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Leo From SXSBlog Age, Wife, Real Name, What Happened?

Leo From SXSBlog has announced that he is parting ways. So, what happened? And why is he leaving? How have fans reacted to the news? Does Leo have a wife? What’s his real name?

We got all the answers so you can read all about him here.

What Happened To Leo From SXSBlog?

Leo from SXSBlog made an unexpected revelation on Facebook on December 18, 2023, about his future at SXSBlog. He wrote, “It is with a mix of emotions that I share the news of my sudden departure from SXSBlog, a decision prompted by unforeseen creative differences that have recently emerged.”

Having worked with SXSBlog for over eight years, he regarded it as his own “brainchild.” He thanked everyone for their support over the years, but he didn’t disclose any facts concerning his leaving.

“I have full confidence in the remaining team’s ability to uphold the standard of quality and excitement that has defined SXSBlog,” Leo continued in his post.

Fans showed support for Leo and wished him well in his future pursuits. But after the post, an administrator on the Facebook page halted group activity. In the comments, Leo said that he would “be removing any more speculative posts regarding this situation.”

Although there are still few specifics available as of this writing, fans have been speculating about behind-the-scenes conflict a lot, which has led many to assume that Leo’s departure is just the outcome.

Fans of SXSBlog were already noting symptoms of discord inside the squad in the r/CleetusMcFarland subreddit. Rich, a former member, launched his own YouTube channel in January 2023 without providing many details about what transpired with SXSBlog. It’s interesting to note that some followers even held Leo responsible for a scandal.

Leo allegedly encouraged a “toxic workplace” and even made fun of his teammates’ mishaps. Some even assert that they experienced uneasy tension in certain older videos. Although there hasn’t been an official word on how the SXSBlog is doing internally as of this writing, the word of departure will surely cause a stir.

The SXSBlog crew was active on multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. They often posted videos and other content showcasing their modifications and customizations of SXS cars. They even display their builds for different races and exhibitions. However, after eight intense years of operation, SXSBlog has encountered certain difficulties.

The squad members have experienced a great deal of conflict behind the scenes in 2023, which many viewers think has permeated their films. Well, one team member has had enough as of December 2023. Nick Leonard, who goes by Leo in the community, made it known that he was leaving SXSBlog.

Fans are split about Leo parting ways. “Not sure about him being a d bag but he did start it. At least he wasn’t the one screwing everyone else’s wives. I think he just gave out too much of the business and all dougs friends got hired and they all put Leo out.” one fan wrote.

Another viewer added, “I know it was Leo’s channel basically, but he’s literally the reason I didn’t watch their stuff. I wish him well in life, but he’s just not my kind of dude.” Likewise, another fan added, “I was always a big supporter but I can now honestly say I don’t like the direction they are headed. I’ll stick around for a bit longer but I don’t think I’ll be of much support anymore.”

Leo From SXSBlog Age

In 2023, Leo from SXSBlog is 37 years old.

What Is Leo From SXSBlog Real Name?

The real name of SXSBlog is Nick Leonard.

Leo From SXSBlog Wife

Leo from SXSBlog is married to his wife Danielle Leonard. The married couple have been together for more than 17 years as of this article.

In July 2021, Nick posted, “15 years.”  The married couple doesn’t share any children as of this article.

More about Danielle, she has been a Materials Engineer at Nexteer Automotive since November 2018. She was a Senior Laboratory Technician at The Dow Chemical Company from 2011 to 2018. Danielle graduated from Saginaw Valley State University.

Born in July 1988, Danielle is 35 years old.

Leo From SXSBlog Height

Leo from SXSBlog’s height measures above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Leo From SXSBlog From?

Per the public records, Leo from SXSBlog hails from Michigan.

  • When Is Leo From SXSBlog Birthday?

Leo from SXSBlog’s birthday is in December.

  • Is Leo From SXSBlog On Instagram?

Yes, Leo from SXSBlog is available on Facebook (@nick.leonard.710).

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