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Lellies Santiago Bio, Boyfriend, Job, Age, Surviving Paradise

Netflix’s Surviving Paradise premiered on 20 October 2023 and one of the cast members is Lellies Santiago. She and her fellow cast members on Surviving Paradise believed they were visiting an opulent home. When they learned the reality, though, they were greeted with horror and had their jewelry and phones taken away.

Find out more about her family, dating life, age, and more from this article below.

Lellies Santiago On Netflix’s Surviving Paradise

New Jersey native Lellies Santiago is one of the cast members on Netflix’s Surviving Paradise.

Unaware partygoers believe they are in for the summer of a lifetime, but Surviving Paradise has other ideas. The players are almost instantly exiled to the wilderness below it, where they will have to make do on nearly nothing, as opposed to living it up in a luxurious villa on a clifftop overlooking the ocean. The turn? The participants can alter their position in the game and return to the resort to compete for a life-changing cash reward if they can out-plan and out-strategize their rivals.

But nobody is ever safe in this kind of competitive gaming because one minute you’re living it up and the next you’re down to the fundamentals.

Twelve candidates think they’re going to spend the summer in luxury at a gorgeous estate. However, they will have to start from scratch and eke out an existence in the woods without any luxuries before they can pop any bottles. The players living in the wilderness, also known as the “outsiders,” will have numerous opportunities to come back to the villa, where they will eventually become “insiders.”

Outsiders can be voted back into the resort, where they will take an insider’s position and have the opportunity to fight for the cash prize if they succeed in challenges and forge powerful enough coalitions.

The contestants will fight their way into the villa for a chance to win the $100,000 grand prize.

Shea Foster, Aaron Blake, Copan Combs, Francisco Williams, Hayley Smith-Rose, Sarah Kate Reynolds, Justin Assada, Lellies Santiago, Taylor Olympios, Alex Dourassof, Linda Okoli, and Tabitha Kimberly Eva are the cast members competing for the cash prize.

Ahead of the premiere, Lellies took to IG and wrote, “IT’S TIME!!!! Y’all I can FINALLY announce that Your girl will be on SurvivingParadise on @netflix …. Yes, I said it NETFLIX! I’m so excited to experience this journey with you guys! So make sure you tune in on October 20th!! Because you don’t want to miss me. I’m giving looks, jokes for DAYS, a little messiness, and some tears (I’m still a gangsta). So set your calendars, timers, and my post notifications because on October 20th we going UP!!! 🥂🙏🏾🤍.”

Lellies Santiago Age

In 2023, Lellies Santiago is 28 years old.

Lellies Santiago Family

Lellies Santiago was born as Selina Santiago. She lost her mother at a very young age. She is a daddy’s girl and her father means the most to her. She spoke, “My father has been there for me from day one; my morals, my mindset, and my hustle mentality all came from him.”

Lellies added further, “I couldn’t have picked a better person to be in my life. All I want to do is make him proud.”

Speaking of her dad, Lellies shared that her dad would always put her in heels as a kid.

In November 2022, Lellies shared about losing her brother. She wrote, “November 8, 2022…. I look at that text message every day and it hurts. I didn’t know that would be your last message… my brother was my everything a brother, a best friend, and a father. You always protected me, and were always there for me just as much as I was there for you. I remember you would always say to me “damn Selina you always remind me of who I am”. You were so smart a real stand-up man..”

“you had such an impact on so many people and this week I saw just that from everyone.. but one thing they all made sure to tell me was that you were so proud of me and how you adored me… I’m going to continue to make you smile up there in heaven. I know you’re up there with Mommy right now. I have two perfect angels on my side now… I miss you so much Yonathan. My heart is broken but I know you told me to be strong and I’m trying my best… I love you Yonathan forever and always in my heart.” Lellies concluded.

Lellies Santiago Job

Lellies Santiago is a fashion brand owner but began her career as a model. She started modeling when she was in 9th grade doing school fashion shows to hair shows. Runway became her first love, and she practiced in front of the mirror every day.

When she was in her senior year, she came to the realization that she wasn’t the height required to be a runway model. So, she started venturing out and trying new things. Instagram was just growing at the time and she knew a photographer with whom he was able to do a shoot.

That shoot opened doors for her and she was contacted by Nimi Hendrix. She then landed her first video shoot. Since then she has done videos with Lil Uzi Vert, Jeremih, Rick Ross, Lil Durk, and more.

Lellies also works with a brand named African Pride and Darling and is known as Braided Queen for the most “outrageously loud and creative styles.” She also worked on a short film.

In 2023, Lellies founded BBDC, a clothing brand, and community that stands for ‘Bad B*tches Don’t Crease’.

Besides her own brand, Lellies also has an Amazon shop profile where she works on a commission basis.

Lellies Santiago Boyfriend

Lellies Santiago appears to be in a relationship with Kris Kasanova. The couple cozied up on several posts on their respective socials.

Kris and Lellies have been a couple at least since 2021. Her first post with Kris, in fact, a first post on her IG, she wrote, “Get you a person that gets all your jokes.”

In August 2022, in another post, Lellies gushed, “souls tied together.”

Kris has also appeared on Lellie’s Vlog. In June 2023, she posted a video where they talked about their relationship and other aspects they were going through together as a couple.

Kris is a Brooklyn-raised artist/songwriter and goes by the stage name KAS. KAS, a native of Brooklyn, releases “This Side,” his debut track, which was created by Grammy-nominated producer Harmony Samuels. It is the lead single from his seven-song EP On My Way, which is being released under the joint labels HomeSkool/BOE Music Group and is being distributed by Empire. To get people enthused about their local communities and what actually happens in their environment, “This Side” was developed.

KAS was raised in Red Hook’s projects and accompanied his stepfather to his recording sessions to learn the craft of rapping. By the time he was 17, music had become an essential part of his life. It was only a matter of time before KAS developed a natural talent for producing excellent music.

Check out his music on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Kris has a son who turned 13 years old in April 2023.

Lellies Santiago Height

Lellies Santiago stands tall at the height of 5’3”. Her height became her struggle as a runway model had to be at least 5’6”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lellies Santiago Birthday?

26th July is Lellies Santiago’s birthday.

  • Where Is Lellies Santiago From?

Lellies Santiago hails from Newark, New Jersey.

  • Is Lellies Santiago On Instagram?

Lellies Santiago is on IG, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube.

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