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Leeper Mekki Parents: Paul Leeper And Niamate Bouhelal

Mekki Leeper is a comedian and writer from Philadelphia now residing in Los Angeles. He plays Eric on the HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls and has been featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Comedy Central’s Up Next, and their Stand Up Featuring series. Repped by WME and Mosaic, he also will be in the NBC comedy pilot St. Denis Medical and the upcoming Amazon/Freevee series Jury Duty. While all these great things are happening to his career, fans also have been inquisitive about his personal life.

In this writing, therefore, let us tell you about his parents.

Who Are Leeper Mekki Parents?

Leeper Mekki, originally named Leeper Mekki, was born to his parents on 9 September 1994. So, he turned 28 years old in 2022.

Keep reading to discover more about his parents, individually and together.

Meet Paul Leeper, Leeper Mekki Father

During his stand-up performance, Leeper Mekki talked about his “weird” experience of growing up in a house with two religions, because his mom was Muslim and his dad was Christian.

Even so, he explained that it was not an uneasy experience. Instead of forcing one on him, his parents, he said, were like “No, it’ll be fine, we’ll just let him pick. Come on Mek, there’s no pressure. After all, you are eight. It’s about time you made a decision, you know. Don’t worry, one of us has to be wrong, so there is that. Why don’t you come back home after Little League and denounce one of your parents’ beliefs.” Growing up like that Leeper now believes it was a character-building for him.

So, what we mean to tell you is that Leeper’s dad is a Caucasian and a Christian.

  • Paul Leeper Age

Paul Arthur Keeper was born in February 1957. So, he turned 66 years old in 2023.

  • Is Paul Leeper On Facebook?

Yes. Paul Leeper was on Facebook as ‘Paul Leeper’ as of 23 April 2023. His most recent activity here was from November 2022 when he donated to a fundraiser for Tennessee Stage Company.

  • Paul Leeper Job

Per LinkedIn, Paul Leeper has been a writer and producer at Maroc Productions from January 2010 until now. As part of this job, he feels pride for having co-written the screenplay and co-produced the feature film MAG MELL.

Besides, Paul has served on the professional staff at the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for more than twenty years. He formerly worked for the U.S. government as a Special Agent and later as a contracted advisor and traveled worldwide with assignments in North Africa, Central America, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Paul also is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and so his plays have had readings or productions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Knoxville. One of them SAFE HOUSE was nominated for an Edgar Award for best play by the Mystery Writers of America.

Not to miss, Paul also has authored the mystery novellas THE RIB and MAG MELL.

Meet Niamate Bouhelal, Leeper Mekki Mother

Niamate Bouhelal, Leepre Mekki’s mother, is a Moroccan.

Mom and son, as seen on Niamate Bouhelal’s IG on 6 March 2023 (PIC: Instagram)

While doing his comedies, Leeper talked about growing up in a Muslim family, about most of his family being from Morocco and they still living there in Africa.

In fact, it seems Leeper loves to tell stories about his weird combination of a Christian father and Muslim mother bringing him up in white conservative suburban America.

  • Niamate Bouhelal Age

Niamate Bouhelal Leeper was born in July 1965. So, she turned 57 years old in 2022.

  • Is Niamate Bouhelal On Facebook?

Niamate Bouhelal could be found not only on ‘Niamate Bouhelal’ Facebook but also on other social media platforms, as of 23 April 2023.

On her IG @leepernia, she mentioned being a “proud mother” of three “wonderful” young adults, and also a friend, sister, and daughter.

  • Niamate Bouhelal Job

Per LinkedIn, Niamate, a Wilson College alumni, has been working as a Human Resources Administrator (HR Administrator) at the University of Pennsylvania Perlman School of Medicine as of 6 July 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Are Leeper Mekki Parents Together?

Leeper Mekki’s parents are no longer together. His father on his Facebook even chose to tell everyone that he has been ‘single’.

They were together as latest as 2017 as around that time, Niamate was seen commenting “Awe!!! love this picture of my babe!” on her husband’s solo picture.

Back in 2014, Niamate even helped her husband by producing his horror/drama/thriller Mag Mell.

  • Where Do Leeper Mekki Parents Reside?

Leeper Mekki’s mom on her Facebook mentioned Rabat, Morocco as her hometown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as her current city as of April 2023.

Leeper’s dad on the other hand has always been a native of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. He continued to be there even today.

  • How Many Kids Do Leeper Mekki Parents Have?

Leeper Mekki is not the only one born to his parents. There are two more and they are his full siblings, brother Zek and sister Charlie.

Zek, full name Zechariah Leeper, studied at Temple University, and at the time of this writing, he was working as a managing partner at Founding Fathers Sports Bar & Grill, while based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Charlie, on the other hand, studied at Chambersburg Area Senior High School, and was at this point, living in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania.

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