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Kyra Johnson Bio, The Traitors, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Job

The main character in The Traitors, Kyra Johnson, left. When The Traitors viewers discovered that one of the competitors had previously appeared on TV, they became sidetracked. On Wednesday night, the second season of the BBC reality show premiered, featuring 22 contestants vying for a £120,000 prize.

Presenter Claudia Winkelman made a comeback to supervise all the backstabbing and coalition building since while 18 of the competitors are Loyal, four are Traitors who want to take the prize money for themselves. Kyra, a 21-year-old apprentice economist from Kent, was one of the contestants hoping to earn the prize money as a Faithful participant in the second season.

Find out more about her as we discuss details about her age, boyfriend, family, and more.

Kyra Johnson On BBC One’s The Traitors

Kyra Johnson, who appeared in season 2 of BBC One’s The Traitors, has left the viewers wondering where they have seen her before. The popular BBC reality show made a comeback to television in 2024, kicking off a second season of deception, treachery, and evil tasks as 22 competitors compete for a £120,000 reward. Presenter Claudia Winkelman is back to supervise all the betrayal and coalition building as 18 of the competitors are Loyal, but four are Traitors who want to take the prize money for themselves.

Fans will already be aware that Kyra was brutally fired from the show and that she was not eligible to win any of the cash prizes because the first three episodes of the upcoming season had already aired.

TV viewers, however, were more drawn to Kyra and less worried about her being “murdered” off the show. Several admirers used social media to pinpoint the location of her previous appearances, discovering that she had only recently made an ITV appearance on Deal Or No Deal, two months prior.

Kyra unfortunately didn’t have the best luck on ITV’s show 18, as she was able to cross off two of the “Big Five” boxes in the first ten minutes of the episode. She was left with two boxes at the end of her round; one held £4,000 and the other contained just £1. She accepted the low prize fund and left the program when the banker offered her £1,800 to exit the competition rather than taking a 50/50 chance to win more than double that much.

Talking about why she joined the show, Kyra told BBC that she watched the first season with her family. She wanted to be part of the game show but didn’t have enough courage to do it at the time. She wanted to help her sister for her upcoming nuptials with the prize money.

Like many of her fellow contestants, Kyra also named Wilford whose gameplay stood out.

“I do, but I think that in a game like this, you also have to be adaptable because once someone latches onto your game plan or becomes suspicious you have to be able to react in order for it to be believable. In my workplace and my household, I’m always the little star, the little sister, a little baby, the innocent one that everyone always wants to look after,” Talking about her own gameplay, Kyra added. “So, I’m going to try to use that to my advantage at key moments, hopefully. It depends on what I am, to be honest, whether I’m a Traitor or whether I’m Faithful. But if I am a Traitor, then that will be my approach and I think people will be caught off guard and wouldn’t suspect me, hopefully, because I seem so innocent.”

Kyra Johnson Age

In early 2024, Kyra Johnson is 21 years old. Hence her birth year is likely 2002.

Kyra Johnson Family

Very little is known about Kyra Johnson’s family. During her interview with BBC, she did mention that she has sisters.

“I applied to go on The Traitors because I watched the first season with my family, we watched it all together. Me and my sisters are close,” Kyra shared at the time about her family. She explained that she came from a lower-class family.

Kyra explained: “The main motivation behind it is that my sister is getting married soon, we come from a lower-class background, and I’d love to win something to help towards her wedding – and hopefully honeymoon.”

However, her elimination prevented that from happening.

Kyra Johnson Job

Kyra Johnson has been described as an apprentice economist. She has currently employed at the Department for Business and Trade since September 2021. Before that, she was an apprentice economist at the Government Economic Service.

Regarding education, Kyra currently pursuing a BA Sc degree in Economics from the University of Kent.

Kyra Johnson Height

Kyra Johnson’s height measures under 5 feet 6 inches. Her red hair is her distinct feature.

Kyra Johnson Boyfriend

When ITV show host Stephen Mulhern questioned her about her love life, audiences did take notice.

Explaining that she’d been with her boyfriend for five years, 46-year-old Stephen asked her why her boyfriend had not yet proposed – leaving Kyra to quip: “Ask him!” Her boyfriend, who was in the audience, then nervously told viewers: “It’s coming soon.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kyra Johnson From?

Kyra Johnson hailed from Kent, England. She is now residing in London, England.

  • When Is Kyra Johnson Birthday?

Kyra Johnson’s birthday is not available.

  • Is Kyra Johnson On Instagram?

Yes, Kyra Johnson is on Instagram (@kjohnsxn).

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