sisters named Tiffany McDaniel Swann, Rachel Johnson, and Nicole Strickland Quattlebaum. Nathan is a manager at Strickland Brothers Farm. He is married to Mary Strickland.

  • Is Travis Ross Strickland On Facebook?

Yes, Travis Ross Strickland is on Facebook.

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