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Lee Tae Gyun Height, Girlfriend, Age, Love Like A KDrama

Fans of Lee Tae Gyun are ecstatic about Netflix’s newest release, Love Like A KDrama. Here are some new details about Tae Gyun that we’ve learned about the Netflix Korea drama. Is there a girlfriend for him? Is he a tall man? Who are the members of his family?

Scroll down to find out everything there is to know about him.

Lee Tae Gyun On Netflix’s Love Like A KDrama

Korean model Lee Tae Gyun appears in the Netflix reality dating series Love Like a K-Drama. Critics have referred to him as unique and unusual. The goal of the Seoul-shot K-Drama Love Like is to offer a fresh, multilingual perspective on friendship, love, and dreams. New episodes of the reality dating show are expected to air each week starting on November 28.

Tae Gyun gets along with Kim Dong Kyu, Kim Won-Shik, and Song Ji Hyuk. These four performers together offer a plethora of skill and genuineness to the production. The program features celebrities from Japan and Korea.

The actresses Rio, Ayano, and Honoka are also included, along with Nozomi, who recently started her acting career after joining the dance and vocal group E-Girls. The studio members Haruna Kondo (Harisenbon), Aa-Chan of Perfume, Shusuke Fukutoku of the comedy duo JaruJaru, Hayato Komori of Generations, and Maria Tani are among those who appear on the program, which is hosted by Yuko Fueki, also known as Yumin in Korea.

The synopsis for the show read, “Love Like a K-Drama is a reality dating show that centers on four Korean actors and four Japanese actresses who come together to live and pair up to try and land lead roles in six mini K-dramas. Will they be able to pass the audition with the person they love, or will they have to witness their romantic interest kissing their competitors?”

“Most of them are so dedicated to their craft that they have little time for romantic relationships. As the series unfolds, you’ll witness their growth as actors and their struggles as they confront new challenges – including the blossoming romance with the actor they are paired with – which are typically not seen behind the scenes.”

Lee Tae Gyun Girlfriend

The relationship status of Tae Gyun is unclear.

In the show, in an attempt to build chemistry with Ayano Kudo, Tae Gyun dumps Nozomi Bando. Tae Gyun invites the two women to Bonpo Bridge. He chooses to shake hands with Ayano, initiating their romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Nozomi has no choice but to team up with Kim Dong-kyu, the last Korean celebrity on the program.

Song Jihyuk also expressed disappointment when Tae Gyun stated that he would like to link up with Rio Yamashita for a scene. Speaking to her in Japanese, he tried to win her over by telling her that Tokyo-sourced coffee is the best.

Additionally, he also piqued the interest of Honoka Kitahara. Honoka preferred him as her second love interest and appeared enamored in almost all the episodes which disappointed Won Shik. Won Shik found it hard to be on the set for the show after Honoka and Tae Gyun shared a kiss.

Honoka later admitted that she developed a thing for Tae Gyun.

How Old Is Lee Tae Gyun?

In 2023, Lee Tae Gyun was 27 years old.

Who Are Lee Tae Gyun Parents?

Tae Gyun has yet to reveal details regarding his parents and siblings. He is private about his family details and has yet to share about them on his socials.

Lee Tae Gyun Net Worth

Tae Gyun with his career as a model has amassed a net worth of under $100K. Tae Gyun began his career as a model and has done runway modeling during various events. His career has also seen him performing for GQ Korea, Vogue Korea, and Arena.

He is represented by Aile Company Model based in Seoul.

Lee Tae Gyun Height

Lee Tae Gyun’s height measures 6 feet (1.82 meters). His shoe size is 270, has yellow skin, brown eyes, black hair, and is tattooed.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lee Tae Gyun From?

Tae Gyun hailed from Seoul, South Korea.

  • When Is Lee Tae Gyun Birthday?

Unfortunately, Lee Tae Gyun’s birthday is not available on public records.

  • Is Lee Tae Gyun On Instagram?

You can find Tae Gyun on Instagram (@leetg_) and Threads.

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