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Late BBC Journo Deborah James Kids: Hugo And Eloise Bowen

Deborah James is in a better place now. The BBC Journo took her last breath on the fourth week of June 2022 and left the world heartbroken. However, for what was inevitable, the journalist was at peace and had prepared well to ensure that her kids are taken care of long after she was gone.

But who are Deborah’s kid? Get to know them as this article proceeds. 

Who Are Late BBC Journo Deborah James Kids?

Late BBC Journo Deborah James has two kids — Hugo Bowen and Eloise.

After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016, the journalist only had two goals. First, to “raise awareness, break down barriers, challenge taboos and change the conversation around cancer,” and second to prepare her family for the inevitable.

One of her “to-do death list” of tasks that prepared her young children for the future also included writing letters to them that they can open on important occasions, such as their first dates and their wedding days. Also, she made it so that her son Hugo will receive “a nice pen or wallet or cufflinks” and Eloise would get “Tiffany bracelets and earrings,” among other gifts to remember her by in the future.

Besides physical preparations, the journalist also held candid conversations with her kids about her death. As expected, it was tough! “Gosh, how can anyone have those conversations? and then you find yourself in the middle of them,” she explained.

In May 2022, as Deborah started end-of-life care, she then moved to hospice at-home care. Surrounded by her close ones, she was happy and at peace when she took her last breath 2 months later.

Her death was first announced on her IG page. “We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Dame Deborah James; the most amazing wife, daughter, sister, mummy,” it read.

Meet Deborah James Son, Hugo Bowen

Hugo Bowen is Deborah James’s oldest child. The journalist was very proud of him and “the person he is growing up to be.”

He was her support, her will to survive, and her chemo dancer partner. Yes! “chemo dancer partner.” In 2017, when Deborah first started her chemo, she didn’t want him or his sister to be scared about seeing her attached to the pump at home. So, she created a tradition — a chemo pump dance — Each cycle – for 24 cycles, when she was attached to the pump at home.

This dance was also the first thing Hugo remembers from his mother’s attempt at “living with cancer.”

The tradition continued for 5 years.

Hugo was half his mother’s height when he had his first dance with her. And by the time, he had his last one, Hugo was taller than her.

One of Deborah’s wishes was also to play the videos of their dances at her son’s wedding.

  • Hugo Bowen Age

Hugo Bowen turned 14 years of age on September 5, 2021.

On his 14th birthday, Deborah took it to her IG to share, “A privilege to be your mum. Still can’t believe you are now taller than me. (It’s not hard, I am short!), but wow! These milestones are filling me with so much appreciation for every day we are granted. Life is short, let’s spend it laughing and loving, growing.”

  • Hugo Bowen Grade

Hugo Bowen was likely in grade 9 by the time his mother passed away in 2022.

And like many other parents, Deborah had the privilege to drop her kids off at their school despite her sickness.

  • Did Hugo Bowen Appear On Deborah’s Instagram?

Yes, Hugo was the star of Deborah’s Instagram.

From birthday celebrations to the first day at school to vacations, Hugo was always there beside his mother in her IG pictures.

Meet Deborah James Daughter, Eloise Bowen

Deborah James is Eloise Bowen’s youngest kid. She loves playing lacrosse, and Eloise was often there to cheer her from the sidelines.

“Getting to be “that sideline mum” is actually a world away from anything I could have imagined doing last month in a hospital room,” Eloise shred in Feb 2022 after attending one of her daughter’s games.

The mom-daughter pair have also been to Paris, France in July 2020.

  • Eloise Bowen Age

Eloise Bowen turned 12 years of age on October 24, 2021.

On her birthday that year,  Deborah took it to her IG to share, “12 Today! What a beautiful, creative bubble of joy you are. You make me proud every day. Happy birthday Eloise! Gutted I’m not with you but we’ll do double celebrations when I’m better.”

  • Eloise Bowen Grade

Since Eloise is 2 years younger than her brother, she is likely in grade 7.

  • Did Eloise Bowen Appear On Deborah’s Instagram?

Yes, Eloise graced her mother’s IG quite a few times.

Infact, she’s appeared in an ad with Deborah about menstrual underwear by WUKA wear.

Also, she did a collab with TeenzShop, promoting their wear. “Eloise wanted to do this collaboration, has designed and made the content herself, and will receive the fee. (Probably to spend on clothes 😂),” Deborah explained.

Related FAQs

  • Who Is Deborah James Kids Father?

Deborah James had her two beautiful ones with her husband of 13 years Sebastien Bowen.

Hugo and Eloise’s father, Sebastien worked for Pomona Capital, and before that he was a Director at MetLife Investments. It was also reported that he attended  London’s St Paul’s School and got his master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh.

What you might not know is that in 2016, Deborah and Sebastien were also in the midst of divorce proceedings. Fortunately, they rekindled their relationship a month before Deborah’s diagnosis of incurable bowel cancer.

  • Where Do Deborah James Kids Reside?

Deborah James’s kids resided with their father after Deborah’s death.

However, since the journalist gave her husband permission to remarry and live in Barnes, London, UK. They might relocate in the future.

  • Have Deborah James Kids Appeared On TV?

No, Deborah’s kids haven’t appeared on TV as of 2022.

But they did appear on her mother’s podcast called The Good Stuff with Deborah James.

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