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Lauren Wilson Bio, Age, Married, Height, Family Matters

Meet Lauren Wilson, assistant of ‘RHOA’ and ‘Family Matter’ star Porsha Williams. She has been assisting Porsha for a while now and earned praise for her work. You can see her working shoulder to shoulder with the reality star. Lauren also travels a lot with her.

Here are a few things you need to learn about Porsha’s assistant. Scroll down this Lauren Wilson bio that brings you her age, her marital status, her height, and details on her family members.

Meet Lauren Wilson, Porsha Williams Assistant On Family Matters

Lauren Wilson is best known as the current assistant of Porsha Williams. According to her IG post, she has been like the family of Porsha Williams for a while now. According to Lauren’s Instagram bio, she is a creative, traveler, mini nutritionist, and Spelman Alum. Her responsibilities as an assistant are yet to be known.

Porsha’s assistant can also be seen promoting the reality show on her socials. On 25 October 2021, Lauren wrote, “They’ve been my family for a while & will always be💖 through all the emotions, laughs & tears Here we go!! Don’t miss the premiere of #PorshasFamilyMatters on Sunday, November 28th only on @bravotv“.

Lauren has worked as an assistant before. Back in 2014, she tweeted, “I feel like my boss is my child. I’m sure every serious assistant feels as such”.

Who Is Dom, Porsha Williams Ex-Assistant?

Porsha Williams’s ex-assistant was Dom or Dominic Rahjee. Dom is a Charleton, South Carolina native living in Atlanta, Georgia. Besides working as an assistant, he worked as a singer/dancer at Interscope Records. He studied Music Production & Engineering at Full Sail University and graduated in 2013. You can check out his music on SoundCloud.

Dom is still connected and maybe even working with Porsha. Like Lauren, he has also posted clips of ‘Family Matters’ where he makes a brief appearance. On 17 May 2020, Porsha went on her IG to wish Dom his birthday where she wrote, “🎉Screaming Happy Birthday to my dawg!! My Lil homie 4 life @drahjee !! Love you, I hate we can’t be together to act up like we do but I hope you enjoy your day! We will make this bihhhh go up when lame ahh Rona goes away 🎉🙌🏾”

He is available on Facebook (@dominic.rahjahee) as well as Instagram (@drahjee).

Lauren Wilson Age

Lauren Wilson was born in 1988. She turned 33 years old in 2021.

Is Lauren Wilson Married?

According to Lauren Wilson’s social media post, no, she is not married. A girl as gorgeous as her, there is no way she could be single. But, Lauren hasn’t posted anything currently that supported the assumption that she is dating someone right now. However, she has tweeted a lot about ‘boyfriend’ on her Twitter account.

Some of the tweets are, “Miss my boyfriend :(” from December 2010. She also throw some subliminal and wrote, “I AM THE REASON WHY YOUR BOYFRIEND DOESN’T COME HOME”.

Furthermore, Lauren also wrote, “Life has come down to me bored at home going to store for chips&salsa and a bottle of gin. Lol I gotta get a boyfriend #boredaf” her latest post about a boyfriend. After that, she hasn’t tweeted about finding love or dating one.

In 2011, Lauren tweeted about getting engaged. On 8 April she posted on her Twitter, “I’m getting engaged!!!!!! HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 lol” On the same day her alleged boyfriend (@El_Fadio) also tweeted, “It’s confirmed I’m getting engaged with my #1 baby mama @Misslaurenw

But, whether those tweets came as a joke or in all seriousness is yet to be confirmed.

Lauren Wilson Height

Talking about height, Lauren Wilson stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Lauren Wilson Net Worth

By estimation, Lauren Wilson should have a net worth under $500 thousand. But, besides her job as an assistant, she has her shop on Amazon. She sells a wide range of products from swimsuits and fits, health kick, beauty products, and home decor.

Lauren has also made several tweets related to the job. In February 2012 she tweeted, “Productive morning! Excited abt my potential job at an art gallery!!”. In 2014 she again tweeted, “Im abt to start smoking Marlboro’s again bc of my job. Fuck work. I’m so over it this week my boss can suck it”

Likewise, she also tweeted, “Get real jobs. Work as hard as I do. Then understand why I’m tired and don’t party like I used to. Until then… Adios amigos”

About her education, Lauren is a graduate of Spelman College. She graduated with an Arts degree in 2011.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lauren Wilson Birthday?

Lauren celebrates her birthday on 25 October. So you know, she is a Libra by zodiac sign.

  • Has Lauren Wilson Revealed Her Parents?

Lauren Wilson shared very little about her parents on social media. Her parents tied the knots on 20 March 1988. On their 25th anniversary, she wrote on her Twitter, “Happy 25th anniversary to my parents! They are still disgustingly in love lol“. Moreover, she also has written plenty of hilarious tweets regarding her father and her mother.

Also, her tweets revealed that Lauren has a younger brother. Her brother turned 21 years old on 8 April 2021. On Twitter, Lauren wished her brother, “Happy 21st birthday to my brother”.

  • Is Lauren Wilson On IG, Facebook?

Lauren is on Facebook (@lauren.wilson.3950), Instagram (@misslaurenw), and Twitter (@Misslaurenw).

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