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Larron Ables Bio, Tough As Nails, Age, Girlfriend, Family

Larron Ables is one of the contestants from season 4 of CBS’s hit show Tough As Nails. The show title speaks for itself about what the contestant have to overcome on the show. While you can watch the show to witness what he brings to the table. Here in this article we cover details about his girlfriend, family, and his career.

So jump in to find out more about the Larron.

Larron Ables On Tough As Nails

Tough As Nails has returned on CBS for a new exciting season with competitors including Larron Ables, an Austinite.

Larron spoke with CBS Austin and opened up about what made him apply for the show. He told that aside from the jobs done in the previous seasons and legacy and honor made him join the show season 4. He also talked about what surprised him the most in the competition and how he applied his skill as a diesel technician.

Larron explained that he was surprised by the level of “incredibleness” of the whole production crew and his cast members. As for the use of his skills as a diesel technician, he insisted that a lot of people don’t understand the type of work that he does. He also works in heavy-duty construction which prepared him for the competition.

At the time of this article, three elimination has already happened. The first contestant to go home was Synethia Bland on the day of the show’s premiere.

On the 11 January 2023 episode, Renee Kolar was eliminated after being defeated by Mister Frost. The third contestant to get eliminated on 18 January 2023 was Aly Bala.

Does Larron Ables Have A Girlfriend?

To cut to the chase, Larron Ables is single, as stated on his Facebook. In fact, he is quiet about his dating life on social media.

Larron Ables Age

As of January 2023, Larron Ables is 22 years old.

Larron Ables Family

Larron Ables came from a large family with six siblings; one sister Katie and five brothers Braeden, Addie, Colton, Sara, Dawson, Justin, and Logan, and a household that is deeply religious. The seven siblings are the children of Missie and Aaron Ables. He grew up in Texas and focused most of his time and energy on football, while his relationships with his family and Jesus took a backseat. However, his injury benched him, and also lost his two best friends.

“During that time, I did not find joy in anything,” Larron recalls. “I remember telling my dad that I was done with everything and broke into tears.” Larron’s father advised him to confront hardship head-on and to decide how he wanted to handle the difficulties after the football season was over. Larron, though, suffered from despair and depression all the time. Even though he was aware of the appropriate course of action, all he could think about was losing the thing he valued the most.

He avoided people from church communities which reminded him of how broken he was. But one day Braeden, Larron’s younger brother, confronted him about his behavior and pleaded with him to not give up on football or his faith. Not long after, his relationship with his family grew stronger and he became more religious.

Larron lost his maternal grandfather Dick K Ellis on 22 May 2019 at the age of 69.

Is Larron Ables On Instagram?

Yes, Larron Ables is not on Instagram but he has a Facebook.

Larron Ables Height

Per his photographs, Larron Ables stands tall around the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Larron Ables Job

As revealed on Larron Ables’s LinkedIn, he worked at Valley Gate Landscaping and Design in 2009 as Landscape Technician / Landscape Crew Leader in Marble Falls, Texas.

In 2011, Larron started working at Perissos Vineyard and Winery as a Vineyard Technician and Laborer. Before quitting both of his previous two jobs by the end of 2016, he had already started working at Camp of the Hills as an Assistant To The Executive Director where he only worked for 9 months till January 2016.

In February 2016, Scott-Clark Medical welcomed him as an assembly technician where he worked till March 2017. Following that, Tractor Supply Company hired him as a Sales Associate / Team Member. His job responsibility included deploying assigned merchandising responsibilities, including but not limited to Recovery, Front End Merchandising, and End Caps. He also communicated and routinely worked with team members to accomplish daily goals, as well as executed the opening and closing checklist in a timely and efficient manner.

Before his current job that he has, Larron worked at RDO Equipment CO. as a diesel technician. After working there for four and a half years, he quit his job in December 2022. Starting from January 2023, he has been working at Meade Tractor.

Larron earned his diesel system specialist and basic diesel technician certificate from Central Texas College in 2020. He also studied

Larron was an aspiring football player who had a dream to play in NFL. As Larron’s football career progressed, so did the physical demand on his body. During his junior year of high school, when Larron was at the pinnacle of his performance, an injury to his knee brought his season to a grinding halt.

Being benched due to injury crushed Larron, as the identity he had long pursued and perfected was stripped away with every game he was unable to play. During his senior year, Larron experienced yet another injury. Under strict doctor’s orders, he would be able to finish the season by making a change to his position, but surgery would be mandatory after the end of the season. His football career was over.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Larron Ables Birthday?

Larron Ables is yet to share his birthday publicly.

  • Where Is Larron Ables From?

Larron Ables calls Austin, Texas, his hometown.

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