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Laura Loo Dadisman Family, Height, Job, Love Is Blind S6

Meet Laura “Loo” Dadisman from season 6 of Love Is Blind. Is she still with Jeramey Lutinski after they got engaged in the show? Read all about her here in this short bio.

We bring you details about her family, job, and more here.

Laura Loo Dadisman On Love Is Blind S6

Laura Dadisman, a competitor from Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’ Season 6, is referred to as “Loo” with affection. She’s ready to find her true love and is looking forward to a partner who lives up to her standards.

Not a mama’s boy, but a “real man” is what Laura is looking for. She is looking for someone who is serious about committing and is not interested in dating someone who is not ready to settle down. Laura has known a good number of men who were clueless about their future aspirations. She’s been frustrated with these interactions and is now looking for a man “who is sure of himself.”

Are Jeramey Lutinski And Laura Loo Dadisman Still Together?

On Love Is Blind Season 6, Laura Loo Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski got engaged. When they first met, Laura remarked that he smelled “outdoorsy” in a “manly campfire way,” while Jeramey said, “She’s beautiful.” We get a clearer look at their interaction during their engagement vacation, and it appears that Laura isn’t amused by his antics. She’s already told him not to wear Hawaiian shirts and that he isn’t allowed to own any motorcycles.

Subsequently, during the gathering of all the engaged couples, Jeramey mentions a bean dip allusion to AD that Laura had privately shared with him. That he would bring that up in front of AD irritates her. It’s providing for kids. Of Jeramey’s action, she remarks, “It’s like something from a small child.”

Although their time on “Love is Blind” did not start off smoothly, Jeramey and Laura did discover a lot of things in common. Jeramey was clearly taken aback by Laura’s declaration that she does not want a partner who lives a messy life, as he boasted about his two robot vacuums and spotless home. Jeramey also disclosed that he suffers from sleep apnea and that he must use a machine to prevent choking when he is asleep.

But Jeramey wasn’t chasing any other women at the moment besides Laura. Yes, he was also really keen to get to know Sarah Ann, who he thought was pretty attractive. Indeed, on one memorable occasion, not knowing who was on the other side, Jeramey assumed it was Sarah Ann and had to apologize profusely when it turned out to be Laura. This did cause Laura to question whether Jeramey had really wanted to be Sarah Ann and had genuinely preferred her.

With Laura and Sarah Ann solely interested in establishing a relationship with Jeramey, the man in question was finding it more difficult to make a decision every day. In the end, he made the decision to meet with Sarah Ann and informed her that he would be choosing Laura. He strongly informed Sarah Ann that he did not find her deficient in any way and that she simply needed to follow her heart when she inquired if there was anything she could have done.

Laura was taken aback yet simultaneously relieved to hear the news from Sarah Ann when she returned to the women’s quarters.

He met Laura for the first time after Jeramey made a sincere proposition. Jeramey was enthralled by his fiancée’s attractiveness, but Laura was talking about his scent—she said it reminded her of being outside. The couple decided to travel to the Dominican Republic to further explore their bond after this meeting. Many viewers were warmed by the happy place that the two had built for themselves.

Soon after, all the couples gathered to commemorate their time together, but this also caused Jeramey and Laura to argue. The former disclosed to Jimmy Presnell, Clayton “Clay” Gravesande, and Amber “AD” Desiree that Laura had reportedly asked him to “bean dip” AD—a reference to giving her a slap on the breasts.

Laura was then brought over and admitted to making a joke behind her back. She was upset that Jeramey should have known better than to tell others about such a personal joke, but he was also uncertain about his fiancée’s remarks and response.

When Jeramey later came up to sit next to Laura, she accused him of inciting conflict when none was necessary. Having previously voiced his displeasure when Laura promised to speak with him while the two were alone, Jeramey now claimed that it was a prank that got out of hand.

After an uncomfortable silence, Jeramey said he was “ready to go home,” which seemed to further confuse matters between Laura and him.

Laura Loo Dadisman Age

In September 2023, Laura Loo Dadisman turned 34 years old.

Laura Loo Dadisman Family

Laura Loo Dadisman is one of the two children of Richard and Cynthia Dadisman. Her dad reached 70 in March 2023. Whereas, Cynthia turned 69 in February 2023.

Rick appears to be working as a senior project manager at Weldon Steel Corporation. Over his long career, he worked at Steel Smart, Inc., Weldon Steel Corporation, Metals USA, and Allstate Steel Company, Inc. among many companies. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University.

On Father’s Day 2018, Laura wished her father, “Happy Father’s Day to my champagne lovin Daddio! I hope your day is filled with more golf and Dr Pepper than you can handle. Love you ❤️ #rickwiththegoodhair #mreinstein #golfpro.”

Laura’s brother Errick got married in October 2022. As a celebratory post, she wished him and his wife Meghann, “My brother is married and we finally got to celebrate with our friends and family!! What an amazing weekend! So grateful that some of our west coast fam made the trip to NC, even my 95-year-old Grammie 🥹🫶🏼 Welcome to the family Meghann – we absolutely adore you 🤍.”

Laura Loo Dadisman Job

Laura Loo Dadisman has been working as an Account Director – MWC Las Vegas at GSMA since October 2023. Before her current job, she was working at OneStream Software as a Senior Manager, Business Development. She joined the company as the Business Development Team Lead and later went on to join the Business Development Manager.

Laura’s LinkedIn also boasts working at AmericasMart Atlanta, Sales / Visual Merchandising Lead at Express LLC, and Inside Sales Rep / Showroom Coordinator at AmericasMart Atlanta.

Furthermore, Laura graduated from East Carolina University.

Laura Loo Dadisman Height

The stunning blonde beauty Laura stands tall above the height of 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Laura Loo Dadisman Birthday?

Laura Loo Dadisman celebrates her birthday on 1 September.

  • Is Laura Loo Dadisman On Instagram?

Laura Loo Dadisman is available on Instagram (@looo_bear).

  • Where Is Laura Loo Dadisman From?

In 2024, Laura Loo Dadisman is residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

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